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  • As the gods departed after the Second Calling, much of humanity was thrown into disarray. Some nations were able to maintain a semblance of order, while even fewer barely missed a step thanks to contingency plans. But all of A'therys felt the great shift, and perhaps no nation felt it as strongly as Ar-Selukk. With Sav-Synav gone, the darker elements of Selukkite society were able to step forth unhindered, as the nation had no true government to speak of save their god. For seasons Ar-Selukk was a battleground, with various corrupt leaders seizing power only to lose it days later to a stronger adversary, until a high priestess stepped from the desert to the throne.

    Very little is actually known about High Priestess Raviyna and her actions before the Second Calling. She appears to have been the leader of one of the many cults that exists in Ar-Selukk, worshiping various aspects of Sav-Synav. What is known is that, in the midst of the chaos after the gods left, the woman now known as Raviyna departed Qhul Rahav on a mission of enlightenment. She was gone for weeks, and most who cared to notice assumed the worst. However, at the the height of the summer's heat in 7C-4, she returned, physically on the verge of death but disturbingly sharp of mind. She strode to the palace in the center of Qhul Rahav, and climbed the many steps unaided and curiously unhindered. There, Raviyna av-Kulthanz IV identified herself and stated that Ar-Selukk was hers to rule, as she was the true daughter of Sav-Synav. The current despot merely laughed and waved her away, but his laughter turned to horror as she procured a large knife and beheaded him. She carried his head to the main balcony and raised it high so that the crowd that had gathered below could see his face. She repeated her claim to the throne of Ar-Selukk, bidding the head to prove her statement; it complied, grotesquely reanimating to echo her claim. After this display of power, she took her rightful place at the top of the city, and it is from there that she has ruled ever since.

    What exactly happened in the desert to evoke such a change, or to grant an unassuming woman such remarkable magical skill, is unknown. The high priestess has spoken on many occasions of a storm that raged over her as she lay dying in the sands, and of snakes emerging from nowhere to give her the word of Sav-Synav. Whether or not this is true, or if she is indeed the flesh and blood of a god, it matters not; the seemingly ageless Raviyna holds her power with an iron fist and incredible magic, not seen since the days of the human city-states. She remains locked in the highest room of the temple palace almost at all times, apparently praying for guidance from Sav-Synav, only exiting to exact grim punishment on those who publicly denounce her. She allows her personally-chosen Vizier to enforce the vast majority of law and order in Ar-Selukk, but the citizens would do well to remember that she is ever-watchful from on high in Qhul Rahav. Brutal justice awaits those who cause trouble on Selukkite sands, doled out by the high priestess herself.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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