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  • The Tridecon Council is a unique kind of government, in that thirteen members share the highest authority. It is comprised of the elected heads of each of the twelve guilds as well as the Warden of Atvoria’s infamous prison, the Gorge. While initially, the council held sessions biweekly, the nature of managing the many guilds and monasteries within Atvoria has led to more infrequent meetings.

    While there is no ‘highest’ authority in the way that the High King of the Gennaian Isles serves as their political face, the members of the Tridecon Council may defer to the wisdom of the High Probus or the head of the Institute of Doctrine should the entire council be unable to gather. Of the Council’s Thirteen Chairs, only Twelve consistently vote. The thirteenth is the unusual exception. It was originally reserved for Nalageos to voice his opinion should he ever return, yet with the decades that passed and no sighting of their god, the chair was given to the Warden of the Gorge in thanks for his aid and containment of The Manslayer. This thirteenth chair, in the hands of The Warden, may only submit his voice in the event of a tie vote.

    Each guild is independently managed and is responsible for maintaining a major part of Atvoren society. For example, the House of Doctrine educates the nation’s youth, the Atramentum Syndicate records history and manages the nation's vast archives, while the Forge Guard are both guardians of the peace and master blacksmiths. Each also manages their own recruitment, apprenticeships, and distribution of ranks. Only when an issue arises that affects the entire nation are the guild representatives of the Tridecon Council called upon to meet and debate.

    These often international problems are dealt with by the council, and their verdicts are binding to all guilds. Furthermore, the Council only handles inter-guild disputes when a serious grievance is reported to the House of the Unwavering. While this delegation of power might seem like madness to nations like Daidama and Kilnholdt , it has proven a stable form of government and a perfect fit for Atvoria’s civil-minded people.


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