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Found 1 result

  1. The Noble Houses of Aloreh Paartesh, 100 Sand's Song, AU 340 House Adventis Title: Patriarch @Ares Vendencia - Ares Vendencia Property Claims: Vendencia Designation: Noble House House Blackstone Title: Patriarch @aurek - Sarren Blackstone Property Claims: Ossus Designation: Noble House House Caelistis Title: Matriarch @Altairas - Altairas Melanus Dae'Caelistis Property Claims: Caelum Designation: Noble House House Kastellon Title: Patriarch @kingjlawson24 - Leonus Kastellon Property Claims: Altharia Designation: Great House House Lanouette Title: Patriarch @jonathanbak - Aeolos Lanouette Kastellon Property Claims: Valley of Storms Designation: Noble House House Moraeos Title: Matriarch @GoddessSekhmet - Aella Moraeos Property Claims: Lake Sorden Designation: Noble House House Shadowcloak Title: Patriarch @Rhykker - Rhykker Shadowcloak Kastellon Property Claims: Trachonos, Outmaw Farms, Ardivious Estate, Emerald Isle, Ilthilien, Kongrath. Designation: Noble House House Windborne Title: Patriarch @CarterJennings - Carter Westwind Property Claims: Myr Seridan Designation: Noble House

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