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  1. It's been a good three months' coming honestly; but I'm stepping away permanently. Three years ago, when @OccidentalAnvil was transitioning out and needed someone to step up; I honestly couldn't say "yes" fast enough. A'therys was my home since 2012 years and needed help, and I was more than happy to assist. Although I've been less active in the last few months, this entire project has been an unforgettable series of meetings, calls, and discussions regarding the future of A'therys. I want to thank everyone for your support during this project. It was great to rekindle friendships and forge new ones in an effort to find what the next phase of A'therys would look like. I'll never forget the ideas you threw at me and let me jump into, or the late night conversations with last minute edits. Even though this last year was a whirlwind I'd like to take a moment to thank past and remaining members of the Lore Team; @Sellt , @Crash, @HaedHutner, and other members of the day-admin staff; and of course all of the Build Team and volunteers who made the effort to bring the world to life. Your input is invaluable in guiding the future. I really wish I could've done more. There were many parts left undone and I know I fell short on some of the expectations many of you had of me. For that, I am sorry. All I hope is that I was able to nudge our home forward just a bit more towards becoming the ideal space we all want it to be. A'therys will forever be a part of me and I look forward to crossing paths with all of you again.
  2. At present, the A'therys Wiki has 283 pages! We're coming up to the big Three Zero Zero, and I thought I'd put out the option for people to suggest what they would like to know within the world of A'therys. This can range from anything - from metaknowledge regarding an event or the world itself, to more general information like "I really want to know more about ____" While most suggestions will be considered; a few ground rules - Preferably, it should be able to fit into one article - No requests of "make ____ canon" - This won't be a poll; but I will gauge peoples' reactions/responses to suggestions placed in here!
  3. February 18, 2018 You've all luckily gotten a fair deal of info on Atvorias Guilds, but here's the official government structure page for you! Added Atvoren Government to the Wiki First Draft written by @Satan Critiques and edits by @Foe and @Xathas Current page total: 283
  4. December 27, 2018 Okay you bloodthirsty, power-seeking, fun-lovers. Interested in reading more about the government of a nation whose throne may or may not hold a new ruler the next day if he's not wary? Added Kilnholdt's Government to the Wiki Concept and first draft written by @Foe Critiques and edits by @Xathas, @RuddyF, and our newest member @CaptnSunny Current page total: 282
  5. December 24, 2018 So with the website returning to it's dark theme, we've made a bunch of improvements to the lorelanding! Added a MAP to the lorelanding! This map (see below for all 5 playable nations lit up) will light up a nation when you hover over it; and allow you to click into it to go to the nation's overview page! Original Map Artistic Render by @cicetil Overlay graphics and new HoriRule [the nifty divider in the lore sections] by @Xathas Coding by @Rynelf (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!)
  6. December 22, 2018 Small Governmental Update put in today! Added Government of the Gennaian Isles Governmental Concepts originally by @Xathas Very long-winded Isles Chat with @Foe, @Tristan_vr, @raxiam, @Dani, and @redninja685 . Fortunately there were no casualties. ? Compiled by Xathas; Edits and Revisions by @Foe
  7. I just wanted to say @Xathas, wow. What a fantastic world you've built and are building. I can't wait to be a part of it.

    1. Xathas


      Thanks a ton dude! :)
      Glad to see you're still looking to play here for Horizons!!!

    2. Equitem


      Well done on the Kilnholdt lore, I absolutely love the Bloodfeathers.

    3. Rynelf


      You have @Foe to thank for a lot of Kilnholdt!

  8. December 6, 2018 Sorry for the hiatus; combination of reorganization, loss of a few folks, and general busy season at work / school. Today brings an update we've been working on for awhile; updating what you first see when you click into a Playable Nation! The Nation Appendix, as I've nicknamed it, is an overview of the nation's key elements. In addition, these pages will track Current Events and keep a record of active Player Characters and Player Cities once the server opens! Added Overview of Atvoria Added Overview of the Gennaian Isles Added Overview of Daidama Added Overview of Dalkun-Tir Added Overview of Kilnholdt
  9. Architecture wise; a lot of it is utilizing scrap and salvage in conjuncture with found ruins (I'd honestly reference Fallout here; in the sense that the original buildings are decayed and dilapidated but the settlers have gone about and restructured them to their own needs). Abroad from these hubs; there would indeed be some semblance of travel-based sites (such as yurts and similar portable structures)
  10. Dalkun-Tir's basis (and nature of dissent and feuding) was indeed based off of Mongolia (with Daidama basing itself off of the Imperial era of China). That noted; there are also modern twists that have altered it as the nation's developed loreside. A large part of this revolves around the old civilization that existed before them. It's collapse was both in a literal sense when the quakes hit and in a figurative sense when its remaining founders died and paranoia never passed on knowledge to their descendants. See: the movie Atlantis The Lost Empire, in its ruin and lost technology state (the people live on the graves of its buildings; but only worry about carrying on living. In that sense; it's why the modern Dalkun simply mined up parts they needed to make what they could. It's only recently that people are trying to rediscover what remains, rather than simply scrap it down - but on the other hand you also have people whose way of life depends on mining out and salvage. The caravans have to keep running or their very way of economics loses a pillar.
  11. Adding to this; development team is presently at only two active coders who both have full time jobs otherwise. @MisChiv and @Brady1233 if either of you either have the ability to learn java / sponge codebase and want to apply such skills; there might be more progress updates as well. Or if you know any developers looking to work with the team and recommend them our way. .....Or just keep complaining when an update isn't something you are interested in, but is still important to the development of the server and see how little we care about things not going your way because you've put no effort into the project.
  12. Geography information has been posted for Daidama!
  13. August 23, 2018 Added Geography to Daidama Based on concepts from @GodOfGales Compilation and first draft by @Xathas Editing and rewrites from @Foe and @Kmartinator
  14. Lore information regarding the Government of Dalkun-Tir has been posted! Feel free to add discussion, questions, or critiques here!
  15. Lore for the capital of the Gennaian Isles has been posted Feel free to discuss the update here!
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