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  • The bustling capital city of Ithero, Calastore is a shining example of the naval prowess of its nation. Built by the Twingods Veser and Naios at the beginning of the Age of Balance, it is from this metropolitan city that they ruled until their disappearance from the public eye. Almost every part of the city which touches water has a dock or wharf, teeming with sailors and fishermen from local areas and beyond; any remaining land not taken up by residential quarter or market space is occupied by the Itheri Navy. The navy, with its Council of Admirals, has controlled Ithero since the Twingods disappeared millennia previous, and has done well in erasing the dark history of their city during that time. However, Calastore is still known to harbor many secrets, and the labyrinthine sewers beneath are as good a place as any to hide them.

    At the entrance to the city lies the market, the largest in northwestern A'therys. Fresh fish and other fruits of the sea are in abundance, filling the stalls and shops that line the main road. The district has a somewhat unusual architecture, in that is designed with two tiers; the cheaper goods can be found in the road or along it, while those with more coin frequent the upper storefront. The local Mages' Guild outpost is here as well. For those who wish to purchase non-traditional sundries or other things not readily available in the daylight of the open market, the district has its share of back-alley merchants selling less-than-legal products for anyone with the money and connections to seek them out. The market district sit beneath the Palace of the Twingods, still an important building even if Veser and Naios no longer occupy it. Much of the original building has been rebuilt since their tenure within its walls, and it now acts as the Admiralty's seat. The Lord Admiral's private quarters can be found here, as well as an officer's club and some other accouterments for the well-ranked. It is here that the Council of Admirals meets to discuss various matters of government, as well as the first place most foreign dignitaries see.

    Perhaps the most well-known scholastic institution in A'therys, the Crestwright School of Navigation was founded by the admiralty as a place to formally train their seamen. Though the titular school is the oldest division of study, the school has modernized significantly since its inception and now offers courses in maritime engineering and other disciplines. The campus takes up most of the western part of the city, across the market from the Wake Quarter. Comprising mostly of upper-class housing, this district is where much of the Admiralty lives along with the rich merchants and shipping magnates in the city. The houses are large and well-appointed, sitting closer inland and away from the noisy and odoriferous wharves that line the seawalls. Wake is generally regarded as the safest part of the city, especially at night, as the city guard pays special attention to this influential part of the capital. This stands in stark contrast to Carver's Wards, so named for infamous military man turned tax collector Caswell Carver. The Wards are the slums of the city, bordering on the cathedrals and the barracks where the vast majority of the Itheri Navy is based. Incidentally, this district is the newest in the city, if relatively so: the closely-packed houses spread fire easily and it has burned many times. It is generally accepted that Carver himself was the cause of at least a few of these blazes. A square opens up in the middle of the Wards, somewhat off the main thoroughfare; routinely, petitions are brought forward through the Council of Admirals to erect a statue of Carver here, but they are always unanimously rejected.

    Looming over the area between the residential districts and the wharf is the mighty Cathedral of Veser and Naios. One of the largest buildings in A'therys, it is a masterwork in architecture that took nearly a century to complete. It was actually constructed long after the Twingods' disappearance, and as such they never occupied the towering structure. The initial design was to be nearly four times its current size, an edifice too large even for brilliant artisans of Calastore, and so the blueprints were cut down to only the dome section. Even so, it is a beautiful work, and one that many from A'therys are drawn to see. The Priesthoods of Veser and Naios are also stationed here, holding services daily for the few in Ithero that remain devout. Throughout the day, noise from the shipyards can be heard inside the cathedral, situated as they are just outside its southeastern doors. Most of the money made in Calastore is made here, where master shipwrights craft vessels worthy of the A'therian seas. It is one of the largest districts in the city, containing multiple dry docks and storehouses for the mercantile organizations that control the area. As one might expect, the Merchants' Guild owns most of the buildings here, though the West Anvil Trading Company still holds the deed to one dry dock outfitted for building submersibles. Citizens from the city isle and nearby coastal regions are primarily employed here after their mandatory naval service, as fishing is no longer as lucrative an industry as shipbuilding.

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