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  • In the time when the god Vrovona still ruled over his nation of the same name, he chose his strongest and most honorable warriors to form a cadre of elites. They fought not for the army as a whole, but for Vrovona himself, and shed their identities in his service. In modern times, the Imperial Host serves the Paragon as they once served their deity, and they exist to choose the new supreme leader of Vrovona in the event that the serving Paragon dies, retires, or otherwise becomes ill-fit for duty. Their ranks are as close to a priesthood as the people of Vrovona come, and they are revered by the common people for their skill.

    During the Age of Balance, the god Vrovona would choose to elevate some of his highest-ranking officers to a position beyond the army. They were of the highest military caliber, the strongest and most honorable men in the frigid north. This group of elites fought directly for Vrovona and guarded the capital city itself, meant to be the last and strongest line of defense in the event of an unthinkable loss. These men, and rarely women, shed their previous identities by donning full-faced helms when representing the Host; the leaders among them wore finely wrought mask-like guards to signify their ferocity and rank. Alone among the citizens of Vrovona, the Host were allowed to adorn their armor and weapons with gold, with more golden adornments signifying higher rank. Before the Second Calling, the Imperial Host was the highest-ranking body beneath Vrovona in the country. After Vrovona left and elevated a Paragon to serve in his stead, little changed among the Host. Sworn as they were to protect the heart of Vrovona in whatever form it took, they aligned directly with the representation of their deity on A'therys, the Paragon. The Host, accustomed to having their ranks chosen by Vrovona himself, began to induct their own members for the first time, though their ranks could never be counted to more than twenty.

    Autocratic as it became, the Host could live on, but the mortal Paragon could not. And so in 7C-34, it became the task of the Imperial Host to choose the next Paragon when the current one is no longer fit for duty. This could mean retirement, death, or any other incapacity, it matters not; when the Paragon steps down, the Host stands a new one in his place. This process can take weeks, but rarely lasts more than a season. The Host strikes out from the capital, scouring the mortal plane for the Vrovonic citizen most suited for the incredible power they would bestow. While the Host never proclaims to have a direct line of contact with their god, their choice of Paragon is never contested; as the most honorable mortals in Vrovona, they are trusted beyond measure by the populace. While the members of the Imperial Host are not expressly forbidden from choosing a new Paragon from among their own ranks, thus far they have never done so. They hold their oaths of service and sacred anonymity more precious than any power they could attempt to claim.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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