Repurposing Horizons


We are officially pausing indefinitely the development in A'therys Horizons. After 6 years of development, the team has concluded that the current and future state of Horizons is not one that we will be able to continue to support.


Sunsetting Horizons Development

For the last half year the team has launched and closed Aeons, grown a team from the ground up and designed what the ideal next iteration of A'therys MC could look like taking notes from every previous iteration on what was successful and what landed flat and during that time there was one constant that was always present: Horizons. The intended next big update/iteration of A'therys MC from over 5 years ago.

The reality of the situation is that when Horizons was first introduced and modded Minecraft was being considered, the vanilla plugin based opportunities were nearly non-existent. Today what we can do with the vanilla launcher with does not only compete with what's possible in modded, it actually outshines the original scope of work in some aspects to what was envisioned over 5-6 years ago with solutions that already work today.

Horizons Roadmap with Post-Alpha Development Requires Spanning Months & Years.

We had to make the tough decision of trying to split out team to work across two separate projects and support a Minecraft server/project that had over 6 years of tech debt, an experience that was still years from being feature complete, and ran on 1.12 version of Minecraft losing out on all the opportunities that newer versions of Minecraft offer to players, developers, designers, etc.

So taking into consideration our own resources, our own internal timelines, and with feedback from members of the community, we made the incredibly difficult decision of pausing development on Horizons indefinitely and re-evaluate what we'd like to do with the entirey of, or the individual componnents that make up Horizons to ensure that at least some part of it makes it into the hands of the community. We'll be providing updates once we've settled on how we want to move forward with this.

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