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  • Falkynthos, the largest of the Gennaian Isles, is primarily a plateau dominated by high plains and scaling cliff-sides. The mild weather of the gulf creates conditions ideal for farming, and most of the central isle’s coasts consist of vast, cultivated fields. Small towns and other permanent structures stand on the few areas of firmer soil, with the largest towns seated either atop the plateau or along the firm bedrock at the base of cliffs. The surrounding islands are a much different story. Hard and craggy, they rise out of the sea like mountains of rock. They have little space for cultivation, and their steep peaks defy most types of human construction. What's left has long been swallowed up by the cities, using brilliant and daring feats of architecture to build upwards rather than outwards. The people make bold use of the space available to them, creating imposing vistas of stone and steel that rival the mountainous peaks. Instead of streets, most island cities have an extensive system of stairwells, dotted with pedestrian walkways and plazas carved into and out of the mountains.  

    Politically, the Gennaian Isles are officially divided into eight kingdoms. However, outside of the Kings and their politics, the Isles’ citizens rarely divide themselves in this way, preferring a national banner of unity. Instead, the peasantry prefer the ancient segregations declared by Sjilea in the fifth Cycle, which divided the land into three geographic regions. Knowing that thrones may rise and fall, the political borders are too transitory to affect the deep-seated roots of the Gennaian people. The taxes, laws, and regulations regarding travel are only separations between them; the culture itself does not change.  

    The region of Aredydes, a collective of the eastern islands, was a bastion of trade to Ithero before the advent of the Sea of Glass and its Stormwall Since the Second Calling, this region has been divided more times than any other. The kings whom have come and gone used the land akin to gambling tokens amongst each other in dare after dare, often changing these kingdoms’ borders and rulers. Currently, Aredydes contains three kingdoms, from north to south : Kapoligos, Myllaedon, and Mesmardus. The isles of Aredydes consist of sloping, rocky lands, and contain twelve major ports and seaways, as well as the only argentate mine in the Gennaian Isles.  

    Falkynthos is the only region of the Gennaian Isles ruled by a single kingdom, rather than being chopped into pieces and divided among several kingdoms. Although the kingdom’s hands have changed, the descendants of Gennaios have generally retained a fair deal of power and control within Falkynthos, dominating its political and martial scene. The region contains the majority of the nation's farmland, and is one of the most fertile of all the Isles. Its people cherish its staggering agricultural production as much as they rely on trade with the other isles. As such, even in times of strife between one another, the Kings protect Falkynthos from direct invasion, lest their own food sources be destroyed.  

    Furthest west, Solenvros contains the remaining four kingdoms; Asipios, Aegonesos, Tracelleon, and Cylthos. It lies closest to the Shattered Lands, and runs along Dalkun-Tir’s northern border. Most of the isles in this region features rugged, mountainous terrain with little natural foliage. Caverns and catacombs dot the mountains, and many enterprising adventurers have died within their twisted corridors and sea caverns. Legend has it the gold stores of the first kingdom lie somewhere in these mountains, forgotten when Sjilea was given dominion in the fifth Cycle. Evidence suggests this is nothing more than legend, yet dozens of mercenaries and explorers vanish within the mountains each year. 

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