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    Hello Im Danielcan

    welcome back dude
  2. Dannie


    If there’s nothing stopping us, yes!
  3. I don’t think that was ever put up for download, but I might have it somewhere..
  4. Dannie

    A'therys Resource Pack

    Believe it or not, about 20% of traffic still comes from the texture pack thread on the Hypixel site. I also get about 3/4 emails a week asking is there an updated version. Really happy you are still at it Chris There is still demand for our pack!
  5. A recent raid has ended poorly for a warrior. They now sit twiddling their thumbs in a stone room with iron bars blocking out any chance of light, hope and future. Visit your ignorant & resentful inmate today! Warp to the spawn (/spawn) to see more. Please can all minors be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Dannie


    Welcome aboard dude
  7. Dannie

    The Great and Mighty Sioji :D

    Happy birthday!
  8. *senses sarcasm* We're not using the Heroes plugin anymore, you're safe.
  9. Ducks will conquer the everything........ Merry Christmas
  10. Dannie

    Looking for old maps

    *burns Brady alive*
  11. Dannie

    Looking for old maps

    Hello. Try https://atherys.com/downloads/ I am yet to upload the Evo map, I will get round to it this year.
  12. Dannie

    hi guys how's the server/life

    I can't adam and eve it
  13. Dannie

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    That's not something we can control though, and never has been. If people stick around, they stick around, and if they don't then well they don't do they. If we spent our time worrying about how many people are going to stick around (over the 5/6 years this server's been around), we'd be rushing a really good idea. (That's happened in the past) Instead of rushing it, we're taking our time and doing it properly.
  14. A'therys Survival Hi all. Hope you are all well and are having a good weekend. It's been about 2 weeks since survival.atherys.com was released and now I bring you a changelog of more or less everything that's been implemented, changed and fixed. If you've read the release thread you will be aware that we have ranks on the server that open up more commands for players to use. Well, now we're going to open up a form for players to fill out to obtain their well-earned rank. Here it is: https://goo.gl/forms/uWB0z0AyMyqb8Ibk1 Please note, it is likely your request will take a couple days (2-3) to be read and actioned. You will be contacted via Discord if your rank is deserved. The Changelog Added deathcount to tablist Added 15 second combat tag. Don't logout during this, you will die. There is no way of checking your status currently, but we will look into adding this in for the future. The end was fixed, and dragon was spawned and killed. You will need to respawn it. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Ender_Dragon#Respawning Added a more helpful /help page. A forever WIP. Made vanilla trees easier to cut down (Conquest Reforged compatibility TBC). Have fun making log farms. Added an announcer to clog your chat up. Villagers now replant. TNT was disabled to prevent anonymouse griefing. Conquest Reforged doors, trapdoors, (anything and hopefully everything you can open and close) now added to Latch, lock with /latch private All of these Added a 10k block wide worldborder that we will increase by 500 blocks each weekend (excluding this weekend) Next increase: May 26th. Gave The Respected rank permission to GriefPrevent Basic Claims. https://github.com/MinecraftPortCentral/GriefPrevention/wiki/Commands (A help thread on this will be made soon. I'm open to any players making one if they want!) Grief Prevention Claims What can I claim? Upon earning the Respected rank you will be able to claim 100 blocks, increasing by 100 per hour to a maximum of 1000 claimable blocks. Most of you will already have 1000k claimable blocks because you have been online since release, you just don't have access to claim land until you rank up. The Trusted rank also has this, but in the future we will look at increasing this rank's maximum amount of claimable land, for now they are equal on this part. How do I claim? Get out a golden shovel and right click 2 points just like worldedit. Your claim will automatically be created and you can start trusting players on your land /trust [player] Will claims expire? In the future, we will be adding an expiry to claims (and Latch), so if you don't login/build on claimed land then it will start to be deleted, allowing people to raid your unprotected chests, etc. A server restart is pending to make the Latch changes live, this will be done shortly. - Done
  15. Dannie

