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  • Custom World

  • From top to bottom, A'therys Ascended is a fully custom, full imagined world for RP and PvP players alike. With a dimensions of 22,000x14,000 blocks, it is one of the largest Minecraft worlds that is currently hosted. Windswept tundras, dense jungle, boggy marshlands, hellish lava planes, endless deserts, and stunning highlands, A'therys is a world of worlds! Using World Engine & World Painter.
  • Elaborate Class System

  • The Heroes plugin is a diverse and powerful tool that we have harnessed and used to develop over 40 classes for the community to master and enjoy! Heroes classes are a large part of the violent world that is A'therys. Be it slaying monsters, or going to war with another nation, mastery of your class and others will give put you at the cutting edge of accomplishing your goals!
  • Towns & Nations

  • Each Nation is a carefully thought out and executed experience. Located within them are the capitals of each, sprawling centers of trade and politics. Outside of these pinnacles, the players are free to forge their own path. Using the power of Towny, the server has been made to be directly influenced by the players and the towns they want to build! Forge your path, build your town, and leave your mark!
  • Free Trade Economy

  • Through the use of Hyperconomy and extensive study of in-game economic activities, we have devised a properly functioning free trade economy! This means your nation will rise and fall with the woes of money and can be directly effected through trade! Merchants beware though, because many a fortune can be gained and lost within the world of A'therys; either at the point of a sword, or the point of a pen.

Resource Pack

Server Info

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Status: Online
Server Address: rp.gazamo.com
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Version: 1.7.4
Players: 71/200

Teamspeak 3 Info

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Server Address: chat.gazamo.com

Latest Announcements

Wall Height Limit Change
From this day forward you can consider this rule scrapped. The original rule was put in place per request of the community not wanting to see ugly walls however I personally don’t really care this is Minecraft after all, if you are satisfied with giant out of place walls, then so be it. I do see...
28 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
Heroes Mistake - Ele + Orph Gone - Dont Panic
Somewhere, something got screwed up, it is being fixed. Dont panic, these classes are not "gone". They will be back ASAP.   Few other glitches as well it seems, no idea why, because minecraft i guess but its all being worked on.   Also regarding plague - creeping pain was supposed to be...
27 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
Saturday Screenshot Comp - 07/26/2014
You know the drill people.   1 screenshot per person Nothing made by the Gazamo build team Has to be on the Atherys Ascended server   30 levels to the winner.
26 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
War + New Schedule For The Future. Starting This Comming...
The following information pertains to war kicking off in the server. This has been discussed at this weeks community meeting. For more information, speak to people who were at the meeting to find out more. This is just to outline the most important information.   Relevant information:  ...
11 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
Resource Pack Update! Circle Stone Pillars + More!
~A'therys Resource Pack Update V3.2~   Another update to the texture pack coming your way brimming with nostalgia! Bringing back the old redstone, diamond and emerald textures from the John Smith pack. As well as an amazing remake of the pillar connected texture by Chrisblox!    ...
20 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
State Of Atherys (Important)
Recently I have been in the advantageous position of working on Gazamo products that are not Atherys. Why is this advantageous you might ask? Well because it has given me a chance to view the processes of Atherys from the outside and attempt to fix some of them. How the admins operate. How vorske...
17 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
Saturday Screenshot Comp - 07/19/2014
I missed this last week, sorry about that but look, this week im doing it and at a decent time, yay memory.   So get those screenshots ready, 30 levels to the winner following rules apply:   1 screenshot per person Nothing made by the Gazamo build team Has to be on the Atherys Ascended...
19 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
Mob Event - Make Up For Todays Lack Of Summer Rime
Ok so this is a bit of a rush but in 1 hour I will do a mob event to make up for the lack of the Summer Rime today.   This will happen in 1 hour so 9PM GMT 4PM EST, it will happen in Verdistis.   PvP will be off in the town so there will be no fighting. I would also please ask that NO O...
20 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
Todays Event Cancelled
I am extremely sorry folks but todays Summer Rime event has been cancelled due to its organizers not being around. Anvil has IRL commitments today and I am assuming Gasfiend got called into work as he sometimes does.     I know we didn’t do one last week because of the world cup final a...
20 Jul 2014 Full topic ›
This Weeks Build Battle
    Hinder didnt finish his build, he says he crashed out while in the middle of a shot, i think he was drunk lol.
16 Jul 2014 Full topic ›

Latest News

The Summer Rime - Act II, Episode I

Jul 18 2014 03:49 AM | OccidentalAnvil in News

And so begins a new act in our saga. The Selukkite scholar was, unfortunately, cut down almost immediately when the Cultists arrived. Who was to know that they had contracted the Umtrahd Ruul to assist them? Perhaps things would have gone at least somewhat better had some of the historian's own guard not turned on him as soon as danger arrived. A'therys would surely be better situated to face its current threat had the world heard what he had to say. But it is no matter, for what has passed is past. For now, the denizens of the Mortal Plane look to the future, and from Archmage av-Haresh comes information to help. More of the tomes from Syrros' hidden library have shed light on another location of interest: the Tower of Petrav, the Earthen Elder....

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The Summer Rime - Act I, Episode IV

Jul 05 2014 03:26 PM | OccidentalAnvil in News

After many millennia, the library of Syrros the Wind Elder was found. And promptly ransacked. House Volaradon is of course somewhat miffed, but considering that the Archmage put out the call, they know their honor is somewhat on the line should they protest too loudly. As it was, they forbade entrance to any who did not have a written Letter of Introduction from one of their members, which led to quite an interesting day for the estate doorman. He's reported all sorts of ways that seekers tried to gain entry; one fellow even tried to present his horse in lieu of a piece of paper, with "Letter of Introduction" written on the side in charcoal! The doorman explained that he of course turned the man away, though the Orator Prince of Volaradon has been...

