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  • The country is so thickly covered in jungles and generally impassable terrain that any regional allocation of land for governmental purposes must be rather simple. As such, Roreg Logh has four "Laoner," or Barrows in Common. The one most familiar to those outside the nation is Tehris-obr-Calon, or "Heart of the Earth." It is through this Barrow that the Halls of Dorrod Muth primarily run, though they do spread much further across the country. It is where the main seat of power in the country is, in any case, with the main temples to the House existing here alongside the residences of the Solemnus and the high priesthood. It is the most modernized Barrow as well, as one of the few that trades with the outside world on a regular basis. To the north across the river is Ddratllagh, a remarkably isolated Barrow given its prime location between Ar-Selukk and Aloreh. The densest parts of the Loghec jungles take up most of the land here, with few pathways to the nations across the border to be found among them. They do however have a reasonably strong trade agreement with the city-state of Nandar in Ar-Selukk, and as such most Loghec goods found in the desert nation are from Ddratllagh.

    In the central part of Roreg Logh is Ceidh Fel, one of the more open regions in the otherwise impassable jungles. The few above-ground settlements in the nation that are not mountaintop monasteries can be found here, growing much-needed food supplies for their compatriots beneath the earth. The region has lately become well-known as being receptive to tourists, such as it can be in Roreg Logh, and is the most visited region in the country as a result. The fiercely protective priesthood typically looks down on this practice of welcoming foreigners, but many see the necessity in allowing their borders to be crossed. The current Solemnus, Tholses Murrhon, can be counted among these progressives. The final Barrow of Roreg Logh is a pair of twin islands to the east, Rhyn Ueald. It was isolated in a similar fashion to Ddratllagh, yet in modern times has transitioned to a proud home of Loghec seafarers. As such, Rhyn Ueald is the only other Barrow that consistently uses sea travel in Roreg Logh besides the capital docks in the Halls, even if they are smaller vessels only outfitted to sail to the Alor coasts.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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