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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

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    After reading everything I see a few problems happening over and over. 1. people are talking as if they speak for a whole subset of people. The people's voice is not a smart stance to take. This issue was more so happening at the start so I am happy that more players are talking in a 'what I would like to see' format. As this prevents polarization and extrapolation of points made. 2. polarization of stances. the you are either for or against us mindset , Which is fundamentally a pitfall and one that is easily fallen into. Arguments such as: 'it is only going to work if you do this and nothing else' are ultimately non-productive as others are either forced to reject it completely or agree with it. So no room for nuances or discussion. 3. People are fundamentally argueing from different perspectives, about different things while assuming the 'other side' to be villains. So any counter argument is usually dismissed and most of the arguments do not actually address what the other is saying. In this regard I would say hats-off for the staff who are clear, concise and do address the points raised by the players. 4. acting as if 'your' group is simultaneously the majority and oppressed minority. Or any other contradictory claims. It becomes very hard to take someone serious when they first argue that they deserve something because of 'reason A' while directly afterwards claiming 'reason B' which negates 'reason A'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay on to the discussion as I do have a few questions myself. A good pvp system does not only have the attacker in mind when it is about mechanics. How does the recipient of the attack experience said attack might even be more important. It is why balancing shooters such as splatioon and team fortress is so difficult. I named these two as they do have good examples on how it is done right. But in Atherys the fact of getting gimped over and over in a town where you spawned was no fun for me. And this is not a question of getting good as it was often 1 vs 5 and they camped it specifcally when only one or 2 people were around. So I was forced to just logg off during those times, which incidentally was the only time I could be on. So this meant I had to stop playing atherys. How can we prevent such a problem? Would some kind of towns guard be an option? As rampant killing in a town where law and order is rule is a bit strange. Why were towns created in the first place? To create non-griefable areas I presume. Were they also meant as safe havens against constant killing or did that come later? Do towns create new problems in the way that towns create hotspots of players? As in you won't find people to fight in the wilderniss as easily as in a town. @JupiterRome It seems to me that you view RP as a subset of PVP. If so I can understand where you come from a lot more. On the other hand I would argue that for me PVP would be a subset to RP. So how do we address this fundamental difference in thinking? As PvP to me can be fun, but I do not play on any PvP server for a reason. Without just cause it feels arbitrary and cruel to me. In that sense I do not agree what this Vorske person says about PvP and RP being opposites as this statement destroys any kind of discourse. In that sense a balance of yin and yang ought to be possible. Maybe magical protection of towns feels cheap, so what other ways are there to create a safe zone for people who wish to be relatively safe from raiders and killers. If towns do not have such a system I do not see a point in living in one as those will naturally become hotspots for fights. Which is something I would rather not have. If towns are not safe it would force me to the wilderniss which would paradoxically be the safer place. Griefing is possible yes, but I would not be camped by other players. On the other hand in the wilderness I can not sell my services as a redstone engineer, builder, or build large redstone structures as my inventory would never be safe, I would not start large projects as any can and will be griefed in time. Making my stay in Atherys pointless in the end. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why I come to this server (in no particular order): The interesting class system Nice map Interesting lore The chance to RP Developing my love for redstone that I found on this server. Nostalgia The chance to PvP reasonable staff So if those things stay true and remain possible I will continue enjoying atherys.
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    A’therys was always populated by a majority that were PvP focused. My biggest mistake with A’therys was trying to please both parties, this led to countless arguments, loss of staff and loss of countless players. Fact of the matter is, PvP will win out every single time in terms of numbers. Having PvP safe zones or allowing towns to turn off PvP will always piss of the bulk of Pvp’ers as it makes the server not fun at all. You can’t segregate PvP to certain zones either because its just not fun (unless it’s a specific minigame). Learn from my mistakes, decide what you are going to do from the start of this new server, market it as such and DO NOT CHANGE IT, or you will end up with the same miserable mess I did. Its either going to be a PvP server or its not, you cannot have both and expect a good result. I tried, I failed for almost 6 years.
