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  1. If you think that this is anything but a scheme created by the Chinese Communist Party to steal user information and influence our elections then you're naive. Rise up, demand transparency from the undemocratic Chinese Communist shills! We will no longer be taken for a ride! Is it any wonder that they are using a game created by Notch, who is a Swedish developer? I think the connection between Socialist Sweden and Communist China speaks for itself, and I think the A'therys "Devs" (Read: CCP Plants) connection to both Socialist and Communist governments also speaks volumes of their true go
  2. I miss the days when I would try to start flamewars with people in Ithero about them meddling in Monas Roth elections and calling people out specifically to shame them. Lots of good drama on these forums. Good times.
  3. So you are saying you are now headhunting another coder?
  4. Hey there good ol' dragon buddy!

    1. Crash


      Ya know, I'd claim I'm not a dragon. But I've given up at this point. Also that's probably the best way to christen the new forums. With a dragon quip. <3

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