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  • The Vrovonic people are industrious, social, and fiercely loyal to their family, countrymen, and at one time their god. They prize honesty, generosity, and honorable dealings, and condemn secrecy and deception as the worst sort of cowardice. Within Vrovonic society, honorable deeds are rewarded with property and tribute, generally things won from conquered lands. In turn, an honorable citizen is expected to bestow similar gifts in kind, the quality of which reflect his justice. Hoarding is highly discouraged, and is considered both an insult to one's fellow citizens, and also a form of secrecy. In this way wealth rarely concentrates among any particular individuals for too long, with the exception of certain members of the merchant class, for whom running a prosperous estate is an honorable endeavor in itself.

    Part of the strong emphasis on equality among citizens in Vrovona stems from the actions and understanding of the god Vrovona himself. Vrovona considered everything the sun touched to be his, or more accurately a part of him or his possessions. This especially applied to his nation, and therefore his citizens. This idea permeated Vrovonic society, creating the concept that "everyone is equal under the Sun." Tying this back to Vrovona himself, the possessions of the nation were the possessions of the people, save for a very specific subset of things that Vrovona himself held control over. There was honor in this equality, and as mentioned above, generosity was often a measure of one's nobility. It should be noted, however, that Vrovonic people are typically less welcoming and inclusive of foreigners, especially in the giving of material goods in this fashion. This hard shell can wear over time to show the honorable, warm people that the cold northeast has tempered, however, as happened during their relationship with Ithero in ancient times. The Vrovonic people are not ones to forget past honors, either - even in their current time of crisis, they found the forces to supply aid to their ally during the War of Eventide.

    During the long rule of Vrovona, doctrine dictated that an individual was loyal first to his Clan. The definition of Clan varies from group to group; it might refer to one's immediate family, or to those he works or fights alongside. Regardless of composition, however, all Clans tended to be small, tightly-knit and self-reliant groups who share specific goals. Doctrine continues that each Clan was expected to honor its Stronghold. A Stronghold refers generally to whatever city, fortress, or outpost a clan resides in, and even the most nomadic or rural Clan claims membership with some Stronghold. Strongholds organize the otherwise independent clans during times of war, and see to the prosperity of an area in times of peace. Multiple Clans may swear allegiance to a particular Stronghold, but in turn all Strongholds swear allegiance to the Sovereign, which refers specifically to Vrovona or, in modern times, his Paragon.

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