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    Ok guys, let's all take a step back here and get back to the actual discussion of the topic at hand. Athena, stop saying the guys arguing for pvp are biased, they're merely arguing for a part of the server they enjoy. If you want to argue counterpoints, be my guest, but yelling bias won't get you any points. The rest of you, stop the k spam. I don't want this thread locked, cause you guys can have a good discussion, but I will if I have to.
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    The idea that an system cannot be put in place to please both PVPers and RPers is a flawed point. This server is designed for both PVPers and RPers. Atherys has beautiful lore, a detailed map, and in-depth nation politics for this specific idea. It is quite blatantly obvious that some people only like one or the other. For a PVP/RP system to work, people need to understand that both can happen and should happen under their own right. I have much experience and enjoy both RP and PVP. Our lore team does just as many wonders as our PVP team. A'therys is a very special server indeed in the fact that it tries to accommodate and encompass both systems. TL;DR We should try our damned hardest to incorporate PVP and RP in this server as both systems have the same right to exist. I can think of some things, but I won't extrapolate too far past the idea: 1. An international war system. 2. Drawing the point of PVP past raiding and more to organized team fights or wars. 3. Having an Event team that helps make in-game events and other players start their own events. (This includes RP and PVP Events.) 4. Encourage player events in general.
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    Guys, back on topic. I really don't wanna stop the main conversation, but I will if I have to.
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    I can't stop people having screenshots Athena. I am not a wizard. I can ask them not to post it, that is all.
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    The server was dead with ~10 people online at a time until Tir Zyhul and and Harvikircame back and the server population shot up to 60+. I think you need to realize that whether you like it or not PvP is what keeps the server alive, (Who donates money to buy levels??? PvPers to PvP or people who sit in a town talking in chat???) I feel like if you actually want people to take you seriously you shouldn't randomly add your political views to it, also I'm 100% going to say how I feel about something and I feel like you calling me dumb and bias towards PvP (ofc I will be for something because I enjoy it) is just ignorant and childish. PvPers will and forever will fight for something they enjoy, thats how logic works. Thats what I'm saying we are in fact focusing on the wrong things, I don't think we should focus on RP at all and thats my opinion just as yours is that we shouldn't focus on PvP. The fourms are a place for discussion and I feel like ending discussions when people are simply voicing their opinion accomplishes nothing but aggravate both sides. tl;dr @Athena we weren't flaming anyone and were simply giving our opinions and I don't think you should come in here and just straight up flame us for sharing our opinions simply because you disagree with them. EDIT********** I find it hilarious how you bring up his profile picture being Rick Sanchez, who is a character in some cartoon when yours is another one from some random cartoon.
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    I think forced PvP is the way to go and PvP hotspots will never work simply because the people who work on them have said they will try to do this over and over again and can never get it right but w/e., I don't think you can call anyone looney when you literally told someone you're going to hire a hitman because they made fun of you on the internet. You're just wrong in saying you're catering to a large community because the fact of the matter is that you're not catering to PvPers and never have been, and with the people who are making the decisions you never will be. People aren't jumping bandwagon because "things are going south" they are jumping ship because they tell you exactly what they want and are ignored over and over again until they just quit. I'm genuinely impressed that vorske said something like that and you decided that the only thing to take from it is to learn from his mistakes. He says things that I and a few other people working on the PvP team have been saying since Evo died. He Literally says that in his experience "Atherys was always populated by a majority that were PvP focused" Which everyone who isn't in denial will agree with. He also says that the "Fact of the matter is, PvP will win out every single time in terms of numbers" which I also agree with. You need to realize that whether you like it or not you need to look at things from a logical business perspective, I get you wanna get your way and do the server you want but at the end of the day that server will never be successful because the server always has been a server that attracts PvPers more then RPers Look at any times the server has had higher numbers in the past and you'll realize its because PvP is something that brought it back, certain people are straight up denying things that everyone without a blindfold on can see.
