Aeons Patch 1.1.0

The gameplay team has worked hard on both Heroes and MythicMobs improvements in order to give you a much better experience.

A'therys Staff

Hi everyone,

Today we have a pretty big patch for you, the gameplay team has worked hard on both Heroes and MythicMobs improvements in order to give you a much better experience, this is why I decided to merge these two into one patch.

We also did some restructuring in our newly branded Gameplay Team, several team members have been given the role of Project Manager, where each PM is responsible for facilitating the creation pipeline for their own project: @JupiterRome is project manager of Heroes, @Joey402MC of MythicMobs, and @Nimmy of the Quality Assurance. If you want to stay more up to date on our progress and also help out with testing: go to the #roles channel on discord in order to become a Tester and strengthen Nimmy's team.


  • Several nations will now hold a new town - Camps swarmed with cultists that will ruthlessly attack any person who dare to stop their sinister plans. These Cultist towns will host large amounts of enemies during day and night that should only be faced in a group. Attack them at night and you might run into their leaders.
  • Mob spawns will be blocked around places where there are multiple players that are not in a party together. This will prevent the nighttime mobs from getting in the way of PvP. When leveling together be sure to party up otherwise the mob spawns will be reduced.
  • Changed the day/night cycle so they both take half an hour, with 1 hour being the duration of the total cycle
  • Lowered the overall number of Exhumed and Pestilence night spawns.
  • Changed the ranged damage scaling of most ranged mobs. Lower level mobs should pose less of a threat while higher level mobs should be more deadly.
  • Flame bats have been nerfed and they will no longer shoot fire at players when inside a block


General changes

  • The base stats of all tier 1 and 2 classes have been buffed to be closer to tier 3 classes. This way the lower tier classes will have a small fighting chance when going against a tier 3 and this change will make it much less difficult to fight against mobs as a lower tier class.
  • Fall damage halved overall
  • No fall damage effect added onto Jump, Backflip, Blink, Inferno Blink, Grappling Shot, Pulse, Blood Bend
  • Class change timer decreased from 30 to 15 minutes
  • Magma block damage significantly lowered
  • Added back the number of stacks indicator in the player scoreboard for skills like Inferno, BloodUnion, etc.
  • When out of range, Track now gives the cardinal direction to the target. Track will also make the target immune to being tracked for a while.
  • Repair costs for armor helmet and boots pieces lowered to 1 ingot, and for chestplate and leggings lowered to 2 ingots. Netherite repairs lowered from 3 netherite scrap to 2.


  • Surge healing 35 -> 75
  • Surge mana cost 35 -> 40
  • Surge player cap 5 -> 10
  • Wave increased healing per player capped at 5
  • Ray of Moonlight healing per two seconds 20 -> 30
  • Current increased healing capped at 5 players, however still heals party wide
  • Riptide healing capped at 5
  • Fixed a bug where Wave would improperly heal people


  • Affliction tick rate seconds 4 -> 2
  • Affliction/Outbreak heal 5 -> 0
  • Outbreak/Affliction Cooldown seconds 15 -> 20
  • Outbreak/Affliction no long put each other on cooldown
  • Outbreak now also works on mobs


  • Preach delay 1 -> 1.5 seconds
  • Preach duration 1.5 -> 3 seconds
  • Peaceful Hymn now decreases damage by 40% instead of flat 4 damage
  • Minuet teleports both targets around instead of just one target


  • Bloodbond mana cost per tick 10 -> 15


  • All runes now share a cooldown of 10 seconds
  • Siphon rune empowered now stops mana regeneration for 7 seconds
  • Void rune empowered now applies anti-heal
  • Queasy rune has been removed
  • Empower rune cooldown increased to 20 seconds
  • Ice rune empowered entomb duration 3 -> 4 seconds
  • Runic staff damage 15 -> 20


  • Overcharge mana drain lowered
  • Overcharge can be toggled off early now, but will still go on cooldown
  • Lowered Vorpal Blade damage 15 -> 13


  • Meteor cooldown 30 -> 20
  • Inferno Blink range 10 -> 8
  • Inferno stack duration seconds 5 -> 7.5
  • Fireblast cooldown 25 -> 20
  • Fireball will now hit despite damage ticks meaning that damage should not make your fireballs do no damage.
  • Fixed a bug where pyroblast would do 400 damage when used in Inferno


  • Track cooldown seconds 120 -> 60
  • Fixed a bug where wither effect arrows just wouldn't apply


  • Explosive shot single target damage removed
  • Explosive shot duration seconds 3 -> 10 , still only three shots
  • Barrage damage 7 -> 30
  • Barrage arrows rain pattern more randomized
  • Volley and Precision no longer will work when not fully charging the bow
  • Added track at a 1.5k block range


  • Sabotage duration before explosion seconds 3 -> 2
  • Added track at a 2k block range


  • Fully reworked Tondo, every three autos you empower your next Fleche which doubles it's damage and generates two combo points.
  • Assassins mark duration 10 -> 5
  • Assassins mark damage 30% -> 60%
  • Fixed a bug where Coup De Grace would just bounce off the target and do no damage


  • Healbomb heal 20 -> 50


  • Wrestle duration seconds .75 -> 1
  • Wrestle cooldown seconds 15 -> 25
  • Lifesteal damage and armor multiplier 8% * armor multiplier -> 12 Flat
  • Removed Corruption
  • Added Fireskin (You no longer take damage from fireticks)


  • Frenzy incoming damage multiplier 25% -> 10%
  • Frenzy nausea effect removed
  • Stempede Speed amplifier 3 -> 2 and duration 15 -> 10 seconds

That's all for now, we hope you'll enjoy the changes we made for you!

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