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  • Widow's Hill is a solemn, rocky outcropping on the southwestern Selukkite coast. The area surrounding the hill was once the seat of power for the Rannek-zur-Ranne'eth, one of the two ancient kingdoms of Ar-Selukk. It is known as a place of silent beauty and of final peace, and many tormented souls have plunged to the seas, their pain finally eased on the rocks below.

    For the first millennium of the Age of Balance, the region now known as Ar-Selukk was anything but at balance. Many nomadic tribes had waged endless war in the region since even before the First Calling, but two great kingdoms had risen to power over the others. One of these was the Rannek-zur-Ranne'eth, which controlled most of the southern half of the continent. In 1C-625, there was an attempt at peace between the two kingdoms, and Sav-Synav volunteered himself to mediate the terms of peace. Unbeknownst to the mortals and their kings, the Trickster-God had other plans for the continent, and he used his silver tongue to turn the talks of peace to declarations of war. A great and bloody conflict erupted, coating the then-green grasses of Ar-Selukk with red.

    The war raged only three years until the kingdoms tore themselves apart. Great magics from the warlock-kings and their armies alike decimated the land, turning lush greenery into dry desert. The final battle was fought in the south, around the great city of the Rannek, leveling it in the process. Their conjurer-king Beylant lost his life in his own home, taken as he protected his family. His sons were slaughtered as well, but the queen was allowed to go free in a rare show of mercy. In her desperation and sadness, she ran from the city, even as it was destroyed around her, only stopping on the cliffs above the Transcendental. The pyre which marked her kingdom was easily visible, and with that as her last vision, she threw herself onto the rocks below.

    The story of the Queen of the Rannek was passed down through Selukkite culture for centuries. Some scholars even say that Sav-Synav himself referenced the story in one of the many volumes of his Question of Water. Popularized as it was in many poetic works, the spot became a popular place for reflection and solemnity. Artists seeking inspiration would stand as she did, contemplating their lives before ultimately returning from the edge to work. But the hill continued to attract those who would follow in the queen's footsteps, off the edge and to their deaths. To this day, the stark beauty and inspiration of the cliffs draw those who wish to end their lives, inexplicably calling them to take their last breaths above the endless Transcendental.

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