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  • Ruled by a strict code of law, the kritarchal structure of Daidama is centered at its Imperator, Asali Chau. Upholder of the laws of Mosech-Tan, and deliverer of the final verdict, her power is enforced by two primary branches; the Office of the Inquisition and the Office of the Faugaan. The two branches divide responsibilities between each other to balance their power. In addition, superiors for both offices are directly chosen by the Imperator. While the level of direct management has shifted from Imperator to Imperator, Asali has kept a clean house; swiftly dealing with those who shirk their duties or attempt to skirt the law.

    The Office of the Inquisition is made up of Adjudicators; given the Imperator's power to take part as arbiters in disputes, apprehend criminals, and to bring wrongdoers to court as they see fit. Acting as both a diplomatic and policing force, they make up the Imperator’s eyes and ears, detailing peoples’ troubles and concerns through extensive reports. They are both the manpower and authority behind each Ji Szho that act as barriers between regions in Daidama. Any wishing to pass through the Ji Szho must visit an Office of Adjudicators to receive appropriate documents, identifying their intended destination and purpose of travel. In recent years, some travel restrictions have lightened, especially to those traveling inwards to Caru Ryang. However, regulations are still far stricter for those with criminal records, even those who have long completed their sentence. Some checkpoints refuse to allow former convicts through at all. Due to these restrictions, hidden roads have cropped up along the outer regions of Daidama. These routes change often, communicated cautiously by word of mouth – lest an Adjudicator catch wind of their intended path.

    The Office of the Faugaan commands military and civil service - ensuring protection of trade routes, manning of garrisons, and mobilization of workers for roads and similar public structures. They are tasked with assigning Faugaan, regional judges who act as arbiters in disputes, in addition to overseeing and sentencing criminals brought to their courts by the Adjudicators. Working under each Faugaan are various hired groups known as Jhoai Shen that have formed for mutual protection and companionship. They consist of as little as five to as many as fifty members. Including a mix of builders, engineers, and trained fighters; these bands of traveling civil servants are stationed within their region anywhere from a month to several years, depending on the job required. Upon accepting a job from the Faugaan, the Jhoai Shen are given a charter dictating their policy concerning jobs, rates of pay, and codes of conduct. Those who do not follow the charter’s mandates are typically expelled or handed over to an Adjudicator for punishment. Each Jhoai Shen has a senior officer, as well as one or more staff positions dependent on the size of the company. Those who have maintained their good reputation often carry a distinctive banner, since it’s easier to fetch a higher price with prospective clients. Although membership comes with its own obligations, many who wish to travel find doing so through a Jhoai Shen to be their best opportunity; and oftentimes become a second family.

    As many government officials have at some point in their career met and interviewed with the Imperator, they are regarded with a fair degree of deference everywhere except along the Tongil Front. There, the militant generals who patrol the borders find interference from the government annoying and while they are rarely rude, they do not go out of their way to be accommodating. In some cases, deference is paid simply because it is not wise to anger one who can affect your place in the world. Even the dread necromancer Malqii pays special respect to the seat of power in Caru Ryang should she come to call. Her forces may be unable to stretch their might into the icy dominion carved from blood and death, but only a fool would dare to try her patience.  

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