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  • Custom World

  • From top to bottom, A'therys Ascended is a fully custom, full imagined world for RP and PvP players alike. With a dimensions of 22,000x14,000 blocks, it is one of the largest Minecraft worlds that is currently hosted. Windswept tundras, dense jungle, boggy marshlands, hellish lava planes, endless deserts, and stunning highlands, A'therys is a world of worlds! Using World Engine & World Painter.
  • Elaborate Class System

  • The Heroes plugin is a diverse and powerful tool that we have harnessed and used to develop over 40 classes for the community to master and enjoy! Heroes classes are a large part of the violent world that is A'therys. Be it slaying monsters, or going to war with another nation, mastery of your class and others will give put you at the cutting edge of accomplishing your goals!
  • Towns & Nations

  • Each Nation is a carefully thought out and executed experience. Located within them are the capitals of each, sprawling centers of trade and politics. Outside of these pinnacles, the players are free to forge their own path. Using the power of Towny, the server has been made to be directly influenced by the players and the towns they want to build! Forge your path, build your town, and leave your mark!
  • Free Trade Economy

  • Between the mix of Quickshop, Sign Shops, and the servers active Trade chat the economy is yours to control. Will you rise to the top of the merchant ranks, or will you crash and burn in a turbulent economy? However beware the world of A'therys is a dangerous place, both sword and pen can make or break a merchant and their wares! So join today and see if you have what it takes to make your fortune!

Resource Pack

Server Info

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Status: Online
Server Address: play.atherys.com
MOTD: A'therys Ascended
Version: Spigot 1.8.3
Players: 8/200

Teamspeak 3 Info

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Server Address: chat.gazamo.com

Latest Announcements

Speed Items And You
As there has been some confusion and uncertainty regarding speed items being used in and outside of PVP we'd like to make it 100% clear to everyone. any items with the speed boost on them. such as the one in the picture below, are illegal and are not allowed to be used or worn. being caught us...
Yesterday, 08:44 PM Full topic ›
A Free Game For You All: Project A.p.e
Remeber Nik? dude who used to make our videos on the Gazamo channel, long time freind and awesome dude? no well ok, didn't think you would but thats not the important thing here.   He, along with a few others has been working on a game, the results of which can be seen in this FREAKING AWESO...
09 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
Changes To Warp Signs And Admin Shops Are Here!
  After much anticipation, we have released the admin shops.  The prices and products are subject to change to suit the needs of the server, but (after much discussion) they are set to their current values. You can find admin shops in every capital and in some neutral locatio...
29 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
Gazamo Games Now Live (Public Beta)
Gazamo Games is now in live public beta.   Play.gazamogames.com   www.gazamogames.com   Initial launch today and this week maybe a little bumpy in terms of numbers and server hence beta but hopefully you can enjoy yourselves. I appreciate every bit of support you show.   Love...
24 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
Pvp On Everywhere As Of The 4Th Of July For Two Weeks
From the date of Saturday 4th of July PvP on everywhere will commence for two straight weeks.   Tool up people, this ones about to get bloody, MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.   Please keep in mind all arguing regarding the pvp / rp debate will be outright ignored, 3 years ive had of it, don’t care were...
23 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
One Last Big Vorske Chat Take 2.
Friday 11pm GMT 6PM EST   This week on the one last BIG vorske chat (lol) we will be discussing the economy, why we have chosen a simpler route and hopefully respond to some of your questions or concerns you have about it. I have a fair amount to say on the matter and love the sound of my ow...
18 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
It Makes The World Go Round (You Can't Circle It Beca...
People of A'therys.  Today we bring forward a dramatic change, starting this upcoming week the Admin team will begin placing Admin shops (made up of buy/sell/trade signs, NPC shops for special items (Halion items, etc), and other things) throughout the capitals and Halion.   So what doe...
12 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
Website Status - 09/06/2015
As you may of seen we've been encountering some issues with the website recently. We believe we have a fix in place this time, but as with most things time will tell.   For now: - Profile Pictures Uploads are disabled (This should be reverted to normal soon). - Topic Uploads are disabled. (A...
08 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
This weekend I plan on taking the TS of the gazamo / atherys webserver and placing it on its own machine. I will also be doing a completely fresh install of it, as well as building the various permissions groups up from scratch. We have had this TS going now for 3 years with only patch applicatio...
05 Jun 2015 Full topic ›
Recruiting For Gazamo Games From Today. [Min Age 16]
Hello People of A’therys   It has come to that point where I am putting together a staff group for Gazamo Games minigames server. The role is a fairly simple one due to the nature of a Minigames server, you as a mod will simply be an authority and a friendly face for players to ask questions...
16 May 2015 Full topic ›

Latest News

Town of the Month - July - Vel Zyhul

Jul 02 2015 03:04 AM | Roselis in News

Sorry for missing last month, but I'm taking it over now, and I can promise you'll get a Town of the Month on the 1st of every month!(also Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians out there!)So without further ado...~Congratulations to Vel Zyhul!~Located in Ar-Selukk, Vel Zyhul has not only been a very helpful town for new players starting out, but it is also one of the most beautiful smaller towns on A'therys!Training new players to become strong PvPers as well as having a market makes this a well rounded and diverse town.So once again, Congratulations MisChiv and the rest of the members of Vel Zyhul!Keep up the great work!

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Sale Time!

