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  • A Poem from The Question of Water, Vol. 2651. It is one of the many nearly indecipherable poems of The Silver Font.


    Do you have the child?
    Mysterious Beast will not bring misfortune to the Mother,
    to the proud Father of the child;
    Have the child is your best defense

    Do you keep the Key of the Elders, give to the pious man?
    Mysterious Beast fears the Key, it tries to destroy it from you;
    Have faith of the Elders

    Do you wear the Green Clothes?
    Run, Hide from Mysterious Beast's searching,
    he wants the Green Clothes most of all;
    But you cannot Give them, they are the Family's Treasure

    The Mother and the Father are safe,
    but the child and the pious man are in danger;
    Yet it is their responsibility to protect the Green Clothes

    If Mysterious Beast is seeking, find a Mother, find a proud Father,
    as the Elders have taught you in SERMON;
    This is the only safety of the child

    I can hear the howldog,
    for a protection at a door of the Temple;
    Howldog hates the heart of a Mysterious Beast,
    he speaks his anger to a nighttime moon

    The howldog is brother to a man,
    to a Mother and a proud Father, the child and the elder;
    To the pious man the howldog a guarding wall,
    friend in the Deep Forest

    Mysterious Beast is close by, take a shelter;
    Shelter of a Family, shelter of a Safe Temple,
    shelter of a wide hole cover with dirt to bury a self

    Mysterious Beast will dig for you for a Time,
    but the patience will fail and to go to find the Family

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