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  • Unique among the modern nations of A'therys, Ar-Selukk is divided into city-states by the many distinct tribes that control them. These states grew out of their capital cities, virtually all founded long ago during the Age of Balance. While some swear allegiance to the Regent, not all do, leaving the city-states very much divided and often in armed conflict. As a result, their borders have changed often through the years, but in the present day there are seven distinct city-states. Bordering Aloreh in the far east is Nandar, a city-state that almost entirely controls the only remaining fertile grassland in the country. Its people are mostly nomadic herders, preferring their native equine beasts to the western kajrohim for mounts. Immediately to the west of Nandar are Yrej and Zelarath, where the open deserts are often subject to sandstorms. The people live in the shadows of whatever rock outcroppings they can find, carving their few large cities into the rock itself. Life is difficult here, and food only comes from farms along the sparse oases that dot the regions, for the massive lake that rends Yrej in half is composed entirely of salt water. The city-state of Gala can be found at the extreme north, bordered on most sides by the sea and separated from the rest of the country by steep and rocky mesas. These four city-states roughly match the old borders of Tamat Olrun, and a few ancient Tamatite customs are still practiced by the tribes there.

    Moving to ancient Rannek territory, in the far southwest is a'Ravhar. Much like Gala to the north, a'Ravhar is a rocky land, and its steep shoreline cliffs prevent most travel by sea. Instead, overland routes snake through the canyons here, and even so close to the capital, tribal bandits are ever a concern. Neighboring Sal-Ba'ari plays host to a much smoother landscape, its shifting sands known for producing the most well-regarded kajrohim stock in Ar-Selukk. The remaining state is the self-proclaimed capital, Qhul Rahav. Due to its position on top of a fresh-water spring, as well as the bordering inland lake, Qhul Rahav is the most fertile of the desert states. Most food and livestock come from farms here, ensuring the Regent has even more of a stranglehold on the tribal city-states who cannot manage to trade with other nations independently.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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