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A'therys Lwc Guide

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How to keep your items safe on A’therys!

We use a plugin on Atherys called Lwc; this guide will show you how to use it to the best of your ability so that you and your friends will have a safe way to store your items and valuables.


Commands to Use:


The most important step is to lock your chest; this can be done by typing out



For more extra protection you can also add a password to the chest; this can be done by typing out

/cpassword <password>


To be able to gain access to the password protected chest you will need to type out

/cunlock <password>


To open your chest to the public for anyone to have access to; this can be done by typing out



This other option for chests is to set it up for donations; this can be done by typing out



The last command you should know is how to unlock your chests; this can be done by typing out




How to Use:

Simply stand in front of a chest and type out the commands, then hit enter to run the command, also remember to right click the chest you want to give the permissions too.


Please Note:

Inactive chests will be automatically unlocked after 30 days but if its past 30 days you can request to have them unlocked.


Thanks for reading the lwc guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!


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