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  1. borkborkbhsshh rrwar good me not dog anymore

    1. the_KINGsRansom


      idk what you are but you're gud <3

  2. Welcome back, ducklord dannieduck

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    2. OnyxOwl11


      That would be because we have a strict no-Meme policy. Your memes are just too strong for us...

    3. Sund_Wixius


      I like that response

    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      I want to be admin. Of a sample of 4 players 3 wanted me to be admib

  3. the_KINGsRansom

    Calastore Karaoke


    The event was great! Thank you, @Puppy for initiating the event, and @ultravioletpixie for allowing us to host it in your swanky mansion! I look forward to partying with you guys again!
  4. You need more packed ice

  5. the_KINGsRansom

    Sellt Chat


    ; u ; Now I have to sleep
  6. the_KINGsRansom

    Calastore Karaoke


    We'd love to have her!
  7. the_KINGsRansom

    Calastore Karaoke

    Calastore Karaoke This week, people in the community cried out for entertainment, and @Puppy answered that cry with a cry of her own: karaoke?! Now, don't ask me why anyone thought putting a handful of squawkers in a room with noisy objects was a good idea--I can't tell ya. But what I can tell ya is that this will bring laughter, joy, and all those warm, fuzzy feelings of friendship that make Loghecs puke. Despite the event's name, it is open to anyone who is able to check their attitude (and dignity) at the door. Read more about the event here! Everyone is welcome to attend, but the channel will be closely monitored There will be no flaming or trolling allowed under any circumstances. If you are being disruptive or rude, you will be kicked from the channel. Location: TeamSpeak, in a private channel If you wish to join, poke @Puppy to ask for permission. Tell her if you are bringing an instrument, singing, or both.
  8. the_KINGsRansom

    Ithero Nation Meeting

    Ithero Nation Meeting On Saturday, January 14th, there will be a nation meeting held for Ithero. Topics will include: upcoming events, nation projects, recruitment and starter town updates and opportunities, and more! As always, please come prepared with your questions and ideas, as player input is a HUGE part of what drives goals for the nation. Hope to see everyone there! Only Itheri may attend Event will take place at 2pm ATZ Location: TeamSpeak, in the Port Admiral's Office (Ithero) If you are late, poke a staff member or @ultravioletpixie to get moved in--try not to miss the meeting!
  9. See you decided to follow the coolest kid in the houseB|

    1. Logi


      She part of the club now :P

    2. Sund_Wixius
    3. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      You want some ice?

  10. the_KINGsRansom

    Staff Feedback Results

    The way some people act, I'd think it's Tinder x:
  11. the_KINGsRansom

    International A'therys Beauty Pageant

    International A'therys Beauty Pageant Sunday, January 8th, @AkilaTajar and @redninja685 will be hosting our first-ever A'therys Beauty Pageant! At this event, all nations and guilds will be represented by a single contestant of their choosing to exemplify the culture and fashion of their people. As of right now, the hosts are still looking for more contestants and judges! Check out the thread here for more information and updates. All members of the community are invited to join and support our fabulous beauty queens Event will take place at 6 PM ATZ Location: a'Ravhar Amphitheater, Ar-Selukk There will be an /event join option, when the time comes
  12. the_KINGsRansom

    December Lore Raffle Winner

    Awesome! This is a neat change from the usual. I'm so excited for the winner! Congratulations, wifey! ;D
  13. the_KINGsRansom

    December Lore Raffle Winner

    RIP The video link doesn't go to anything

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