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  1. 6 likes
    Denmark got rid of foreign debt. Congrats @Eojinn, @Aller, @Tobber and other Danish people.
  2. 3 likes
    Veggie started following ultravioletpixie 11 hours ago --- Yay! Hey, Veggie <3
  3. 2 likes
    playing a live show in a week - first time playing music i've actually produced in front of a large crowd of people im very nervous
  4. 2 likes
    throwback to the time I was upset because @redninja685 tricked me that he got demoted when he was really promoted to admin and i had a roller coaster of emotions from happy back to sad jk
  5. 2 likes
  6. 1 like
  7. 1 like
    No one is putting dumb stuff on the fourms for me to call out 0.o
  8. 1 like
    </3 Coco, and now Coco Deux, are gone forever. We will remember at your happiest, doing your dance of death.
  9. 1 like
    low key wanna be *the* Saul Goodman of A'therys but at the same time I love my business and I love making people the stuff they deserve you know what I'm saying? "Need organizational and strategic communication assistance, an armed and well-trained bodyguard / hitman / escort, a talented and experienced writer, or just someone to do your slave-like work? Poke Cinderpolk! We'll get your job done, any way possible!" I dunno dude it just doesn't have the same jingle as "Better Call Saul!" nahmean?
  10. 1 like
    whomst'd've known that atherys population would go down
  11. 1 like
    yeah you know i like your sand, hot stuff.
  12. 1 like
    "Try now" ~dannie 2k17
  13. 1 like
    no intestine! you get what i'm saying?
  14. 1 like
    Chadrain got Paragon? gg.
  15. 1 like
    My character story has so many grammatical errors but im too lazy to fix it....but id love to watch @the_KINGsRansom try and read it and enjoy the ensuing cringe fest <3 love you King
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  17. 1 like
    The startup script we use is dead. Long live the new startup script. Whatever that's going to be.

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A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft 1.10 Roleplay/Pvp Server. We are committed to bring enjoyable content for all players, which since 2012 has grown into one of the greatest communities within the Minecraft community.

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