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  1. Hey you! Yeah you! You need some packed ice and I just happen to have some! 8100ypsc and for 2DC you get 100y off!

    1. Erovon Morothril

      Erovon Morothril

      Hahaha, I might like some if I were to buy an ice fortress!

  2. I have just written one of the worst character introductions ever, possibly disagreeing with loads of cannon lore...dannieduckdannieduck

    1. Burnside


      Seemed cool to me my dood. Welcome back by the way! I don't think I've ever heard of you yet. I joined in late v2 then got banned apperantly and only recently was able to rejoin.

    2. Ivarov Dregfodt

      Ivarov Dregfodt

      You should see mine then. :D

  3. So, what version are we playing now?

    1. Daniel


      Server is running Spigot 1.9 but soon to update to Sponge 1.11 I'm told. 

      (You can still connect with clients above 1.9 too due to a protocal thats installed.)

  4. I want the server to be up again.... bad.

  5. Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more dreggie peoples!

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