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  • Many may doubt me for my youth to politics but let none doubt what I am about to say. I have a true love for the Daggerlands, a fierce patriotic flame that burns in my heart. I have worked beside the poorest men and women and seen their plight and thought \u201cWe are the greatest nation in the world, how can we not provide better for our people?\u201d It is this question that I ask myself every day and it is this that motivates me to improve the Daggerlands to a point where we can truly bask in equality and democracy!
    - Edwin Pickston: Daggerlands Electoral Bid Speech, Yavhei, 16th of Ascension, 7C-268

    Edwin Pickston was born to a grizzled old mechanic with few teeth and fewer inhibitions. His father spent nearly all of his time repairing the drilling machines of Harrow's mining operations, but when he came home he was a maelstrom of liquor and tales of mechanized marvels. Young Edwin was enchanted, and went to work in the mechanic shops at his earliest opportunity, lying about his age so he could get a position as a wiper. However, it was not the great machines that held his interest, but the mines in which they were going.

    The chief engineer soon saw a keen eye in the boy, and apprenticed him out of the engine departments and to the tutelage of a subterranean cartographer, charged with the tracking of tunnels within the mines, ensuring the hundreds of intersections within a mile remain stable and to chart the locations positively identified for ore deposits. Under the cartographer's tutelage Edwin learned to plot routes in three dimensions, completing his training at the age of eighteen and inherited the position when it became clear that he could locate fissures and weak points no one had considered, helping to bring a fantastic fortune with his abilities.

    Over the course of seven years, he meticulously archived his maps, retracing old paths in search of overlooked ores. Realizing that The Daggerlands' underground was thick with such caverns, he would begin a campaign that changed the face of public works. The Reclamation had always been a tough movement to empathize with, their primary goal being the recovery and retrofitting of the lost Asthas technology. To Edwin, it was not about the machines, but the recovery of the land stolen from their people. His charts soon compiled together for a great plan that led him to head the candidacy of Harrow's Reclamation Party in 7C-268; the creation of an underground tram system to recycle and re-purpose the barren mines.

    Successfully winning the bid for Harrow, a further surprise was in store as the Magistrate met in Forgefire. With Genedi Coldhaven having reached her term limit, the classic complacency of re-electing the previous Magister Elect to the position was now broken, made an even more important decision with an eleventh members among their kin. On the ninety-second of Forgefire, the Magistrate met after weeks of debates and discussions to cast their votes. At the age of twenty-six, Edwin Pickston is the youngest Magister Elect to-date, and one of three magisters in the past century to be elected to the position in his first term.

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