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  1. Zephyrx

    A'therys Survival Launch - Post-Mortem

    Glad to hear things are rolling along I am excited to see what comes next. At least I can figure out the new recipes and crafting experience in conquest reforged before the true launch. Then again i probably could of done so in single player but i'm stubborn so thank you for this opportunity for everyone to get a feel for how to handle the server. :3 Good learning experience i'd rather that happen now than later down the road XD. Keep up the good progress we eagerly await the fruits of your success.
  2. Zephyrx

    Adios Gazamo IP

    Same here, we should really just move it to that imo. I firmly believe Discord is so much better, though i guess it's up to you guys, really. Should somebody make a poll on this or something; can we eventually do this please? EDIT: I made a poll

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