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  • Gravenquay is a port town located on the southwestern shores of Fracture, and the largest city south of Wrought's End, the state's infamous canyon. Nearly all of southern Fracture's exported iron passes through this port. Miners have worked the surrounding hills for many centuries. As a result, the hillsides are dotted with empty mines and abandoned towns, many whose population immigrated to Gravenquay for work when their mines dried out.

    Unlike its surrounding ghost towns, Gravenquay was not known for its own iron deposits. Its network of tunnels and caverns were primarily excavated with storage in mind, seeking to create a sturdy form of shelter to contain critical goods for long periods of time. During this process, miners would throw out all manner of rock and trace amounts of crimson-toned dust. In fact, this dust would settle during the digging process that the city had to hire additional workers to clean it up and haul it away for them.

    In 7C-266, these additional labor costs piqued Aldric Ironstride's interest, and he decided to have the dust tested. His team discovered that the dust was red due to an incredibly high amount of pyrope content. In the span of a year, the simple port city became a mining staple of Fracture. Eight shifts of miners now work within its system of tunnels, searching ever deeper from the superconductive red gemstone.

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