Narrative in A'therys - A Renewal of Creative Effort


Meet the new (and old) Yora Games Creative Director, and learn about our vision for the future of A'therys


Hey there folks, Anvil here. Been a while, hasn't it?

In the old days, you'd usually see me pop up like this with a big announcement, and after all this time I reckon things aren't any different. Yora Games has some exciting plans in store for y'all this year and I'm thrilled to be able to pull aside the curtain just a bit. But we'll get to all that in a minute. First, I think a little background is in order.

A'therys 10th Anniversay

In about a month, we'll celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of A'therys Ascended, but development began in October of 2011. To call that initial team of less than a dozen internet friends a ragtag bunch would be a disservice to the term. We'd had our successes with Land of Gazamo before that, but frankly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into with a role-playing server. Then again, few did. What we accomplished was pretty novel back then, and the tools we did it with seem archaic today.

Server modding had only just taken off. WorldPainter effectively didn't exist. That what we built still endures after a decade, still holds a special place in the hearts of so many, is a testament to the community that made V1 what it was those years ago. Across V2, EVO, and now Aeons, you've stuck with us and kept A'therys an inspiring project to work on. The response to Aeons has been even greater than we'd hoped, a reassurance that the future we're working towards is going to be just as bright as our past.

Over on the Yora Games website you'll find a companion piece to this blog post describing how A'therys fits into the bigger picture for the company, but here I'm going to focus on the Minecraft projects. It's no secret that our next big release, Horizons, has had a rather rocky production cycle, but as you might imagine there's a reason that I and so many of the old guard have come out of retirement to join the Yora effort now.

Horizons Dungeon Image, Finale

What the Horizons team has been doing over there is really exceptional, and before too much longer you will be experiencing it for yourself. When you do, you'll enjoy a representation of the A'therys world that's as accurate as we've yet been able to construct. It will be the result not only of countless hours of building, coding, and planning, but also of an arduous writing process that has come to be known as Rebuild.

For the past three months, the Yora Creative department has undertaken the task of reviewing and reconciling all narrative content ever produced for A'therys. That includes the five years of work Ferns and I did on the old servers, the work Xathas and his successors had planned out for Horizons, and the writing I continued to do as my hobby after retiring as loremaster in 2016.

What will emerge from Rebuild will be nothing less than a single, coherent narrative structure for the world that will serve as the foundation for all future A'therys projects, Minecraft and otherwise. We're excited to share this unified vision with you when Horizons launches later this year, so please look forward to upcoming announcements about that.

The question, then, is where that leaves Aeons and the past servers in terms of official narrative. Alongside this blog post, the Aeons section of the site has launched, where you can explore the setting of that world and enjoy some additional content planned for release soon. Suffice to say though, the focus of the Creative department will be on releasing Horizons with its rebuilt setting, not struggling to maintain the stories of old.

A'therys Aeons, a Decade Long Finale

Therefore, Aeons will serve as the finale of A'therys Minecraft as it was, and Horizons will be the launch of the new. That may seem scary now, but rest assured that the revised and expanded content coming out of Rebuild is unquestionably the best work we've done since V2 and we're excited to call it A'therys. We think you will be, too.

That'll just about do it for today I think. Don't worry, we'll be talking again as we unveil more of our plans at Yora in the coming months. For now, let me just say welcome to the new site, and soon enough, the new A'therys. It's so good to be back.

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