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  • Valbert was born to a farmer's family in the Allium Mountains of Aloreh. At the dawn of the War of Eventide, his two eldest brothers went to fight and were killed, leaving Valbert as the eldest. Then the Alor armies came through, demanding supplies, plundering the crops, and leaving almost nothing in their wake. That season his youngest sister starved to death, despite the fact that his father ate almost nothing. Valbert watched his father slowly deteriorate from a strong, confident farmer to an old, sick man full of despair. When his father became too sick to work, Valbert took over caring for his family. From dawn until dusk he toiled in the fields, desperately trying to grow enough for the following season, praying that the temple armies would leave them enough to eat.

    On the 24th of Stormshift 7C-261, the front fell, and he returned home in time to see see the invading Itheri army put the torch to his father's home. His entire family had been barricaded within the house before it was set ablaze. The Itheri soldiers laughed and made jokes while his family's screams echoed through the valley. He watched and yet was powerless to move, powerless to help. At that moment, something went horribly wrong inside Valbert Moscriefe's head, something from which he would never recover. He had lost everything - his home, his family, all taken from him by his fellow countrymen and a cold-hearted neighboring country. On that night, he fled his homeland, and took refuge working amongst the Selukkite caravans in exchange for passage. A dumb, foolish farm-boy had no chance of prospering, so he dedicated his life to improving himself as much as possible. He saved his money, traveled with the caravans to the grand city of Qhul Rahav, read hundreds of books, and even attended a university through a courtier prince's sponsorship. Or so he claims...

    Valbert Moscriefe arrived to Halion in the summer of 7C-265 with a merchant vessel, a small charter ship, and enough gold to purchase his first casino. Over the course of the next two years, he opened or acquired a majority of the island's casinos and auction houses under. Presenting himself with a charismatic smile, deep down he has learned that the world is run through dependencies. The youngest of the 'big six', he manages a dangerous drug market, claiming to have exactly what one needs to forget their life and troubles. By night, he likes to sit at his casinos, having drinks while telling stories to the customers, before offering them to try his newest experiments. His side businesses include shaking down immigrant neighborhoods for protection fees, smuggling magical goods and contraband, and murder-for-hire services. In addition, his House of Fortune's Reels has almost a franchise structure to it. Eighteen of the local gangs have ties with the company, paying off part of their income as “tribute,” in exchange for guidance, coordination, and useful information.

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