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  1. Any reccomendations for improving ACT scores? Here are my current scores:

    English: 21

    Math: 28

    Reading: 32

    Science: 32

    My main focus is English and Math since those are my two lowest scores :/

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    2. idiothere


      What was your composite score joe?

    3. Viridia Deere

      Viridia Deere

      28 without studying, hoping to get it to about a 31-32 by the third time I take it in September @idiothere

      This includes studying Princeton review books and taking an ACT prep course

    4. Crash


      Seriously, the best thing to do is just a ton of practice problems. Do online practice tests, do problems, just hammer home what you excel at and what you need to focus on individually. If you want 4 full practice tests, go here. http://www.powerscore.com/sat/help/content_practice_tests.cfm

      If you're taking it in September, you have plenty of time to raise your score a couple of points.

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