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    Hey Everyone, Sorry for this late Topic. For those who are or are not aware, I became a moderator for the server not to long ago. Reasons for this not being posted earlier is because I hate how I cannot compose my thoughts as well as everyone and I make myself sound pretty stupid in some cases...Anyways pushing reasons aside, Why did I come back to being moderator? I wanted to help the server in any way possible and I believe Helper would of been a position that could of represented that; however, Dannie wanted me to join the Staff. Personally, I was on the fence with saying yes or no to this so I ask the only question that can convince me, "Does Sellt want my help?" (*Said as confident as presented*). Supposedly, Dannie came back to me saying, 'Yes, Sellt wants you on the team.' Currently, I do not know if what Dannie said was true nor going to further pursue understanding if my question was truly answered. (Ain't calling Dannie a liar, he was just a middle-man between the conversation with Staff, himself and I) What is your main intentions for the server? I am planning to help code Mythic Mobs with Xathas as soon as my college workload has ceased. I helped created some of the new mobs in the first event of the Rise of the Nether Isle. I am also have dabbled in everything that I can to pretty well-rounded. I am planning to do some animations for the server to promote A'therys as whole and then the nations afterwards with roles cast by nation heads themselves. I plan to be active as best as I can and to work with tickets at a moderator level I want to provide a strong voice of the community in the Staff, so none of them will lose their touch of the player-base Hopefully, I want to migrate the A'therys TeamSpeak to Discord to give it a better feel to join in conversation with the players and the community without downloading an application (Currently doesn't have Discord downloaded on his desktop) What might be your downfalls? My Charisma...I ain't the best person to sway many people to my side, but nevertheless I try. Typing...I am notorious slow at typing...typing as fast as two fingers can type Doubts himself... Miscommunication...I am pretty much like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, very literal and find it tough to understand some. (Now that I think about it. My character has a resemblance to him...Wow...not intentional) "Okay, those are some faults. Why are you even a mod?" are what some of you are saying and I understand that. At first glance, I am suppose not to be Moderator material; however, here is some plus to who I am. I am helpful, literally helpful. I usually put the Server over my needs and wants in game before becoming a moderator. Drive: I am willing to work through anything to reach my end goals and try to bypass any barriers placed in front of me. Being there for others in their times of need. I been through many fires that has scorched my personality and well-being; however, I became a better person because of it and willing to guide people to be successful in and out of game. Loves to be busy. Currently, doing College Full-time, delivering newspapers as part time, now part time as a moderator or full-time, and while being a functioning human being with the most time in the world. Okay... are you Jinx from League of Legends and do you hate Vi? "'She's such a loser, always ready to cry!' T-t-t-ta!" Do you only play A'therys? Nope, I do go on Hypixel to play Bed Wars which is currently in beta (would like to play with ya peeps if y'all are up for it.) Do you play only Minecraft? Nope, I play competitively in Hearthstone and Online Chess. Also, I do take time to play War games at board game shops from time to time. (Love to play everyone in Online Chess though) I believe I've talked everyone's ear off enough in this post. If there is anything else that you want or need to know about me being moderator do not hesistate to ask me in here or on TeamSpeak before we move over to discord. Anyways, Hope everyone has a good Holiday weekend. -Mr. JynxInx
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    ~ Delivering Your News at Slower than Walking Speeds ~ Nations Vrovona Annexation of Roreg Logh New government refugee form - Loghecs please sign Fake News by GAA on this issue Ithero Killer4xxxx opens business Indicates Ithero activity ultravioletpixie still alive and well Ar-Selluk Dheran Zorin opens Zaris to the world Confirmed @Helious has a cute butt No response from Sellukites regarding market stalls Call to Conquest Roreg Logh Roreg Logh is annexed without struggle Aloreh No activity The Daggerlands Jynxinx picking up the slack Community Introduction of Global Analysis Agency by Secretariat Gris Perhaps it is so Vnthy's Confession New Members still pop in Serverside News stuff basically takes this entire portion away Sellt's Diary TL;DR: Dispelling rumors Getting Nether ready Mad props staff team for your hard work and dedication - server is now 1.11 supported A'therys 1.11 Changelog New items Hoppers supported Conquest has been released New mobs Crescent Depths dungeon fixed Rise of the Nether event Event 2: Disappearances Opinions On the GAA: On Player Activity:
