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  • Dalkun-Tir is a harsh and unforgiving land, with little rainfall and even less food. Rock formations dot the landscape, jutting out prominently from caked and cracking clay, eventually transitioning to a small but treacherous desert. The river Truuhul flows from Ryang Tal Shii in Daidama, weaving through the mounds and fields and dividing the land  before spreading into a small river delta. Most merchants and foreigners travel near the floodplain of the river, where civilization and hospitality are found more easily. Those who thrive best are wanderers, who know the scarcity of such resources and are cautious to preserve them. While the landscape as a whole is formidable, the nation does have three distinct regions: Hyan-Dar, Khoro-Ter, and Kultar-Dag.

    To the river's west is Hyan-Dar, where red soil and rocks mesh to form a barren landscape of toughened scrubs and plants who hold tightly to their precious water. The mesalands’ ravine and canyon cover, though offering protection from harsh winds, also prevents most regular rainfall from reaching the region. The plants of Hyan-Dar grow thick calcium polyps into which they retract, protecting them from the alkaline rainfall that does seep in from the nearby swamps of Eztalpaltl. 

    To the Truuhul's east, Khoro-Ter, the great dust plain, is no more hospitable. With less mountain cover, and more open ocean to be had, heavy winds from the Sea of Glass and its Stormwall create gusts that tear up loose grass and generate heavy dust storms. Nomadic caravans cross this land on a tight schedule, knowing they have little time to reach the safety of the coastlines or shelter of the steppes on the opposite end of the plains before another wind from the Stormwall rolls in.

    North of the knotted scrubland of Hyan-Dar and the great dust plain of Khoro-Ter, the steppes of Kultar-dag stretch their long, dusty golden fingers along the border of Daidama.  With precious little water, bitter winters, and the ever-present raids along the Daidamese border, survival in this land is difficult. Land like this breeds strong, hearty, stalwart people and that is how the Steppelanders think of themselves. They fear only the Outrider, prophet of Orvesu, and breed fierce unrelenting warriors who can stand astride a pony galloping at full tilt and fire a volley arrows with deadly accuracy.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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