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  • The call of the seas is strong in A'therys, as the new-found freedom of humanity is magnified on the open waves. Nowhere is this call heard more strongly than Ithero, but nowhere is it more structured. The most common way of reaching the seas is through schooling at Crestwright School of Navigation, but that education requires several years of service aboard a military vessel. Some few Itheri students cannot handle the rigor of the academy, and their stress shows through in many ways. For Corrigan Broad, however, the story is a unique one.

    The only son of an Itheri Vice Admiral, Broad was expected to graduate Crestwright and take his father's place at the head of a small fleet. While the boy loved the ocean, to be sure, the structure of his life was far more than he could handle. He rebelled at every opportunity, constantly skipping class, mocking his instructors and pulling elaborate pranks. It was not that he was unintelligent; indeed, he was one of the most brilliant and capable minds the school had seen in the past century, only furthering the comparisons many made between Broad and Caswell Carver. But greatness through the navy was not his destiny, it seemed: in 7C-231, he was found with the daughter of the Chancellor of Crestwright in her home and unceremoniously expelled. His father tried unsuccessfully to have him re-admitted, but Corrigan Broad was already gone for the sea, having stowed away on a trade ship bound for Methes Avonthes.

    The years beyond that vary by account, mostly fictitious in their claims of adventure and danger, but all agree on several facts. He made a living aboard merchant vessels in the years leading up to the War of Eventide, eventually making his way back to Ithero, though never to Calastore. Instead, he seems to have become involved with Captain Vierad and his band of brigands, running contraband up and down the Bay of Crescents. After their private success in the Eventide, Broad found himself one of Vierad's right-hand men and a resolute liaison between the more pirate-like members of the brigands and their leader. Broad has a penchant for alcohol, as most of his fellows do, and has made it his mission to sample all that the brewers of A'therys have to offer. However his favorite a foul substance of his own creation known as Dirty Parrot, concocted from whatever he happens to have on hand at the time. Constantly drunk, the man hides his strong intellect behind an unkempt beard and a salty bravado. Capable of operating his vessel alone, he frequently sails the oceans of A'therys, living his dream with only the occasional melancholy glance towards his past.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

Our community will always be what makes A'therys.

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