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  • The Gennaian Isles have a rich history that dates back to the second Cycle. Tracing its lineage to heroes, fools, and dreamers, it is fair to say that even today its people are among the most restless and reckless within A’therys. Despite these tendencies, the nation is remarkably stable. They owe this success to one thing: the bond of brotherhood shared by the children of Gennaios. This bond is the reason for their wealth, the reason Sjilea was drawn to them, and the reason that they crossed into the Age of Uncertainty unscathed.

    Despite its name, the ‘nation’ is, in fact, a loose confederation of eight Kingdoms, with each Kingdom working towards the greater success of the nation in their own ways. These eight kingdoms - Asipios, Aegonesos, Tracelleon, Cylthos, Falkynthos, Kapoligos, Myllaedon, and Mesmardus - form the united peoples of the Gennaiain Isles.


    Recent Activities

    Main article: History

    The Kings of Asipios and Kapoligos have recently been engaged in hefty gambling and competition of the port of Kastravos, a contested island port directly centered between them. While Kastravos has traditionally been held under the domain of Asipios, the two kings have been gambling with each other over the contested waters for the past decade.

    The Isles’ economy is presently in a peak, although it should be noted that history has shown them to be either fantastically wealthy or desperately bankrupt on any given year. Their imperial coffers over the past thousand or so years hold trendlines to speak of, no results overall; resembling more a seismograph line than actual data.



    Main article: Geography

    Divided between two archipelagos of marble and iron-rich sandstone, the fourteen islands that form the Gennaiain Isles are divided into three regions. Its largest central island is Falkynthos, and is the only geographic region in the isles encompassing a single kingdom. To the north and east of Falkynthos is Aredydes; which contains a majority of the remaining sandstone islands in the archipelago. Towards the west is Solenvros - the region of marbled islands that make up the rest of the nation.


    Flora and Fauna

    The Isles are most famous for their coral reefs, which house a wide array of fish, squid, crabs, and eel; all of which find their way into local cuisine. Yet perhaps their most famed aquatic creature is the Terrapin, a large, spine-shelled aquatic reptile that circumnavigates the region in its annual migratory pattern. Once nearly hunted to extinction, they are now an object of awe and sporting, allowing their numbers to return.

    Comparatively, most of the isles’ surface rises out of the sea like mountains of rock. The tough stone and hard crags cause difficulty both for farming and native growth. The few trees that do are often columnar; growing short branches in whorls around their narrow trunks. Shorter shrubs remain a common source of fire, tinder, and food; and imported trees have made their way into human horticulture as farming techniques have improved. With improvements to farming made in the past few years, a wide variety of vegetables can now be found in various parts of the nation.



    Main article: Government
    The Gennaian Isles are a cultural melting pot. Divided into eight separate kingdoms and largely defined by ancestry, the country remains unified under its capital. Falkynthos is neutral ground subject to its own laws and militia, and is the seat of the King of Falkynthos, High King of the Isles. While each kingdom operates autonomously, the eight kings gather at the first full moon of the month to discuss national matters. This conference, known as the Isothis, serves both to negotiate among each other and - if necessary - to democratically vote and elect the new High King.


    Towns and Cities

    * Falkynthos
    * Kastravos
    * Telaepoli


  • GennaiaFlag.pngArtwork by : Cicetil
    The Gennaian Isles
    Political Information
    Type of Government Oligarchy
    Head of Government King of Falkynthos, High King of the Isles
    Sigil The red field represents the passion and determination to do, the white clam to represent Sjileas divinity and mortal purity in their endeavor, and the additional gold circles emphasizes the importance of Gennaian unity.
    Colors Red, White, and Gold
    Physical Information
    Founded 3C-107
    Region North of Eztalpaltl, West of Daidama, surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Gennaios
    Points of Interest Alarcivara University,  Ridellon Crevice,
    Societal Information
    Capital Falkynthos
    NPC Towns Kastravos
    Player Cities  
    Demonym Gennaian
    Adjectival Gennaian



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