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    Event 2 : Disappearances In the port city of Virion Alesce, five heroes met by chance and exchanged stories over drinks before parting their separate ways. None chose to stay the night, as each had their own destinations and adventures to be had, but in the moonless night a sudden scream was heard. No blood to be found, no signs of struggle; whoever it was simply.... vanished. This is not the first occurrence according to the locals, who rarely choose to venture into the wilderness and abandoned mines, but it is the first time such an incident has been brought to the attention of the Mage's Guild. With the recent activities involving planar breaches in Northwest Ithero; we need to properly investigate this disappearance. Virion Alescce and its Warps are now open! Warps can be accessed from any Capital City for 100 yora. Or you can sail to it at coordinates : 9480, 10900 According to witnesses, each hero at the pub drank something different, and they had either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rounds of that drink. No hero had the same amount of drinks. Each hero was also seen carrying a different weapon. Your task for this puzzle is to identify the following : What each of the five heroes' drink of choice was How many drinks did they have (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) What weapon they carried. Who disappeared? THE HEROES There were Five heroes partaking in merriment that evening. Theobald Whistwallow (Male) : An Alor noble known for traversing the world slaying all manner of "dragons". Although his tales may be bravado, his bravery and ability should not go underestimated! Helghrian Toharus (Male) : The man who took two-dozen; modern politician and slayer of undead throughout the Laoner of Roreg Logh. Much like Theobald, he refuses to allow age to deter his adventures. Ahlanna Jharov (Female) : A scholar of the Rubious Lantern and associate of the Arcane College, Ahlanna Jharov has bridged many gaps between the Vrovonic clans; earning entry to Northern Bravnikh territory and the sacred grounds of the Ghost Wall. Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem (Female) : Treasure hunter, tomb robber, and gem trader; she has been deeply involved in Selukkite politics for the last thirty years. Although not a member of the courts of Qhul Rahav, her power and influence stretch well within the walls of the city. Corrigan Broad (Male) : Alcoholic, collegiate dropout, yet one of the sharpest minds that sail the seas of A'therys. Seeing the world in his own way, the wily pirate has seen many an adventure over the past two decades. THE WEAPONS Locals were on edge during the entire evening, as the heroes were far from non-threatening with their bragging and brandished weapons. One leaned upon a Scepter, one kept a hand constantly upon their Battle-Axe, another one had a loaded Crossbow that nearly fired into the dart-board in jest, one hero kept pointing out towards people of interest with a Longspear, and the last hero had a massive Broadsword strapped to their back. THE BREWERY Dirty Parrot Forgefire Whiskey Cloud Wine Legion Stout Crescent Rum TO SOLVE THE PUZZLE : There are SIX CLUES hidden within the island of Virion Alesce There are an additional TWO CLUES hidden somewhere in the A'therys Wiki Once you have finalized your answers; use THIS FORM to submit them!!! Answers will be taken in the ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED! You may only submit your answers one time. Choose carefully! Deadline for Submission : Sunday, April 16th, at 23:59 A'therys Time (Monday, April 17th, 4:59am UTC PRIZES ONE FIRST PRIZE WINNER: Will receive: 1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Head of any player of their choice 10,000 Yora Lost Cloak [Wings : Unbreaking X] FOUR SECOND PRIZE WINNERS: Will receive: 1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Sellt Head 5,000 Yora FIVE THIRD PRIZE WINNERS: Will receive: 1 Sellt Head 2,000 Yora - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Special Thanks @Dannie for heading the backend side of it all; server host, MCEdit overlay, and voxel cleanup. @mercymike @InsanibleLector and @Altairas for all their work at getting the island presentable to interact with
