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  • Cyridon Spire is the current home of the Guild of Mages in Aloreh, and serves as the modern campus for the Arcane College. Built after the accidental destruction of the original campus by three renegade students, it stands as a bastion of magical learning and history. Beckoning to all who would learn the arcane arts, the spire serves as a reminder to all who see it; magic has a storied and diverse history within the annals of A'therian lore, but it can be destructive in inexperienced hands.

    The complex was already under construction before the accident happened. Three young mages at the college had fallen under the sway of the Tooth-Magic, desiring more than the restricted study of necromancy that was allowed. They desired power. And so, late one night, they gathered together in a secluded part of the valley in which the college had stood. They spoke the words they had studied in the forbidden tomes, and began the dark work that would funnel some of the power of Shol into their very beings. But something went wrong. The students, far too young and inexperienced to notice as the power grew, were enveloped in it. Now unconstrained, the hunger of the Void continued to expand. By the time the other mages returned, it had claimed most of the college and anyone who had been sleeping within. The Arcane Council was able to cease the expansion of the power flux, and as they did the already-wavering energy dissipated as quickly as it had come. Nothing was left of the once-proud college, consumed by the Tooth-Magic the unwitting novices had let loose.

    Work was redoubled on the Spire, as the new grounds now had to support the full brunt of the Mages' Guild instead of simply being an expanded university. The campus had been designed to honor some of the greatest members of the college, previously lost to all but the archives of the Guild. It was decided that a more personal touch to the history of the guild would improve standing, especially in such a pivotal time. The university consists of five towers surrounding a central spire, with each of the connected towers serving different purposes. Dormitories, alchemy labs, practice rooms; all are available to the students and masters.

    The central edifice is the tower for which the entire complex is named, itself named for the Archmage credited with creating the modern face of the guild. The surrounding towers were named each for great mages of the Arcane Council over the centuries, and themed to the magic which they spent their lives studying. Petrav Tower, for the mage who dedicated himself to the study of terramancy and the shaping of the earth. Fernas Tower, for the mage who dedicated himself to the study of pyromancy and the control of fire. Syrros Tower, for the academic of air and the winds. Ardinil Tower, for he who studied the power of living things. And Kaherii Tower, for he who studied the whims of the blizzard. A statue of the first Archmage, Thalorus the Wise, can also be found on one side of the campus.

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