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  • Dragon of the Depths, the waves, and all that lies beneath the water, Allaka is one of those few ancient beings that chose to enter A'therys. He despises all forms of air-breathing life, instead representing the fluidity and majesty of an existence beneath the sea. He considers those that breath air to be unclean and uncivilized, and views land as a domain to be conquered and purged by his endless waters. He is said to have once ruled a domain to the west of Ar-Selukk, deep within an undersea rift. Little is known of Allaka, living as he does beneath the realm of men. One of the only tales of his affairs above the sea comes, interestingly, from the holy book of a very unlikely god. During the Winnowing, he took the physical form of a great leviathan to do battle with Golgorai-Asthas, God of Rust; this encounter was recorded by the Asthas-Lord himself in the Book of Careful Practice. If that source is to be believed, Allaka was greatly wounded in this battle, further souring his interest in affairs above the surf, and he retreated permanently to the depths.

    Legend holds that after arriving in A'therys, Allaka created his own variation of mortals, to live beneath the waves as his subjects and servants. While it is essentially impossible for him to have have been able to create anything new in defiance of Llyrrh's laws, sailors in the western seas commonly tell stories of humanoid monstrosities that resemble various sea creatures. Usually referred to as Escua, few believe them to exist, chalking them up to the imaginings of weary deckhands, but the ocean hides many stranger things. As a Dragon, it is unlikely that Allaka departed A'therys alongside the gods he so hated; to have done so would have been to relinquish his existence, something most of his elder siblings had done at the First Calling many Cycles ago. But the mind of Allaka is said to be unknowable. The mystical spirit may have other plans for the surface world, waiting beneath the tides for an unknown future to alert the mortal plane to his presence.

    Because Allaka has no interest in the land above the seas, showing outright contempt for it in most of his dealings, no living man has ever seen his physical form. The only descriptions available come, again, from the Book of Careful Practice. Allaka, having no reason to appear humanoid, uses the shape of an enormous whale-like creature, with many fins and tails. An enormous mask covers the space between where the eyes of the creature would typically reside, appearing to be some wrinkled, inhuman face carved in an unknown material. A great variety of sea life is said to reside on Allaka's body, barnacles and corals and all manner of such things. A kelp forest grows from the space beneath the mask, giving the appearance of a colossal beard that obscures any mouth the form might have. How he was able to fight Golgorai-Asthas in this form, or make landfall, is unknown, though the descriptions of the Tyrant-God are impossible to verify to begin with.

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