    Sellt's Diary 05/13/2018

    RP has always been encouraged and we will encourage it in A’therys Horizons, though we’re not gonna encourage it by doing what LOTC do. We’ll encourage it in the A’therys way.. See below Also, RP based PvP is actually one of my personal favourite things to do. I remember there were many events I did with staff and it was tons of fun. @Xathas loves his dungeons so I think we’re good on this part.
  16. A'therys Survival (brought to you by Conquest Reforged Survival Mode) We have a new survival server hosted on survival.atherys.com and on version 1.12.2 of the Conquest Reforged Launcher. (Download the Launcher here) This server is different to the plot server because you can build anywhere on the infinite world and with whoever you want. You can share resources using the chest lock plugin called Latch (https://ore.spongepowered.org/IchorPowered/Latch), more on that later. The server has a rollback tool incase of the inevitable grief, and all players are given access to the inspection tool so they can report it using the google form. (https://goo.gl/forms/RlwKBjgNlAT3D4Y63) The world seed was hand picked by our Build Team and PvP is enabled globally for that added fun. More builds to be released and developed, but here’s one: (Maybe you could send us some) We also have ranks on the server to allow players to gain permissions and extras as they play. These ranks are “The Respected” and “The Trusted”, both have their own suffix aswell as permissions: Default Rank The Respected The Trusted /spawn ✔ ✔ ✔ /back ✔ ✔ ✔ /prism inspect (Block state lookup) [Grief Prevention] ✔ ✔ ✔ /tpa ✔ ✔ AFK Kick Bypass ✔ ✔ Player limit Bypass ✔ /nick ✔ /hat ✔ /kittycannon (No entity/environment damage) ✔ /rocket ✔ Homes 1 3 5 Staff keep a close eye on the server and if they see a worth player of the following (see below) ranks will be awarded: The Respected This is the first rank other than the default and is for players who have shown a keen interest in the survival server and have created a settlement on the server with a handful of people. they are active in Discord and in-game. they welcome new members and show them the ropes. These players have access to /tpa and bypass the AFK kick, they also have a red “The Respected” suffix and access to set 3 homes. The Trusted This is the final rank (for now) and in order to obtain this players should go out of their way to bring new players to A’therys, (optional) retweating tweets/instagram posts by @atheryshorizons will be recognised and appreciated. have created multiple settlements across the server. getting new members introduced to A'therys; the lore, A'therys Horizons, the build server, etc. This rank has a bunch of fun commands, aswell as 5 homes and are able to join if the server is full. They can also change their display name using /nick. Comes with a gold "The Trusted" suffix. These people also aid the staff on recognising other players with these traits. These ranks will gain more permissions as we develop the server on the lead up to the A’therys Horizons server release. There is also possibility that players with the Trusted rank will gain beta access to A’therys Horizons in the future. Latch Plugin Latch is a plugin which is very similar to LWC from A’therys Evo. It allows you to lock private, public, donation and shared chests, doors etc. 5 different types of locks Public locks - anyone can access, just applies protection Private locks - only players the owner adds can access Password always locks - players with the password can access (required to type every time) Password once locks - players with the password can access (only need to type the first time) Donation locks - (applies to containers) only players the owner adds can withdraw, anyone can deposit The limits for this plugin are currently set at default, however we will probably increase these soon, as Conquest Reforged holds a lot more items than standard vanilla, so don’t panic! The limits at the moment are: donation=12 password_always=12 password_once=12 private=24 public=12 total=64 Let us know what you think of the limits in the comments if you like! Prism Plugin Prism is a grief prevention plugin that we also use on the plot server. It basically allows us to check grief and roll it back if needed, similar to LogBlock from A’therys Evo. All players have access to the /pr i command to check if something looks out of place. If you do find a grief, promptly report it using the google form above and then we can roll it back. Joining and Rules 1. Upon joining, you will spawn inside a cave like this: 2. Follow this broken up path through until you get to here: 3. At this point you will want to check the rules thoroughly and say hi (maybe?) Our rules in detail can be found at https://atherys.com/rules but here is a copy incase you are new here: No Inappropriate Links in Chat (/info rule1) - Will result in a mute No Harassment (/info rule2) - Will result in a ban No Excessive Language (/info rule3) - Will result in a mute No Hacking (Attempting) (/info rule4) - Will result in a ban And No Griefing (/info rule5) - Will definitely result in a ban Ofcourse, these can be appealed on our forums, here’s a link to that section: https://atherys.com/forums/forum/33-ban-appeals/ You will need to create a forum account. 4. And then after that… it’s your journey. Good luck! FAQ How do I set multiple homes? You can use "/sethome [name]" to set another home. Using "/sethome" on it's own will set a home called "home" So, how do I teleport to one of my several homes? You can do "/home [name]" and that will allow you to teleport to all your different homes. Do "/home list" if you're not sure what homes you have!
  17. Dannie


    We have just released a survival server to have fun with the new conquest reforged survival update (it was a creative only mod before). This mod will play a big part in A'therys Horizons and so we have this server set up now to try this out aswell as some other mods in the future on the lead up to Horizons
  18. Dannie

    Handmade DnD miniatures

    Pretty neat, could cast each bit individually and weld together (?)
  19. Dannie

    Back Online

    After almost a week of downtime, we are finally back up. Now I go and take painkillers for a headache...
  20. Dannie

    Issues Connecting

    If this was earlier on today then try again now. Had some issues server side that are resolved now
  21. Dannie

    How did you find us?

    Hey all. Hope you're having a good week I just wanted to ask you all, "How did you find A'therys?" Where did you find it? Perhaps you found it via PMC, a youtube vid or word of mouth. Below, just comment where you found out about A'therys. It doesn't matter if you joined 3 years ago we are still interested in how you found out about us I think this will be of great value to us to expand the media that really works / has worked to gather the audience. Thanks in advance!

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