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  • At the height of his career, Stanton Tauler was one of the greatest knights in the Exaltation League. For almost fifty years he fought for whatever righteous cause he could find, and he found many. He defended peasants, killed raging beasts, battled the greatest warriors of the armies he opposed, and braved the horrors of Eztalpaltl’s fall. Then, near the end of 7C-348, he disappeared. Some believed that he might have died in battle, despite how unlikely that might be. Any fighter skilled enough to defeat him would surely have boasted of their triumph. Others thought that he went exploring to some far distant nation or the newly shattered lands of Eztalpaltl. Most however believed he died alone at the hands of some great beast. Yet a small few claimed he was still alive. Tavern owners occasionally reported that a man who matched Stanton's description would come in late at night when their bars were empty, accompanied by a group of other, older knights. They would pay for several huge barrels of ale and cider, talk among themselves, and leave as mysteriously as they came.
    As time passed, newly trained knights began to tell similar stories. Each claimed that a man matching Stanton's description taught them the way of the sword. Their stories all had common elements; they traveled through woods only to become lost. A day's travel in, they found themselves at a small hut at the heart of a misty clearing. There, Stanton greeted them as if they were friends yet refused to give them his name. He took them in, fed them, and trained them. When he was satisfied that they had learned all that he could teach, he told them to venture again into the woods, where they would somehow stumble back to civilization. Some tried to retrace their steps, but found no signs of a hut once they left the clearing.
    Vori who hear these stories recognize the hand of the nation's shattered fate at work. Some claim that an enkiin must have taken his form in some manner. The knight’s name had become legend, meriting such a theory. Others claim that Stanton had become a ghost who travels from the halls of Dorrod Muth to pass on his knowledge. Still others say that he lives on immortal within Yolu's garden, and that his hut is seated at the very fringe of a planar border. Only time will divide truth from tale, yet none can dispute that the knights who tell of their encounter are among the most formidable swordsmen in Atvoria. 

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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