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  1. I'm not sure if you're dani on discord, but nice to meet you!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dannie


      Hi :) Here is Dani number 2 @Dani

    3. Dani


      People say we are two different individuals but no one has ever seen us in the same room together so...

    4. Xathas


      @Dannie is obsessed with Ducks
      @Dani is Canadian

      That's the difference :P

  2. Hey all. Going to be posting some of our sneak peaks of the map on this hashtag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/AtherysHorizons?src=hash

  3. If you haven't already, follow the Atherys twitter @AtherysHorizons 

    We plan on pushing out updates on there and competitions!

  4. How's everyone's summer going? :) 

  5. Just a word of warning, if you swear on the forums, staff reserve the right to replace it with whatever they choose. ;) 

    1. Muttgamer


      What the french fries? That's actually a fencing good idea, you cabbage. 

  6. Emails are now working. Thanks @Jessica

  7. smashing out the new profile pic

  8. Downtime today on TS and PvE to upgrade storage facility. Approx 30 minutes. Downtime will occur at 9am GMT.

  9. Very close to having a build server for horizons up now, just sorting out some things with storage space/ backups and we good to go.

  10. After 15 years of going to school, today is the last day. Here comes adult-hood lol.

    1. Crash


      Dannie an adult? God help us all. :P

    2. Dannie


      yas. mwahaha

    3. Sund_Wixius


      Oi mate you graduated today? I got like a month left until i can get my well deserved summer break>:(

  11. Funfact: if you have a googlemail or gmail account, @gmail or @googlemail will both work :o 

    1. MisChiv


      oh shit really? Nice!

  12. Dannie

    Rum runners!

    See this for more info!

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