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  • “I have seen the heart of A’therys, pulsing in the dark recesses where other men dare not tread. I have delved into the living ruins beneath the Sea of Glass, and inspired the dragons of myth to tremble at my gaze. No creature or figment upon this plane or any other stirs my heart to fear. But the choking notion that the House of my lineage may die with me... that is a terror which no weapon may pierce.”
    - Theobald Whistwallow

    House Whistwallow may not be the most prominent of the Noble Houses of Aloreh, but it may well claim the title of most interesting. Making their name almost exclusively in acts of might and bravery, and ensuring that everyone in Aloreh hears of those exploits in every detail, the Whistwallows were a favorite of Thesse for much of the Age of Balance. The current patriarch, Theobald, lives up extremely well to the legacy of the house, and his perfection of the art of boasting has held him a seat as an Orator Prince for nearly forty years.

    Theobald was born in 7C-212, at a time when House Whistwallow was at serious risk of losing its Orator Prince seat. The house had shrunken greatly in size since the great days of Thesse and her admiration, with now only the single, original family to maintain the name. Theobald was raised on the books of Kassenias Anton, whom he held up as an idol; Anton's many books of danger and intrigue from his life were what inspired the young Theobald to bring House Whistwallow back from the brink. At age 16, he took his father's place as Orator Prince, and began the task of restoring the Whistwallow name. He did this in no small part thanks to his dashing nature and larger-than-life persona, travelling A'therys and slaying all manner of beasts, ensuring that the whole nation knew the name Whistwallow. Most interestingly, Theobald somehow found one of the entrances to the realm of Astor, and was able to enter and defeat The Guardian on several occasions. He would return with the scales of the great Dragon and an unusual stone devoid of color, much to the enjoyment of those who followed his exploits. So loved by the Alor people was he the other Orator Princes could not relieve the Whistwallows of their seat, and so Theobald was free to continue his boasting in Methes Avonthes.

    Theobald's immediate family is equally interesting. His daughter, very much like her father, is incredibly boastful and has the strength to back her words. She wishes to follow in his footsteps as an Orator Prince for House Whistwallow, but unfortunately for her Theobald is more interested in preparing his son and her brother, Olivair, for that role. Olivair, however, could not be less interested. A small, fair boy, he wants nothing more than to live a life free of the danger the Whistwallow family is known to joyfully confront. Theobald is hard on the boy, but wishes only what is best for him. His sister, on the other hand, despises Theobald's treatment of him and does not understand why he would choose Olivair over her, the much more capable child, as his likely replacement. For her part, their mother and Theobald's wife busies herself with the affairs of the House, usually relying on a crutch of alcohol to deal with her family and taking no side in her children's matters. Regardless of family squabbles, the Whistwallow line remains relatively strong, thanks almost entirely to the efforts of Theobald.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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