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  1. If this is in regards to Mischiv with players being blocked I would just like to say that we wanted him to be more involved in the gov before he just became a house at least that was my opinion, but otherwise I had noticed some opposition against Jon when I was on the court that was not needed.  Hopefully he will be able to run the nation more efficiently for the rest of his term from now on.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Galindaan Thewisy said:
    • Domestic Projects overall can be found in my doc, but a few I like are improving the atmosphere of the physical nation with buildings such as ruins and inns and farms etc, a public farm outside of methes (sunrise evo), those are just some of my favorites.
    • Well we already have the house tax and markets which seem to be doing just fine right now, I'm not privy to all the Finance dept. plans but Im sure you guys have more coming.. as for my own for finance, honestly dont know, its the only department I've never worked for so I'd need to meet with their guys if/when I win. I would like to get a lottery going again once we get enough money.
    • Aircorp was something KB assigned to me when he put me in charge of military RP and its become an obsession of mine since, so its now like a private organization that I plan on using as a front to get RP events that have to do with PvP done, and honestly if you read any lore of Aloreh's you see right away that we ought to have some sort of known about airnavy, goddess of the wind and all. 
    • The canon towns in game are in my doc but they're really a personal obsession of mine, if you cant tell by now, getting RP atmosphere into the actual physical world of a'therys is something I want to do. But yes its more my own project to work on when my town is more complete, rather than a nation one. 

    I'm sure Valtus would be glad to help design a sunrise if needed so that we have an aesthetically pleasing public farm for newer players, understandable the taxes seem to work fine for now just need to keep house count up, and glad to clear up air navy and canon towns.  In regards to air navy, I feel the national military is not large enough to specialize it like that if it gets super big with active pvpers maybe we can have a dedicated airship fleet but tbh it's not needed ingame.

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  3. I also would like to ask the following questions: @All Candidates

    What are your plans for domestic projects overall? 

    How do you plan on maintaining the overall national bank while working on national projects such as the Cult of Thesse?(Want to know your plans not mine)

    What are future plans for national projects?

    @Galindaan Thewisy This is primarily directed to you:

    Why did/do you want an air navy for aloreh?

    Why do we need canon towns ingame?  Seems like a waste of money, time, and resources that can be diverted to other projects for Aloreh. (This is from previous knowledge of your plans when mentioned in orator court chat and maybe in your campaign doc?)


    What are your overall plans as nation head if you win?  I honestly want to know your overall plans and not the generic "get rid of corruption and promote unity" that people typically say when asked these questions.

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  4. 52 minutes ago, jonathanbak said:

    I'm not talking about bringing back wot, but we should all agree that getting our pvp state to something that could be compared to Wot in as in player skills and such. So no im not bring back Wot/Sot even though I did like those towns, instead I want us to move forward in a new direction. 

    Im sorta tired so sorry if answer is confusing.

    The military can only be improved by general server experience and luck of the draw with getting pvp towns within in your nation.  Tbh most Alor pvpers are average to below average, the only time nations get to be a pvp power house is when they have 1-2 big pvp towns working together such as Harvikir. In my honest opinion there is not too much you can do to "bring Aloreh's Military into its former glory" aside from teaching macros, teaching basic class comps, having efficient communication, and getting a decent dedicated pvp town in Aloreh.

    @All Candidates

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  5. 2 minutes ago, MagmaticMC said:

    Everybody hates Inoh, they just destroy trade and politics with their civil wars and such. The rest of us are pretty unified. And we're already politically and economically shattered, that's why we aren't unified, but Inoh just makes it worse.

    Claridge  is the one that instigated inoh(from what I've seen on forums) and you guys seem to constantly raid inoh. The town is full of new players and it just gives an overall bad rep of the server but I'm not going to argue in this thread Aston will handle it accordingly I'm sure

  6. 6 minutes ago, MagmaticMC said:

    Claridge Harbor is run by Brady, the former Admiral, and Inoh is just a PvP town that sucks up new players like a sponge. Please don't tell me you didn't know this.

    Don't know why you guys hate on inoh, really shows the rest of the server how unified your nation is..

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    Aloreh National Markets






    The Aloreh National Markets, ran by the Alor national government provide various players across the nations a way to trade with fellow consumers.  Experiencing traffic daily due to various players coming to purchase wares from various shops that have already been established.  


    ~ | Purchasing a Shop| ~


    Here are the following prices for the shops:


    Market Stall: 3000

    House Shop: 6000


    If you are interested in purchasing a stall please contact either myself(Amandashroud), Camry2731, idiothere, or Rhykker.



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  8. 20 minutes ago, Donald said:

    Well I am in search of a master, cna I be promised one in Cindervale?

    Yes, Viridia Deere the patriarch of House Ironstride along with being a board member of Blackstone Trade and Sundry would be glad to have an assistant.  We will take good care of you in Cindervale :P

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  9. 7 hours ago, im so awsome 12345 said:

    One question have you started to build this Aloreh and if yes where? and if no where are you planning to build in Aloreh.

    We have placed down the initial claim base over here http://prntscr.com/9ku3k4 , going to start building ingame soon just takes a lot of materials

  10. image.thumb.jpeg.65367f6feaf158d6f5f78ca

    (picture from the build server)

    Cindervale is always recruiting, we are a growing community at 14-15 members currently and we get 2 to 3 members every week.  Heres our town post :)!


    Heres an architecture description of the town:

    The proportions keep the pseudo-Victorian feel of the city with (relatively) tall structures. The roof details and quartz highlights keep the fantasy aspect together. The miscellaneous decorative structures assist with the atmosphere of an industrial city. The wall and window specifics are a hybrid between the order (consistent window patterns and sizes) and palette (bright whites and blues) of Methes Avonthes and the elongated proportions of the Victorian architecture (Relative in sizes). The floors are specifically stratified to reflect the styles of both cities involved in the style of this city (and because I really don’t like Methes Avonthes’ 2nd floor designs. Function and aesthetics are combined in equal measure by the allowance for extensive aboveground space, while still allowing ample room for interior decoration and rich external environments. The look of the industrial city is further pushed along by dedicated structures for industry (warehouses, etc). The city’s commercial success is reflected through the tasteful use of ornate decor to mark truly incredible architectural pieces, the scale and scope of the city, and the bustling docks.

  11. Just now, Doug said:

    The concept and architecture of this town is just brilliant.

    Awww thanks!  Valtusmarche is truly a building genius, can't wait to start putting his builds ingame.  Our players will surely love it.

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