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  1. The Dungeon Delver's Parkour Sunday has opened!
    Use /event join to participate until Midnight, Eastern Time!!!
    Last chance to get sweet loot and unique gear from these two Parkour Dungeons before The Purge!!!!

    1. Ryzo-rin


      I have special plans for the purge.

  2. Frigid mountains range beyond the northern wall. 

    White water rushes round the western border. 

    Savage hoards assault the southern steppes. 

    Allaka prowls beneath the eastern sea. 

    Right here is where, alone and restless, 

    He begins a journey of a thousand miles. 


                               - Daidamese Proverb

  3. My childhood hero, Adam West, has passed. =(
    His BATMAN was a genius interpretation -- He took the role very seriously, yet recognized it's camp value and the appeal the part had to both children and adults (on two different levels!).
    God Rest, Batman!

  4. Away until the weekend; really heavy tech week. 
    Sorry for any inconvenience!!!

  5. Corsairs have arrived in Virion Alesce!!!!

    Use /event join all day to hunt them down for loot!!! :D

  6. Xathas

    The Nether Opens!!!!

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  14. THE ARCHAIC MINESHAFT A new Dungeon has opened in the PVE world! Featuring all new mobs, five mini-bosses, one Final Boss, and new loot! Recommended Party Size : 4 - 6 Players Special Requirements : 1 Player with Blink or Fire Resistance Entry Coordinates : 1513, 1766 Special thanks to @Dannie for the backend work; build server - and map overlay @Iris93 , @Darklore123, @Jynxi, and @Sanders for being mob testers & punching bags BETA TEST DUNGEON DELVERS: @TranceXhumaN, Sanders, @IceePirate, @ThatGuy_777, @_Chrono and RuddyF View full record
  15. until
  16. TFW when you have to look up what "tfw" means and you realize you're old. 

  17. You have 48 hours left for the following :

    - Voting on the new Magister Elect

    - Completing The Crescent Depths to enter the raffle for a ONE-OF-A-KIND Item : The Imrantian Tunic!!!


  18. March 10, 2017 : The Magic Update

    That's right. The official lore on Magic is finally released!!!

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp


  19. until

    It ends about four hours before yours even starts.
  20. until
  21. Tonight's Oscar night is brought to you by the Miss Universe Pageant

    1. Razrivon


      Don't let Matt Damon tripping Kimmel distract you from the fact that La-La Land gave up a 3-1 lead

  22. An excerpt from the journal of Limnas Von :

    Turquoise bicycle shoe fins actualize radishes greenly!

    1. Razrivon


      Llyrrh's Judgement... not even once.

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