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  • With a history of lost gods, civil war, and attempted dynasties - the nation of Daidama has long tailed behind its neighbors in technological advancements. Mosech-Tan’s return in the fourth Cycle brought full order once again, utilizing the structures that mortallkind had created in her absence as a means to maintain control. Though borders are strictly guarded and the walled cities rooted in traditions, the Imperator has acted as head of state since the Second Calling. The economy of the nation is a combination of traveling merchants and Just-In-Time-Socialism in which the High Priests of Mosech-Tan utilize the ancient obelisk at the heart of the capital to divine future needs and shortages to be addressed. Because one’s familial history and deeds is the determining factor in the social hierarchy, the economics of the nation itself operate under geoism, with land being equally available for all to use.


    Recent Activities

    Main article: History
    Nearly two-hundred years ago, the volcanic island chain of Domur Zhuan erupted, devastating the farms and villages. In addition, the volcanic activity triggered a similar event in Atvoria. Looking back on the incident, scholars from both nations have been investigating the site of the eruption, attempting to predict when the mountain will next rear its fury. Meanwhile, within the frozen northeast, the dread necromancer Malqii has solidified residence. Although he seems to be content to pillage and terrorize the local population, there are fears he may have aspirations for the Imperator’s crown. Internationally, the nation has thrived with the fall of Eztalpaltl, taking up the front on trade goods without their primary competitor to target them.



    Main article: Geography

    Daidama is a land of diverse geography, ranging from open plains and fertile farmlands to rugged mountains and volcanic islands. For the most part, the climate is temperate, with a long and fairly warm summer but a surprisingly bitter winter – all of continental Daidama experiences significant snowfall during the winter months, and travel slows to a crawl during that time. Dividing its subtropic and tundra regions, a highland mountain chain spans from the nation’s northwest to southeast.


    Flora and Fauna

    With its wide array of geography, the life found in Daidama possesses equal diversity. From bamboo and ebony to the south, to the rare Faewu berries that grow in glacial caverns. The mountainous highlands support similar berries such as juniper, myrica rubra, and coffee. Among the nation’s fauna, the Daidamese have taken well to creatures that can traverse its diverse terrain. Such creatures include Oaizhu, small ram-like creatures that use their long horns to climb and dig up roots, and Ciezurth - the nation’s great cat which leaps from cliff to cliff.



    Main article: Government
    The Imperator serves as head of state for the purposes of national matters only, including national defense, foreign relations, and presiding over the Capital. Each region is run independently by a Faugaan, who serves in a regional Common Hall along with Adjudicators, the ranking officials of the Imperator who serve as their eyes and ears. Between the offices of the Faugaan and Inquisition, the responsibility falls upon their heads to serve as the state's generals in times of war, as well as justice and jury within the local courts. Each region retains separate militias and local Faugan, while wandering groups of servicemen known as Jhoai Shen may work within multiple regions.


    Towns and Cities

    * Caru-Ryang
    * Beisu Tang
    * Cao Yuan

  • Daidama_Flag[1].pngArtwork by : Cicetil
    Political Information
    Type of Government Kritarchy
    Head of Government The Imperator
    Sigil The sigil's center seeks to mirror the Mosaich Obelisk from above. The gray surrounding represents the purity of Mosech-Tan and Daidama. Around the flag, a darker border envelops the canvas, symbolically increasing the focus towards Daidama while disregarding the other nations.
    Colors Green and Grey
    Physical Information
    Founded 1C-55
    Region East of Eztalpaltl, north of Dalkun-Tir, east of the Gennaian Isles. Its western shore touches the Gulf of Gennaios, its eastern shore borders the Turramezza Ocean, and its northern shore the Vrovonic Sea.
    Points of Interest Ryang Rewan-Toh, Ryang Tal Shii, Mosaich Obelisk, Tejja Mi
    Societal Information
    Capital Caru-Ryang
    NPC Towns Beisu Tang
    Cao Yuan
    Player Cities  
    Demonym Daidamese
    Adjectival Daidamese



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