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    V1 was wilderness pvp at all times and even forced pvp in towns on Wednesdays... Atherys is a PvP server no matter how many people refuse to admit it. If you want to be safe in your town, build high walls and tactical structures. If you want to be safe while travelling, have a protection detail or take routes where people won't find you. The way the game works shouldn't be tailored around a person or group of people, said party needs to adapt to their environment and learn to work around it. There's always a way.
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    First off, this was a lot of fun to read, and I will definitely have to host another contest like this again sometime. Thank you to everyone who entered into the contest! But I had to pick one; and the winner is.... *Drumroll......*
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    Hi all! With the server closing down on the 30th, I thought I'd get together one last set of dungeon delves for those who wanted to take one last crack at the dungeons! Below is my planned schedule of delves. Tuesday, September 19th: The Archaic Mineshaft: 7:00 pm Eastern Time Thursday, September 21st: Boss Hunt : Habirah the Inferno, Durg the Deathreaver, and the Netherdragon: 7:00 pm Eastern Time Saturday, September 23rd: Allaka's Stockade : 12:00 noon and 5:00pm Eastern Time Sunday, September 24th: Parkour, Parkour : The Voiceless Chambers, The Crescent Depths : 12:00 noon Eastern Time Tuesday, September 26th: The Archaic Mineshaft: 7:00 pm Eastern Time : Boss Hunts after if time allows Thursday, September 28th: Allaka's Stockade 7:00 pm Eastern Time
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    *Insert overused clap gif here*
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    And we're arguing that attempting to cater to everyone isn't a viable option as has been proved in the past. Not everyone cares that much about the roleplay and pve aspect of the server, and while we agree that they should be looked into and improved, the vast majority of us see PVP as the primary focus of the server. It's what brings back the majority of the playerbase, and at the end of the day, we all want to play a server where there are actually people on and not the random 10-15 people you see randomly on when PVP stops being prevalent.
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    Never seen so many people on a post.
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    Preaching equality while simultaneously telling a specific group of people that the things they have to say aren't as important. :thinking: Nobody is being bias here. PvPers are advocating for things that benefit pvpers. The only reason you see a lack of support for things other than PvPers, is because there is a lack of people to support those things. Why? Because PvPers are, and always will be the majority. It's time for you to open your eyes and realize that PvPers are just simply the majority, and should be treated as such.
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    I'm gonna break down piece by piece as to why I think your argument is dumb. 1. In the first paragraph, you bring up a form of content that almost all of the main PvP towns partook in during V2/EVO, (I've only personally played during these two maps, so I have no room to comment elsewhere.) this isn't a huge idea that was mysteriously forgotten. However, this is only some of the content in the world, and in turn, limiting content to that just to appease another group has not and will not ever work on this server. It will continually make either side upset, and will just end up with more people leaving. Now, I think PvP should be enabled everywhere (except capitals/leveling world) at any given time due to this: 2. In the second paragraph, you bring up the point that people left because of 'forced PvP,' but in reality, there's a significantly more reasonable demographic of people in the PvP community that left because of PvP being limited, due to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to adapt to no-PvP zones without breaking the rules, or having content limited. It is significantly more feasible to say that PvE'rs should adapt, due to the fact that they can do any one of the many things listed below to avoid pvp altogether. A. Build an underground town. You can RP, build, and do whatever you want down there while avoiding pvp as long as your borders aren't stupid. (*cough* zirda *cough*) B. Build 25+ block walls. Literally impossible to get into without exploiting/breaking the rules. (walls should be bigger than surrounding terrain by a marginal amount) C. Build a sky town. Again, literally impossible to get into without fly hacking or breaking the rules. D. Build a box town. Once again, literally impossible without exploiting/hacking/breaking the rules if you make it right. (If you mess these up, and people get in legitimately, it's even more content for you to fix it!) 3. In the third paragraph, you mention that we target those we know who can't defend themselves. This is one of the most idiotic statements I've ever heard. Minecraft PvP is literally looking at someone and clicking quickly with a weapon out. If you can type quickly, you can click quickly. (Butterfly clicking is allowed, so even more so.) Or, if you're a mage, you look at someone and use your skills using binds or macros. The entry-level skill mentality is a close second to the aforementioned statement in terms of idiocracy. Furthermore, not only have PvPers attempted to help people who don't know how to "defend themselves," this by making video tutorials on installing macros, making noob towns for training PvPers, and much more, but we've also given back items to builders, and in no way do we intend to ruin a given player's time just by killing them. The time being ruined for you is absolutely on you, not PvP.