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A'therys Ascended Summer Sale

Jun 28 2014 07:58 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

It’s that time of year again where the day grows longer, the sun shines and you are free from the shackles of the education system. A wonderful time to get outside and enjoy nature, get a tan, fire up the grill and enjoy the warm days OR the perfect time to get some hardcore gaming done!.Starting today and lasting until the 31st of July grab yourself 25% of everything from our shop and buycraft using promo code "SUMMERFUN". This code can be used as many time as you like.Relevant Links:http://atherys.com/store/http://atherys.buycraft.net/

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The Summer Rime - Act I, Episode III

Jun 28 2014 02:13 AM | OccidentalAnvil in News

The day was hard won, but the Itheri emerged victorious in their retaliation against the Alor. The caravaneers and their guard had scarcely risen to face the dawn when the attack came. The first wave eliminated most of the Alor forces, but a lone detachment of Vrovonic legionnaires put down the assailants. Newspapers are reporting that it was in fact the Marcolo Brigands yet again who led this charge, seeking the artifact for their own gain. But even the mighty northern legion could not help as the real Itheri forces came down upon the caravan, before the embers had even cooled in their campfire. Orator Prince Aervelion, the noble responsible for transporting the artifact from Cyridon Spire, was gravely injured and the mysterious relic was seized...

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The Summer Rime - Act I, Episode II

Jun 20 2014 03:49 PM | OccidentalAnvil in News

With the Captain's Log recovered from the frozen vessel (by the Marcolo Brigands no less), a shocking revelation emerges. The attack seems to have been perpetrated by Alor mages! Ithero is in a state of outrage, naturally, while Aloreh proclaims no knowledge of the incident. But movements at Cyridon Spire seem to belie that statement: shortly after the Itheri Navy declared their ship missing, a caravan departed the campus of the Mages' Guild seemingly making its way towards Methes Avonthes. Itheri spies have discovered the planned route, and track the caravan even as this is written. What the Alor are transporting is clearly magical in nature, but unknown in purpose; the secrecy may mask the reason behind the fate of the ship and its cargo.Aside f...

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The Summer Rime - Act I, Episode I

Jun 14 2014 04:49 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

It starts with a ship.In the northwest reaches of the usually temperate Marcolo Sea, an Itheri cargo ship lies encased in ice. Capsized, most of its cargo claimed by the depths. Far to the east, a strange caravan departs from the Cyridon Spire, campus of the Mages' Guild, on the route to Methes Avonthes. What is there to make of all this? What is coming? Now, none can say. But it is the start of a three-month adventure that you can be a part of. Every Saturday, beginning on the 14th of June, an event will be held to continue this story. It is our first lore-based event, which means you can be sure that if your actions are great, they will be heard in our history in some form or another. A'therys has yet to see anything like this, and we hope you w...

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The Nether Island's Return!

May 23 2014 06:15 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

The Black Queen has few bastions upon the surface of A'therys. It is a plane she seems to have withdrawn from, for reasons only known to her, as the portals which once led to her domain lie dormant on their chamber floors. But in recent years, far out into the ocean west of Aloreh, a ghastly outpost has formed. Claimed for unknown reasons by corruption from the Netherworld, it sits like a nightmare upon the horizon. Infernal monsters walk the shores, and what treasures there might be deep beneath are guarded fervently by the army of Qhugat'ayu-oru. A former Alor mining colony, Virion Alesce is no longer the pleasant isle it once was. Whatever purpose it now serves, it does so silently, separated by the waves and calling would-be adventurers to its...

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A'therys Wargames

Apr 09 2014 10:35 PM | Nathan in News

On the 19th of April a new event is coming your way: the A'therys Wargames! Sharpen your blades and shine your shields, you aren't going to want to miss this.The Wargames are a chance to challenge each other in duels to the death, all in the spirit of fun of course. You may enter as an individual or as a team, and fight not simply for glory but for vast riches as well! You might win a shiny forum badge, or perhaps a nation-sponsored prize; your mighty legacy will live on here forever. Think you have what it takes? Information on all the tournaments, the ever-important rules, and of course the sign-up sheet can be found on on these pages: Solo Tournament, Team TournamentNaturally this is not only an opportunity to put your PvP skills to the test, b...

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Friday Night TeamSpeak Chats

Jan 07 2014 10:33 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

Every Friday night at 11Pm GMT – 6PM EST a community TeamSpeak 3 chat occurs, hosted by myself.For those interested in A’therys development, have burning questions you want an answer to, this is the place to do it and all are welcome. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the community, have a laugh and mess around.This chat takes place on our TeamSpeak: chat.gazamo.comFor those of you wondering what TeamSpeak is or how to get it, here is a link: http://www.teamspeak.com/Whilst I try and get as much information onto the forums as I can, these chats are the best source of knowledge, or a place to voice and share your opinions, so drop by.

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Welcome To The New Atherys.com!

Jan 07 2014 10:27 PM | Edd aka vorske in News

Welcome to the new version of the A’therys website. Please go ahead and re-create your account and start using the forums. As we continue development, the site will be added to and all previous function and pages will be restored as well as new content. As new content gets added I will keep everyone updated on the forums with whats what as some of the stuff may be important to your experience. You can also expect the wiki to gain a lot of new pages for you to read and enjoy. You can also expect a chat box to be installed very soon, I know how important your crazy shout box adventures are! I would like to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you that continue to support us day in day out. Here’s to you community!

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