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    World Downloads

    By Dannie,
    Hello. As requested @raxiam on Discord yesterday I've gone and made a downloads page for the previous A'therys Ascended maps. https://atherys.com/downloads/ Also available here:  Evo is currently not available and won't be until the release of Horizons.  That is all.

    Player Lore Library Wipe

    By Xathas,
    Hi all,   This is just a heads up that I will be wiping the Player Lore Library on December 1st (about 3 weeks from now). This update will also bring in categories for the new playable nations  This update follows the release of the last three updates; Atvoria's and Dalkun-Tir's histories; and a magical mystery update!!!

    Wiki Entry Wednesday : 11/8/2017

    By Xathas,
    HAPPY WIKI-ENTRY WEDNESDAY!!!   Added History of Kilnholdt to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Kilnholdt icon from the lorelanding.   - History of Kilnholdt conceptualization by @Foe ; converted from bullet points to first draft by @Xathas
    - Edited by @Foe, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF

    Don't like reading? Well you will love this... Gennaian Isles Audio Lore!!!

    By redninja685,
    Hey guys! I have something cool to share with you that I have just finished working on the past hour and a half! If you're like me and you hate reading, then going through the lore can seem a bit daunting. Well, I have decided to put together a storytelling audio for you completed with thematic music to help set the scene! Hopefully, this will help out some of you, and I will be aiming to do this for all the other newly written nation lore.  However, bear in mind! I am only an amateur at this audio editing stuff, it is not perfect, but I thought it was good enough for you guys! I'll have to chase up some of the talented members of our community who are brilliant at audio editing and music like AUREK!!!! Anyhow enjoy!    

    Wiki Entry Wednesday : 11/1/2017

    By Xathas,
    HAPPY WIKI-ENTRY WEDNESDAY!!!   Added History of Daidama to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Daidama icon from the lorelanding.   - History of Daidama conceptualization by @GodOfGales, original draft written by @Xathas, assisted with edits from @Dani, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF


    By Dannie,
    Folks! It’s competition time. I challenge you to build something halloween themed on the build server (build.atherys.com) using conquest reforged. All you need to do is take a screenshot of your build and post it below, the best screenshot will win. There are a couple rules: It must be halloween themed It must use the conquest reforged mod The build must be yours! No stealing other people’s builds please. There will be 1 winner. To win, RETWEET, FOLLOW and LIKE the tweet and post your screenshot below. The winner will have their screenshot featured on our facebook, twitter and PMC. Competition ends 31st October! Good luck!

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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