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  • When the gods settled A’therys, none would have imagined the small landmass to the south to amount to anything at all. Even today, the Kild bicker amongst themselves over land, resources, and titles. Tempered by the flames of strife, the Kilden people have been refined to a sharpened edge. Defined by their history and transformed by experience, they are perhaps the most mastered of all nations in the gruelling affair of war. While periods of anarchy and conflict may grip the nation, the Kild work tirelessly to become recognized as the world’s dominant power. Agavres’ domain of strife may have tainted the Kild, but in them he also instilled a sense of courage and resolve that few can match.


    Recent Activities

    Main article: History
    A new generation has taken the world by storm. With the fall of the Eztalpatl and a new ruler in Korth, the Kilden people are thirsty for growth. Abroad, people of all types have begun flooding into Quintz, ready to reap the fallen nation for loot and land. Though the small settlement still faces civil strife between foreign invaders and the persecuted Vodaen, the flow of wealth may staunch the tide of bad blood. At home, the people still adjust to the Despot’s reign. As his army grows larger, so too do those of his enemies. War is on the horizon, but the Kilden people have faced greater threats. Dark forces work in the shadows, and the light dims. The turn of the century is at hand.



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    Turbulent waters have battered Kilden coastlines for millennia, but the Zhanauld Sea to the south of Kilnholdt is considered the deadliest. Across the Kilden landmass stretch the Rasgald mountains. Its dreaded cliffs are barren and have claimed more lives to famine than war, and are home to the ferocious fire drakes. To the south and southeast of the mountains are the Vylgran Moorlands, an expanse of fertile soil where most of Kilnholdt’s meager crop stockpiles come from, and a place that many call home. To the west lie the Maerik Walds, a golden-green sea of giant redwood trees.


    Flora and Fauna

    The most legendary of Kilnholdt’s beasts is the fire drake. When not rampaging through the Kilden frontier, they roost together in their many dens across Rasgald and claim dominion over any life that dares lurk through their lands. Though a majority of the flightless beasts lack the fire breathing trait of their ancestors, they are still lethal predators that have been known to kill entire hunting parties. Fire drake parts are always in constant demand and are used across Kilnholdt for the development of new technologies, specifically in the production of gunpowder.

    The giant redwood trees of the walds are fundamental to the lumber industry. Most Pureborn bishops debate on the origin of these trees and the reason for their tremendous size. While the magically pure Synnhark claimed the forests as their own long ago, their magic may have changed the region permanently. Indeed, the countless predators and strange beasts that stalk the redwoods may be evidence to that fact. From the fire drakes that chew on their bark to the Bjornsae that use them as markers for the hunting route; all understand that while the forests provide countless resources, the wild beasts of the land will always come to take back what is theirs.



    Main article: Government
    With a singular exception during the Years of Blood, Korth has always been the seat of power in Kilnholdt. From the time Agavres laid waste to Kilnholdt’s neighbors to the wars of succession leading to today, Korth has stood through it all. After the departure of Agavres, the city was quickly lost to the warring factions that have always seemed to battle over its possession. Countless warlords and usurpers have arisen since Agavres’ departure, but few have managed to truly conquer and hold Korth for their own. Those that can secure their reign gain the respect or fear of the Kilden people, and go on to govern and rule the nation as they see fit. In recent years, Ivan the Despot has ruled over Korth with an iron fist. The self-sufficient towns and cities across Kilnholdt have always been loosely aligned, but in the era of the Despot, it remains to be seen how this new age will alter the balance of power and what new conquest will paint the countryside.


    Towns and Cities

    * Korth
    * Maunerall
    * Quintz

  • Flag Emblem icon property of Conquest Reforged and Conquest_ The Resourcepack, used with permission.

  • Kilnholdt_flag[1].pngFlag render by : Cicetil
    Political Information
    Type of Government Kratocracy / Despotism
    Head of Government Despot, Throne of Korth
    Sigil Silver pendant of the Warhost, Agavres’s personal generals, with the Paraplegic’s color and heraldry behind it. While most usurpers choose to fly their own banners upon taking Korth, the flag was designed under Agathe Bludvhan’s reign and is recognized as a symbol of national unity.
    Colors Silver, Blue, and Black
    Physical Information
    Founded 2C-52
    Region South of Eztalpaltl, west of Atvoria. Waterlocked, bordered by the Oskian Sea to the north-northeast, Dendrin's Strait to the east, Zhanauld Sea to the south, and the Transcendental ocean to the west.
    Points of Interest The Treacherous Gates, Obsidian Grave, Und’hall, The Spire of Truth, The Rippling Wall
    Societal Information
    Capital Korth
    NPC Towns Maunerall, Quintz, [[Brunholm]], [[Freynthal]]
    Player Cities  
    Demonym Kild
    Adjectival Kilden
    Ethnic Demonyms Halstharan, Vodaen, Ralds
    Ethnic Adjectivals Halstharan, Vodaeic, Ralding

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