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    I did read Vorske's post. And his advice was to learn from his mistakes. The biggest of which involving changes in direction between sides, rather than deciding what we're gonna do, and sticking to it. The final product will be the result of discussions dating back to March, most of which we have solidified and others which are in the final stages of refinement. We are catering to a large community; and members of both sides have jumped the bandwagon when things seem to be going south; be it RP communities to LotC or PvP to Herocraft. At the end of the day, there are five+ years of lessons learned from this server and we are doing everything within our abilities to provide an experience that everyone will be able to enjoy.
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    You lot are looney. PVP should never be forced upon any community. Just because you back it doesnt make it right. I say appeal to all parties.
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    This needs to be heeded. If you're not going to take advice from the man who ran this community for half a decade, old mistakes are only going to be repeated. There was never a huge problem with forced pvp. Only a tiny handful of players 'quit' because of it. In reality, It was very, very easy to make your town a pain to raid or make yourself defensible enough to where you can get away. PvP in horizons is no where near as geared towards Ganking and roaming as it is towards large scale fighting and nation vs nation combat. Take that from the person making the damn things (With bink and Jupiter ofc). Shun PvP and this server gets pushed aside by servers with an already established RP community.
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    Forced PVP did not come in until the last summer of V1; after being nearly a year open; the main reason being a complaint that people would hide back in their towns in order to heal and escape PVP (which was a part of the No PVP hopping rule; if you decide done fighting, fine - but if you flee heal up and get back in the fight - that's a hop) The goal near Evo's end was to get PVP out of player town range entirely, making hotspots to PvP at that give rewards for doing so. While I disagree with Aerun's "I want a builder class that makes me immune to PVP". I also disagree with forced PVP in towns. If someone has a town they should be free to decide whether they want it set to PVP or not - as even PVP towns in early V2 complained when they couldn't build up their fortifications without interruption when PVP was on all day every day. Also @Celeras; Enderpearls have always been disabled, limited teleportation and mobility skills to class features.
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    I think it's about time to take a step back and look at this in a broader perspective. As you both correctly point out, it's a matter of motivation. For the entire lifespan of A'therys, the primary motivation to PvP, besides the general enjoyment of it, has been obtaining loot from the players that you've killed. This is all good fun, but if you actually analyze it as a piece of game design, you will find it to be an incredible cheap method of motivating PvP. One could even argue that it's rather lazy, seeing as you're not actually motivating players with actual content that you're producing, but instead just leaving them to themselves. I'm not here to tell you whether it's a good or a bad system, since both have their benefits, but I will however attempt to paint a larger picture. A'therys as a game is meant to be played extensively, meaning that it's not played in matches like a MOBA, RTS or FPS. As with all games we play them for the sake of progress. That's the motivation that keeps us playing, but the key difference is the way progress is portrayed. In said game genres your progress typically exists in the form of ranks. You play a match, lose all your items, and then move on not caring about having lost your items, because that's not a core part of your progress. It's typically here that you will find a design system similar to the one we have on A'therys. The important thing to take from this, is that this design philosophy fits well into these types of games, because their extensive progress is a separate entity from the game itself i.e. ranks, prestige etc. That's why you see them using system's similar to the one on A'therys. On the flip side you will see that in games that are meant to be played in extensively such as RPGs, one of the main means of progress comes from items. The better an item is, the harder it is to obtain. As HeadHunter pointed out, one of their goals with Horizons is to introduced a larger variety of items to be obtained. With the old trend of very easily obtained gear, it made sense to simply have players lose their items upon death. However with this new larger variety of gear, I can definitely see how the system that HeadHunter is suggesting would leave room for more design space. The main thing to take from this though is that you're removing