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  1. also i have a lot to say but to keep it simple
  2. Tldr: As a player who grew up on this server i am sad to see were things are at but im glad you guys are working on it. Also i told you so and then some input from my perspective. To the staff and players who see this YOU ARE ALL GREAT, that being said it has been many years of Atherys and everyone including myself has an opinion on were it should go. ( if you remember at all you know were i stand.) A vote style system is good if you guys are having trouble with vision and coordination on the Atherys project however it is a monster that requires ONE VISION and i would hope Sellt gave you guys a vision to work towards as that is necessary for this type of project. This is why i have nothing but respect for the unwavering vision Vorske put forth for Atherys even if every decision made wasnt always for the best. While im never going to be a fan of using a Polished mod pack i would argue you dont need to polish the entire project before releasing it. Atherys has never been in a finished state and i dont think it ever should be ( Live development allows for player input.) I would also like to put out there a public and updated guideline on what the staff desire to be finished before the server goes live and goals before implementing subsequent updates would help both staff and players visualize were things in the project are at ( Ex. goals before release finish capitols and get plugins functioning. ) As for community relations WE LOVE YOU BASTARDS even if you stress us out and even if were stressing you out. We care about you guys as people you are our friends that we have played with over the years and dont you forget it. That said i dont think focusing on community relations will work all to much before a live server is released I hope this part dosnt come across wrong. It just seems until people can see results i just dont think people will be able to put trust in the Atherys project. To conclude Bring back the dictatorship we all love and cherish, Nation head classes are pog, Dont worry about being perfect, Fuck that Carl guy he is dumb, Httot Vorske. #Nationheadclasses #BreadGang #VorskeChat #Vrobros #Fuckthatcarlguy #<3thestaff #Vanillagang #Zorozeeineedtothewheatplshurry #Sandersstopstarvingtodeath #Stopboltingmesanders #<3sanders and finally #AtherysisaCommunistDictatorship
  3. nah to much sugar n spice its not very nice
  4. on the road to op legund

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