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    I mean of course it wouldn't be, but shouting that someone isn't staff without even interviewing them isn't a successful method either. Maybe we'd have some functional teams if staff didn't talk down to interested players and cause a divide. Not that all staff does that, but it's a horrible and demeaning excuse. As for dan exclusively, he has been active here a long time and hasn't given much due credit. You, on the other hand, resigned from Admin but was regiven the position within a month because you changed your mind. How is that fair? Because you were once staff? If I walked up to Sellt and said, can I have Pithkeeper again, the answer would probably be no because I resigned, totally understandable. But apparently not universal. The Staff-Player divide has bugged me for so long but I just felt like vocalizing now. but I won't chat more on this thread because it's very nice and I don't want to draw away from it
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    that's a horrible reason
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    The PMC page needs to be deleted and redone, cause usually, it is promoted the most on PMC (last I remember). BUT STILL, it should have NEVER been posted like this. I still want to ask where is the PR team applications, because I want to join it cause right now the team is doing a terrible job is being done as NOBODY is updating the twitter on a daily basis and the screenshot contest has been continued and discontinued multiple times. The PR team should do way better than just set up social media outlets, and only one event and rarely touch them. imo there is no consistency and its just lazy. A'therys does not deserve this. Please let me join the PR team or if not me, at least someone capable of being successful or innovative with it.
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    </3 Coco, and now Coco Deux, are gone forever. We will remember at your happiest, doing your dance of death.
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    I enjoy that you strove to use correct punctuation and capitalization in your formal introductory announcement of moderator but fails to add an a to "bout". haha jk nice man!!
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    Sorry about it, but our markets are at FULL capacity. However, you are welcome to set up a shop in Vrovonic Roreg! Just contact the local TVGIRL official to redeem your FREE stall!
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    The moon hung sullenly above the Azdovich Forest. Its silver light pierced the canopy, illuminating a clearing where two men were camping and speaking quietly to one another. The camp itself was set up for easy defense. There was a tent near the fire, a pile of wood to keep the small blaze going throughout the night, and several weapons lying within easy reach. Their horses nickered softly, nervous of the twisted trees that surrounded them. The pair of hunters had split their watch, and the watchman cautiously drew his bow; aiming within the depths of the woods with a well-trained eye. Before the hunter could fire, a hissing noise arose from the woods around the camp as though steam were issuing from the trees themselves. The hunter started and grabbed at his sword, shouting for his partner to wake up. Red eyes glinted in the darkness all around them as the two men scrambled fort heir weapons, preparing to defend their lives dearly There was a pained scream from his partner's horse. One of the beasts perched atop its back, digging in its claws. The horse reared up, pulling loose its tether and galloping into the woods. The hunter lunged toward the horse, trying to stop its mad charge, but the little beast was clawing the poor animal into a frenzy of horror. Kicking and squealing, the horse and its monstrous rider disappeared into the woods while the two men stared in shock. A chorus of hissings and rustlings converged on the horse’s screams. After a few moments the noise died down, replaced by sounds of the imps feeding upon the horse. Then the hunter heard his own horse rear in pain.“Mag!” With a cry, he leapt to her defense, heedless of his own safety. He swung his torch back and forth, sweeping the creatures away from his loyal mount. The tiny monstrosities swarmed over him and his partner, though careful blows kept them from Mag. Three, four, five of the beasts were cut in half by the duo’s desperate swords, but dozens more pressed in around them. The two hunters began to bleed from numerous cuts and for a moment it looked like they’d be borne under by sheer weight of numbers. Then, with one last defiant howl, the grotesque creatures ran back into the woods. He stood panting against the side of a thick pine tree while his partner had collapsed in exhaustion next to the campfire. He had lost a lot of blood from his numerous wounds, and he looked pale and drawn, his lips beginning to turn blue. The hunter rummaged through their possessions and pulled out some bandages, carefully dabbing away the blood caked onto his partner's shirt and chest. While he was intent upon this task, a shadow fell across the two of them. His partner's eyes widened at the sight of the stranger looming above them. “Run…”

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