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  1. @lnShaneI share this sentiment completely. I was really apprehensive about expressing it in a post before because the replies in this thread seemed supportive of the new system and I felt like my opinion would have been invalidated into obscurity. I'm going to be honest, and please know my intention is purely constructive. When I first read this plan my immediate impression was: That on paper it looked good, but in practice It was going to be far more prohibitive than constructive. I think players are going to be awfully disappointed when they realize that they can't create their own towns with their friends, and become discouraged when a former, more accessible system was now separated from them by a bunch of hoops to jump through. I certainly was, as it became immediately clear to me that my town which had been around since early V2 would no longer be possible due to these constraints which clashed with other obligations and interests. I know there were a lot of towns with a small nucleus of dedicated, loyal players with a strong sense of town pride who would be alienated by this new system. Furthermore as I was aware of it, joining with other players and creating a town was one very appealing aspect of the server, and one that lead to considerable development of flavour for each nation. Not to mention the joy with which many players expressed their group’s story and character through their towns. While these new methods would not curtail this entirely, it would put a considerable damper on an aspect of the server which lent considerable creative “flair” to the community. I think a more community-friendly alternative, which rewards town growth instead of demanding it would be more beneficial and well-received by the playerbase. A tax system should not prevent small towns from existing: they should be allowed to start small, but be incentivized to grow further given time: a system that positively encourages growth, instead of saddling financial burden. Furthermore, a more permitting type of system would not spell doom for towns with dedicated core players, who simply could not retain enough active players due to factors out of their control - such as the ebb and flow of server population. A possible approach would be something loosely based on a regressive tax incidence in which smaller towns pay a standard (but fairly surmountable) rate and large towns are rewarded with deductions proportionally based on their active size. TL;DR: As of right now, It is in my view that a system like this with such hefty requirements skirts the line between incentive and constraint, falling further into the territory of the latter. PS. I do like the PvP incentivization system very much!
  2. What if I don't want to live in the capital, but I don't have time to grind up yora to pay taxes to live in an actual town due to work/class/life etc? How prohibitive is this tax is basically what I am asking? I love A'therys and want to play to the fullest so I am a bit concerned.
  3. Sheepy

    Relevant Posts?

    I'm not a huge lore guy when it comes to A'Therys, I'm more interested in gameplay, but yeah I'll check it out. Thank you! EDIT: There was a Chiv post in there that was awfully helpful, thx
  4. Sheepy

    How did you find us?

    Word of mouth. Friend was on a LOTR PVP server and somebody there mentioned A'Therys. He subsequently punched the name into PMC (I think), got the info, and told us after that. This was sometime around 2013
  5. Sheepy

    Relevant Posts?

    Hello everyone! It's been a while for me since I've been on A'Therys and/or been actively following the forums here. I've been a veteran of A'Therys for a long while, but its common for me to play in long bursts followed by periods of inactivity. The only thing I've been aware of since around June is that Horizons is the new iteration of A'therys and that it will take the concept into the modded world of minecraft which something me and my friends have been fantasizing about since 2013. I have to say (and I speak for my friends as well) that I am overwhelmingly excited for A'Therys Horizons and so ready for this. Now that I am back home for break and have a bit of time on my hands I want to learn all I can about A'therys Horizons. I don't have lots of free time to do it though, So I am here asking for people to be so kind as to post any links to threads they feel are relevant to me getting a full grasp on all of the new confirmed or likely content coming to Horizons. explaining stuff here is okay too. Either works! This could include info on the: map economy leveling system classes skill progression How towns and communities will work ANYTHING else anyone finds relevant to a good understanding! I'm fully aware that maybe some of the specifics I've asked for may not have been disclosed yet - but that's okay. Thank you in advance!
  6. Jeez. This is crazy. It's all coming into perspective for me now. When I first started playing on A'Therys, it was V1 around 2013. I was 13 or 14 years old in eighth grade, attending middle school. I've played for long bursts of time on the server, followed by bursts of inactivity for almost five years now with a core group of friends who have been with me here from the beginning. We've created so many great memories and inside jokes and had so much fun on this server. This past August we all went our separate ways - off to college, but We've gotta get back together for a reunion now. Long Live A'Therys. Long Live Cybium!
  7. Any information yet on the Bow Mastery One Shot glitch?
  8. Any ballpark guesses on plot prices?

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