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    Back Online

    By Dannie,
    Hello. As you can see, the forums are now back online and we have wiped a good portion of it. We will be adjusting things here and there, but you are now able to use them as we progress onto the build up of the new server.    A'therys Administration

    Creature Creation Contest Winner!

    By Xathas,
    First off, this was a lot of fun to read, and I will definitely have to host another contest like this again sometime. Thank you to everyone who entered into the contest!   But I had to pick one; and the winner is....   *Drumroll......*

    The End of an Era, The Door to a New Adventure

    By Dannie,
    For 2 years, A'therys Evo has existed. It's crazy how quickly that time has gone by, remembering everything that's happened over the years and the people who have come and gone. But here we are again, preparing a new vision for our server and creating a brand new adventure for this amazing community that we are so grateful to be a part of.  In exactly two weeks, A'therys Ascended will come to a close and then it's work stations for our staff. From today to the 30th you can still login to the server at play.atherys.com to explore, take screenshots and take in the last moments of A'therys Evo on our servers. 24 hours before we shut down we will accidentally disable important plugins and accidentally delete the ban list for our traditional Purge of which we expect you to turn the server off for us.  After that, the website will close and you will be updated via our Twitter & Discord of important information regarding when it will be up etc. Some final words before I head off: Thank you to the players who have sailed this ship with us and an even bigger thank you to the players that have supported, donated and stuck with this community for as long as you have done. You are superb. Thank you to the staff who voluntarily support the players and other staff to create a safe environment for people to enjoy a game we all love. Without people like you A'therys would have been a one-hit wonder, but we are still here standing strong for 5 years. And lastly a thank you to @Sellt for taking on such a big responsibility this time last year. We appreciate it. Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend! @mercymike @Sellt @StealthMelon @MushroomMage @Vnthy @Aller @redninja685 @Edd @Muttgamer @speedyscorpion     The New Era:     

    The Discord Music Bot

    By HaedHutner,
    Dannie and I have just gone through the voice channels on our official discord server with some changes that we hope will inspire more of you to use the discord voice chat.   The biggest change is perhaps the new Lounge channel, which now features a music bot.    Currently, the only people who are able to change the tracks the bot can play are Staff members. This is for a good reason. The Lounge chat is meant for afk/relaxation, a place to just idle and enjoy the sweet tunes of some jazz. For that reason, I'd like to keep the theme of the bot's playlist more or less the same, for the time being, that theme is jazz.   So, if you have any appropriate jazz tracks you'd like to see added to the music bot, just mention me and I'll add them Update: The bot has changed. Now we have a bot which plays genres of music, so we're not in control of which tracks go into the playlist anymore. I'm looking for other bots, like ones that would allow for streaming from webcasts, so instead of having to switch entire playlists around, we can just switch to a different station.   For the future, we may change things up a bit, and perhaps switch the theme around.   Oh, and here's a mandatory invite to the discord server : https://discord.gg/ejaYaTu

    Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

    By Sellt,
    Hello Atherys! A little Diary from me today, hopefully I can tell you guys a lot more next week or the one after.   Website

    I want to remind you all that at the end of the Month the Forum will get wiped so we can switch to the new Nations setup. This will also solve another issue we have; the forum takes up way too much space (years of posts and pictures). So make sure you save what you want to keep and prepare to fill up the new Forum!
    We already added the first new thing to the website: https://atherys.com/forum/gallery/   End of Atherys Ascended

    So, soon we will take down the Server to enter the next development stage off Horizons. For that we wonder if you would join us for a final purge event + TS party!  Saying goodbye to a good time and getting ready to say hello to the next.    Weapons and Armor

    We are now detailing what kind of new Ores and Ingredients can be found In the shattered lands. With these you will be able to craft he highest tiers of Weapons and Armor. We are also finalizing the list of weapon types we will have (way more than just a sword, an axe and a staff!). We also will create additional textures (skin) or all of them. Some can be found in game, many others will be sold via the shop.    Plugins & Mods