Jun 02 2015 07:03 PM | Edd in News

Today is the day when the long awaited Tier 4 overhaul goes live on the server. To celebrate this, i thought it a good idea to have a bit of a sale lasting until next Monday. Use code: REWORK on the A'therys store (not buycraft) to get 25% of Levels, Plots, Towns and Warp Signs. Enjoy!.

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Town Of The Month ~ May ~ Temaria

May 12 2015 01:04 PM | Locky in News

Town of the month~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TemariaTemaria is a town deep in the jungles of Roreg loghTemaria is a up and coming PvP town that has welcomed new players that come to the wild jungles of Roreg logh and teaches them how to fight the dangers that awaits them outside of the town wallsTemaria may not be finished yet, it still does look look in its construction time,And who can say something bad of that when they have such sweet and cute animalsWe asked around what people thought of this town and we got some great quotes for you guys againthe people in that weird town are very active, they wouldn't really fit in my new soup recipe ~ Retired Shol cultistI been there quite often, They have some great soil for my favorite hobby ~ Shroom fanat...

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Town Of The Month ~ April ~ Heartcrest

Apr 09 2015 12:11 AM | Locky in News

Heartcrest~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Town of the monththe town heartcrest has kept their heads above the water with the recent events in alorehthey have some amazing builds around their enormous townquotes by some bypassers."they dont have a big shark but i guess they are some cool folks" ~ sharklover"I've also heard good things about hearth crest, people wise. They are an Alor town that's kept their head up in all the negativity that was going on" ~ Cave dwellerso with this we would like to thank you Heartcrest for everything that you have doneyou deserve this and keep goinghere are some pictures of this big town with lots of cool looking buildings

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Town Of The Month ~ March ~ Kharjov

Mar 15 2015 03:40 AM | Locky in News

Town of the month~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KharjovThe town of Kharjov, previously known as Blacktyde, is town of the month in March.In the last few weeks they proved themselves worthy of this mention.Accepting many new members of their nation, helping out with the ‘general upkeep’ of the wilderness of Vrovona and being positive members on the forum, server, and Teamspeak.Quotes by some people who know them.“I witnessed their Mayor give a one and a half hour tour to a new player who wanted to see A’therys. They are a great group of people and all contribute to Vrovona and the community outstandingly” ~ Salty Vrovonic“Kharjov! Kharjov! Kharjov!Not only is it amazingly beautiful but the Mayor is one of the most kind people I met on this server...

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New IP

Nov 24 2014 09:07 PM | Edd in News

Just a quick note to everyone. We have recently swapped over to a new machine, which means a new IP to login with. The IP is as follows: play.atherys.com Trying to stretch this post out to have more to it but I guess that’s kinda it, so……

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Event : The Festival of the Zephyr Verses (Octo...

Oct 07 2014 10:22 PM | Edd in News

The Festival of the Zephyr Verses1She ignites thought.The endless variety of colors,prints, weights and textures inspired by Her;She who inspires great art and literature.She is the most forceful and potent Muse,when spotted by the creative mind,causing the heartbeat to quickenand the hands to itchas ideas flood the brain;simultaneously clouding and enchanting vision.A single glance could become anything,the first words of an epic poem -the first strikes of a masterpiece painting -the first notes of a symphony that will stir souls for centuries.Give heed to the thousand veils,the blustering winds,the wisdom of the Goddess,for they are collections to inspire.The Trickster's knives flicker,his mind sharpens; knowing one dayHis vision will form the q...

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Town of the Month - October

Oct 04 2014 02:53 PM | Edd in News

-Congratz Isteroth-Isteroth, a beautiful town set in the harsh barrens that is Monas Roth. This town has been the home to many individuals over the past few months, many of whom have held higher positions in their nation.The town has actively taken part in the PvP scene on the server and is one of the nicest looking towns A;therys has to offer.So congratz Isteroth!.

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The Summer Rime - Thanks For Playing!

Sep 23 2014 04:52 AM | OccidentalAnvil in News

Hey guys, Anvil here. Now that the Summer Rime event is over, I wanted to swing through and thank you all for playing! Three months, twelve events - it was quite a ride. Certainly the only thing like it we've ever done. I know that the finale didn't go quite as planned, and for that I'm really sorry. I'm willing to bet that it annoys me more than it annoys you, we had big plans and some people apparently just didn't want us to have any fun. I guess that's the price you pay for being successful on the internet, or something. Whatever, what's done is done. Including Kaherii, you beat him! Way to go. Admittedly, the way things were going earlier in the summer, we didn't think you guys would get it together and win, so good on you there. Proves you CA...

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The Summer Rime - Act III, Episode IV

Sep 20 2014 01:43 AM | OccidentalAnvil in News

The time has come. The ancient Frost Elder, Kaherii, even now gathers his strength within his frozen domain. The gateway to this icy dimension has been opened, chained to the foundations of Cyridon Spire where it once peacefully slept. The cultists offer up their found keys, artifacts that were last brought together in this place to seal he whom they now may set free. But they do not have them all; the heroes of the world carry two of the five. And it is into the ice domain of Kaherii that they must now go, to do what his contemporaries could not: bring an end to his twisted scheming for good. If they succeed, they will be remembered forever as a new breed of Mortal Heroes. Not slayers of gods, but saviors of the world. If they fail, the frigid wr...

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