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  • “Walk only forward, unburdened, on the path of Order."
    -Thesis on Enlightened Justice, written by Luitz Vogt

    The Bloodfeathers arose from the complex history of the Kilden people and their many attempts at policing the nation. Totalitarian military regimes, such as those of the Bludvahn family, attempted to extend an iron grasp across Kilden society. Through their bloody reign, the Bludvahn sought to keep the people in check with strict laws, denying any politicians, conquerors, and free-thinkers even the slightest chance of undermining their familial right to the throne. The collapse of their line was inevitable; the Bludvahn forces had spread too thin and the people, including their own soldiers, rose up against their tyrannical and ruthless view of order.

    The Serpent, Johann Graff, created several noteworthy documents to modernize the archaic Kilden laws during his reign as the ruler of Kilnholdt. His Dedication of Ancestral Lands to Their Rightful Rulers created the foundation for the regional fiefdoms across the realm, and his Right to Rule Memorandum allowed people to politically challenge their leaders. These documents fostered a culture in which rule was a civic duty, rather than an often abused title. Though the Serpent had his own flaws, his wisdom, knowledge and intelligence made him a competent leader, and the policies he made primarily for his own amusement served to change his nation for the better. From the beginning of his reign in 7C-242 to its end in 7C-269, he gave his people the ability to shape this great nation themselves, a freedom long desired but rarely granted.

    Since the early years of the seventh Cycle, Kilnholdt’s people have yearned for the security once guaranteed under Agavres' reign. With the fall of their central government, the common people were inspired by the practices of Daidama’s Adjudicator's as a means to combat the anarchy, crime and civil war that ravaged their homeland. In those early years, the state-sponsored peacekeepers made a lasting impression upon Kilnholdt’s populace, their corruption and malfeasance known by all but spoken of only in whispers. Soon after, the war-torn nation saw its first instances of vigilante justice and organized local militias, which did their part to protect the common folk but lacked organization.

    Finally, in 7C-290, Kilnholdt saw the rise of The Bloodfeathers, its most dedicated and proven protectors of the realm. These contemporary representations of Kilden order live unfailingly by example, led by a strict personal code of ethics. Inspired by the actions of Luitz Vogt, these skilled fighters understand that change begins not just from the heads of state, but from the people themselves. Administering their own brand of justice, each member acts as judge, jury, and executioner against the criminals that dominate the nation. Not to be confused with a united, organized force, each Bloodfeather has his or her own set of ethics and ideas of what model society really is, and acts on them accordingly.

    Usually lightly armored, they share a common motif of a red feather. Some wear masks, others don silver clothing or armor, but the feather is the feature that represents their status. Upon sighting a Bloodfeather on the road, most people eye them with a mixture of respect and fear. Vogt’s Thesis on Enlightened Justice outlines the only rite of passage: self-proof of worthiness to travel this long, twisted road. Dozens die every year attempting to prove themselves, taking on dangerous bounties well beyond their abilities, or challenging the countless criminal activities that occur throughout the nation. Regardless of opinion, all tend to give these gifted few the breadth they deserve, for to earn the Red Feather often means to persevere against all odds. It is not simply something that can be given; it is an important, distinctive symbol of their vows. The "feather” they earn is their right of passage. While this may have different meaning to each who takes the oath, it is not their own until they have earned the right to be their own; a puzzling philosophy that only Vogt himself truly understood the meaning behind  when he wrote it into his codes.

    While the Bloodfeathers seek justice against those who would disrupt the fragile order of society, some describe their dedication to revenge, retribution and vengeance as bordering on fanatical. They will stop at nothing to punish criminals they have deemed immoral, often taking contracts and bounties from downtrodden victims and annihilating their oppressors. Their one-track minds are signs of resolve and courage to some, foolhardiness and stupidity to others, yet this very trait allows them to accomplish feats that would break ordinary people. Each of the Bloodfeathers seeks a specific ideal, and each carries the hope that this ideal will one day become the reality that shapes the world they inhabit. To those that cross them, there are few prayers, spells, weapons, or armies that can stop these dedicated vigilantes.


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