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  • Custom World

  • From top to bottom, A'therys Ascended is a fully custom, full imagined world for RP and PvP players alike. With a dimensions of 22,000x14,000 blocks, it is one of the largest Minecraft worlds that is currently hosted. Windswept tundras, dense jungle, boggy marshlands, hellish lava planes, endless deserts, and stunning highlands, A'therys is a world of worlds! Using World Engine & World Painter.
  • Elaborate Class System

  • The Heroes plugin is a diverse and powerful tool that we have harnessed and used to develop over 40 classes for the community to master and enjoy! Heroes classes are a large part of the violent world that is A'therys. Be it slaying monsters, or going to war with another nation, mastery of your class and others will give put you at the cutting edge of accomplishing your goals!
  • Towns & Nations

  • Each Nation is a carefully thought out and executed experience. Located within them are the capitals of each, sprawling centers of trade and politics. Outside of these pinnacles, the players are free to forge their own path. Using the power of Towny, the server has been made to be directly influenced by the players and the towns they want to build! Forge your path, build your town, and leave your mark!
  • Free Trade Economy

  • Through the use of Hyperconomy and extensive study of in-game economic activities, we have devised a properly functioning free trade economy! This means your nation will rise and fall with the woes of money and can be directly effected through trade! Merchants beware though, because many a fortune can be gained and lost within the world of A'therys; either at the point of a sword, or the point of a pen.

Resource Pack

Server Info

[Updates Every 5 Minutes]

Status: Online
Server Address: rp.gazamo.com
MOTD: Atherys Ascended We're LIVE!
Version: 1.7.4
Players: 111/250

Teamspeak 3 Info

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Server Address: chat.gazamo.com

Latest Announcements

The Saturday Screenshot Comp - 04/19/2014
Its that time of week again, a chance for you to win 30 levels for taking a awesome screenshot.   no particular theme this week, just want to see something awesome.   PLEASE ONLY POST ONE SCREENSHOT
Yesterday, 05:03 PM Full topic ›
20% Easter Sale Of All A'therys Products
  Since its Easter we have knocked 20% off all products sold on both this web store and the buycraft items.   For this website's store use code "EASTER" to get 20% off - Link: http://atherys.com/store/   For the Buycraft everything is done automatically - Link: http://atherys.buyc...
Yesterday, 06:28 PM Full topic ›
Regarding Kill Saturday [ This Week ]
As a very large PvP event is happening tomorrow for Americans, Today for us Brits and Europeans, Kill Saturday will only last for the next 14 hours as we will need the ability to toggle pvp off in the event town (not the arena). Unfortunately there is no admin command to toggle specific areas....
18 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
Sectional Moderators - Website Update
Hey all,   Today we see the introduction of sectional moderators on the website.   What is a Sectional Moderator A player who is able to moderate and control a certain section of the forums, whether that's just one or multiple sub forums. (While It is not the same role as a Server Moder...
17 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
Happy To Say, Were Back Youtubing!
Yes, finally we have found a new editor and here is his first video. Hope you enjoy, the Capital city of Ar-selukk, Qhul Rahav!.  
17 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
Minor Interruption To Gameplay Today
Hello folks   I wanted to let you guys know there will be some minor interruption to gameplay today as we go about installing a plugin that will solve everyone's mob finding / leveling problems.   This thing has been heavily configured over the past week and will require tinkering both...
16 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
The Friday Night Chat With Vorske
As i have promised, a mandatory ( for me ) weekly chat show on TS, an opportunity for you guys to speak with me about our server, or if we get off topic like we sometimes do, normally due to Brink, chat about other random stuff.   Either way, its a good opportunity for me to interact properl...
17 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
Resource Pack Gui Update!
Finally an update! I've edited the GUI as I've gotten multiple complaints about how the bars are extremely hard to read. Well, now we have individual easy to read hearts/food/armor/underwater bars!  
13 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
Video Sharing - Website Update
Hey all,   The video sharing part of the website has been around but I got around to revamping it today. This means there's a dedicated thread to discussing your video when its posted and links your video into our database.   Nice looking database (once I fix the floating 'Add Video' Bu...
14 Apr 2014 Full topic ›
Updated Staff Structure & Jobs Page
As per some messages and requests last night I've put together a page that will hopefully allow you guys to understand what the staff here actually do and what their jobs entail.   http://atherys.com/staff_structure   While avoiding specifics hopefully this will allow you to see what ea...
13 Apr 2014 Full topic ›

Latest News

A'therys Wargames

Apr 09 2014 10:35 PM | Nathan in News

On the 19th of April a new event is coming your way: the A'therys Wargames! Sharpen your blades and shine your shields, you aren't going to want to miss this.The Wargames are a chance to challenge each other in duels to the death, all in the spirit of fun of course. You may enter as an individual or as a team, and fight not simply for glory but for vast riches as well! You might win a shiny forum badge, or perhaps a nation-sponsored prize; your mighty legacy will live on here forever. Think you have what it takes? Information on all the tournaments, the ever-important rules, and of course the sign-up sheet can be found on on these pages: Solo Tournament, Team TournamentNaturally this is not only an opportunity to put your PvP skills to the test, b...

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Friday Night TeamSpeak Chats

Jan 07 2014 10:33 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

Every Friday night at 11Pm GMT – 6PM EST a community TeamSpeak 3 chat occurs, hosted by myself.For those interested in A’therys development, have burning questions you want an answer to, this is the place to do it and all are welcome. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the community, have a laugh and mess around.This chat takes place on our TeamSpeak: chat.gazamo.comFor those of you wondering what TeamSpeak is or how to get it, here is a link: http://www.teamspeak.com/Whilst I try and get as much information onto the forums as I can, these chats are the best source of knowledge, or a place to voice and share your opinions, so drop by.

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Welcome To The New Atherys.com!

Jan 07 2014 10:27 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

Welcome to the new version of the A’therys website. Please go ahead and re-create your account and start using the forums. As we continue development, the site will be added to and all previous function and pages will be restored as well as new content. As new content gets added I will keep everyone updated on the forums with whats what as some of the stuff may be important to your experience. You can also expect the wiki to gain a lot of new pages for you to read and enjoy. You can also expect a chat box to be installed very soon, I know how important your crazy shout box adventures are! I would like to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you that continue to support us day in day out. Here’s to you community!

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