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  • Welcome to the plane of A'therys

    ...an original minecraft fantasy roleplay featuring staff and player driven storylines, immersive lore, and an engaging community. If you are new to our site, we recommend that you join our discord. For important updates and information about events, and other community topics, visit our forums.  To check out our open source plugins for the new era of A'therys, go to https://github.com/Atherys 

    A'therys Aeons Beta Notice

    By Hexxie,
    A'therys Aeons Beta Launch Date Change What's Changing: Due to a great deal more people signing up for the beta than we initially expected, we are going to be opening the full beta server Monday, 20th December. The delay is unfortunate, but due to scheduling conflicts with a majority of our available staff, the large number of those already signed up, and the infrastructure we need to upgrade to ensure the beta gets us the information we need to make the launch successful, we feel this dela

    A'therys Aeons Beta Update

    By Hexxie,
    A'therys Aeons Beta Announcement Ready to Launch: The A'therys Aeons project is nearing it's completion, and we need the help of the A'therys community once again! The A'therys Aeons Vanilla Beta will be launching December 18th, 2021. Beta Tester : As we near the beta launch, we are looking for those who wish to help us off the start. The beta will be a lot of bugs, for sure, as well as tons of experimenting and changes, so those wishing to sign up for the beta should be ready to

    A'therys Aeons Update and Recruitment

    By Hexxie,
    A'therys Aeons Project Update Nearing the Finish Line: The Aeons project is advancing quickly, and as we put the finishing touches on the world map of A'therys, the need to update the capitals draws near. In addition to this, there are quite a few projects for the build team to work on in the coming months after initial release. To that end, under direction of long-time Gazamo Build Team Member TazHD, we have the need to bring on more builders.    Build Team Leadership: In additio

    A'therys Aeons Roadmap & Updates

    By Hexxie,
    A'therys Aeons Roadmap & Updates As promised, more information - Our most recent "State of A'therys" address left many questions unanswered regarding the future of the A'therys project and the impact of EASY Company's partnership. In this post I'll be addressing some of the concerns and questions already asked. Please note, however, we will be having a live Discord Q&A on Friday the 5th of November between 7-9PM EST. Keep an eye on the #announcements channel in Discord for fur

    The State of A'therys - Long Awaited Good News

    By cicetil,
    The State of A'therys - Long Awaited Good News   Greetings once again A'therians - While our last "State of A'therys" address left many things uncertain and a rather grim picture for the future of the project and the state of the community at large, this announcement should be much more exciting. The first announcement is that A'therys has joined with another community, EASY Company, in a merger/partnership. This decision came after much debate and discussion among all of the cur

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