    Still work to do there, but head is making progress working on the combat plugin at the moment. I still work on the mount mod (soon we will know who won the contest! Hope not too complicate to make ).    Build Team

    As you can see on the Forum, we are looking for more Builders. So if you think you are a good one fill out an application!    Twitter

    I you want to keep up with the newest Atherys news follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/AtherysHorizons   Hurricane

    And as the last part of the Diary I want to ask you to pray and have your thoughts with all the islands and Florida and hope that the Hurricane will not hit to hard. If you are in the area or have people there, I wish you good luck and hope you stay safe.  -Sellt

    Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    By Sellt,
    Hello Atherys!    I'm back from holiday! (which, btw. was fantastic! literally!, Orcs, Magic, Undead, Elfs and War!) And now back to work for Horizons, which is progressing slowly but steady. So lets recap where we are right now:   1. Map The Horizons Map is still a work in progress (a test of the Gennaian Isles can be found here: Map Topic). The map maker has been working tirelessly to create countless assets ( no, seriously, we got him to count them up, it’s crazy the amount he’s actually created thus far ). Anything from trees and mushrooms to rocks and crystals. You already know, of course, that we plan to use the Conquest Reforged mod. The Horizons map will utilize the new blocks to create truly breathtaking landscapes. For Some pics i would suggest to check out our Twitter which is regularly updated: https://twitter.com/AtherysHorizons Also you can join our build-server build.atherys.com to see what others are working on for Horizons and/or plan your own stuff!    2. Internal Coded Plugins/Mods AtherysTowns Plots. Gone are the days of having to deal with pre-determined chunks of the world. The new Towns plugin does not operate using standard 16x16 plots of land. Instead, each plot is an independently defined rectangular bit of land, with some caveats. Minimum size and maximum area requirements will be imposed. This is primarily to prevent the claiming of extreme shapes such as a 1x256 plot or a 1x1 plot. Obviously, these sorts of claims would be malicious or utterly inefficient, which is why the plugin would prevent them. This Plugin is basically finished and ready to go (but we want to add some more nifty stuff like automated town managing to keep town members on their toes to keep it active). It has all the positives of Towny + a lot more good stuff - the bad stuff of Towny.   AtherysCombat One hell of a Plugin head is coding here. It will be far more versatile than Heroes was and its visual representation will also make it much easier to use. A lot of it is finished and head is now working on the database for it. I think he has a lot of fun with that part.   Quests & PvE The Quest team has evaluated several Quest and Mob mods and settled for BetterQuesting and and CustomNPC. They are "training" on both and working on a unique Quest experience. If you ever visited the Baile in Aloreh you know that we have some talented Quest writes, and with these Mods i know they will do some truly amazing stuff. CustomNPC also allows for some very different Mobs for you to fight which will stalk the Shattered Lands.    Mounts We are also working on custom Mounts (i posted a pic of one in an earlier diary). This work is going a bit slow because i'm not that experienced at mod making, but i still making progress. Even learning 3D modelling in Bender (fascinating stuff).   3. Lore Here i like you to visit this post, recently made by Xathas:      4. Your Story This part i'm also working on personally and its going great. Sadly i can't show you much cause seeing code isn't that interesting. You will be able to see all achievements in chronological order and all the things you did in the World + add your own story parts. People will be able to see what you did in the past, including things that were one time events. Hopefully making your story unique. Additionally stats will be visible too.   5. PR We got a bit of a reconstruction in the PR Department (see here: PR) which you should read and check out. At least follow our twitter for all the newest Infos: https://twitter.com/AtherysHorizons   6. New Gear We have some Artists working on Textures for new Armor classes and new weapon types! In Horizons you can run around with a Mace!
    This will also be part of the evil money making scheme, Some of the textures will be sold as skins in the shop (only skins. No stat changes).      So i think this is it for today. a recap where we are right now and a promise that all is still going smoothly     -Sellt

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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