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  • The twin isles of Vrovona are easily divided based on the ruling Strongholds that the many Clans swear allegiance to. Lines of cultural and political leanings shift almost daily in this tumultuous age, so using Stronghold allegiances is the most consistent method of keeping track of region lines. In the far northwest is the Bravnikh Stronghold, the eldest of the current Strongholds and most deeply-rooted in the old ways. The region is mostly frozen foothills and ice plains, leading to perhaps one of the most difficult existences in all of Vrovona and somewhat justifying their cold demeanor. Those Clans who dislike or downright disobey the new progression of things typically dwell here; a shrinking, yet still powerful number. The Bravnikh Stronghold shares the western isle with the lands ruled by Clan Jharov, a generally more peaceful and forward-thinking region. The landscape actually sees a thaw every spring and summer, with the southernmost taiga spending most of the year without snow cover. Due to this more comfortable climate, Jharov Stronghold is known for its rolling farmland and more hospitable people; Vrovonic citizens here are some of the most welcoming to outsiders, who would themselves much rather visit this Stronghold than the colder areas of the country.

    Across the channel on the eastern isle lies Zhuvosk Stronghold, the most modernized of all the Vrovonic regions. The ruling clan here is an ancient order of master merchants, having made their money and honor forging weapons and armor for the Vrovonic Legion. In the south, the warm-water port of Roslund faces the Daggerlands, a close ally of the Stronghold. Between all the Strongholds, no contempt runs as deep as that between Bravnikh and Zhuvosk; the Bravnikhs think that their southeastern countrymen are selling the nation away to the highest bidder, while the Zhuvosks consider the frigid northerners stubborn relics of a bygone age. The final, easternmost Stronghold and the region in which the capital falls is that of Ksavik. Fittingly, the denizens there have the strongest eye for politics and governmental affairs, essentially meaning that they run the capital regardless of the current Paragon. Thus it greatly annoyed the other Strongholds, particularly Bravnikh, when the Imperial Host chose Solodav Ksavik to be the current reigning Paragon in 7C-241.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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