Sunsetting the world of Aeons


For the past month the team has been conceptualizing a future focused project that breaks away entirely from the constraints of our previously iterative game design.

The past 6 months for this team have been fundamental, to our learning, to our growth and professionalism, and to our depth of preparation.

Hello everyone, to those of you taking the time to read this post, I'd like to just start off by saying thank you. Thank you for taking the time to return to the world of A'therys, to rejoin this community if only temporarily, to contribute your time, ideas, feedback and passion to this project, and thank you for your patience.

While we did not exactly originally intend for Aeons to be an Alpha state of the product we were hoping to build, it ended up in all intents and purposes exactly that. Aeons was a failure, driven by miss-management, under-preparedness, lack of direction and vision, and overall a general passive approach to it's conception.

However, the one thing I'll continue to share with my team, and with the broader community is the simple fact that while the Aeons server was a failure, the net return on investment from the project was not, it was actually the opposite. A'therys MC revival was in my own opinion a relative success, it demonstrated that this community was still around, strong, passionate and interested in the deeper gameplay experience (that we just didn't have).

Some members of this community stepped up to take on the mantle of leaders, in gameplay, game and level design, artists, story tellers, and more. When Aeons production started in November 2021 it was only 2 people working on this project, today we are in the double digits of active thought leaders, developers, builders, and designers.


We are sunsetting Aeons, and setting our sights on the future

For the past month the team has been conceptualizing a future focused project that breaks away entirely from the constraints of our previously iterative game design. We're developing a new server infrastructure and gameplay loop that reinvents the way RPGs have been built in Minecraft. If you're familiar with game worlds such as The Witcher 3 and combat instances in Foxhole, etc, then you'll have some insight on what we have in mind. We'll be sharing further details on a regular cadence moving forward as we shift gears from planning into official production starting this week.

Immediate next steps

  • The project's direction and development is in really good place now with true visionaries building this next iteration.
  • We're merging the work that our creative team has been working on, updating and improving the lore and bringing it up to an entirely new standard.
  • We've begun developing a brand new world map, one so much more elaborate it eclipses any previous map known the A'therys community.
  • We're currently exploring new ways to explore world building and map instancing/rpg zones/dungeons/etc over the next few weeks.
  • We're doubling down on our plans to build the next great Minecraft RPG by locking in a new server hosting deal for the next 3 years with incremental upgrades planned.
  • We're developing a new roadmap that more closely ties to the next few months of development.
  • We’ve agreed internally to committing to a new standard of regular updates from the team on all aspects of development, adopting a more consistent sharing schedule and plans on opening up parts of the project for earlier alpha testing as early as next month.

As of today, we are officially putting in the two weeks for Aeons.

Head over to our discord to join the conversation.

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