the currently only bit of motivation that incentivizes PvP. To make up for this you need content, and this is where the main problem arises. By now it should be obvious that their are pros and cons to each bit of game design. Personally I am a firm believer that item diversity and keeping items on death leaves room for overall more and better game design, but it will only ever work if you have a replacement for the motivation that it removes in the form of content. If the staff is not up to the task of designing and implementing reliable content, then it's basically suicide to implement a system like that as it would just remove the only incentive people have to play the game. On the other hand if executed properly, you'll see an overall more enjoyable game with additional elements of progress which will help with player retention and general satisfaction playing the game. To end off this post, I would like to quickly address an alternative to both systems; a hybrid if you will. I personally believe that this is a good solution as you're not risking nearly as much while satisfying both sides of the argument. Players will not lose their armour and weapons upon death, but everything else in their inventory would be lost. By making PvP be active everywhere and fast travel harder to come by, you essentially force players to transport materials around, which allows other players pray upon them. To come by the rare types of items and materials, you will have to enter a different type of zone, where players will lose everything upon death. This will create a risk-reward situation, which I personally believe would be good for the game. Players aren't forced to bring their best gear, but doing so will increase your chances of winning in battle and obtaining more valuables. By doing this you're essentially combining the best of both designs, while not relying on staff to produce nearly as much quality content to keep up motivation. On top of this you could add objectives in- and outside of the battle zones, so everybody's needs would be tended to. In short you won't risk anything that you don't want to risk, while increasing design space for future content. I hope that this brought some light to the discussion that you were all having, as it seemed to me that you we're both talking without taking into consideration what the other persons intentions and motivations were. When it comes to general game design I think it's important to not forget to listen to what others are saying and to constantly reevaluate which systems could potential solve the larger amount of concerns. Thanks for reading. - Aller @Destruct @HaedHutner
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    How about when you get killed you lose a bit of your money, your items (not your armor) and some durability on your armor. Seems like a good system to me. Maybe you should also keep your weapon when you die I dunno. But Sund, wont people abuse the fact that you lose money upon death and start to camp you? Make it so if you recently died and lost some cash, you cannot lose more moola for a certain amount of time.
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    This is the cusp of the problem; lack of effort. People have to put in work to make this server work. You don't put much work into a PVP faction server because players know what they are doing. You don't put much work into a RP only server either because players also know what they are there to do. This server is special in the fact that it was made to have both in mind, and the moment you want to specialize one group over the other WHILE calling it a PVP/RP server is the point where you fall back to every single major argument in the past. The staff are creating this server for both purposes and argument that is shouldn't be uproots the entire point of the server. Why have it be any different from a faction PVP server? Why have it be any different from an RP server? A'therys is the server that wants and should accomplish both of these.
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    I'm sorry you didnt have the time to read my post properly, I said out of a town, not out of a house. e.g. the suggested methods of building a super high wall around our town and whatnot.
  25. 2 points
    I have to somewhat agree with @vehnehdapooh. Except if player-characters become canon in lore. You'd need RP staff to manage character applications and what not. Other than that though, finding roleplayers to play here doesn't need dedicated RP staff. Yeah, heroes was a big selling point for me as well. I can't stand vanilla MC pvp. So from what I've gathered, I assume you are against no-pvp towns, correct? What would you feel about something in-between? Like NPC guards or some other form of protection based on players having to gather resources or build power in some way? Also @Athena The Wolf are you totally against pvp being enabled in towns, and would you be willing to compromise on another solution? For the record, I don't think disabling pvp in any situation is a good idea. Its unimmersive and can be too easily abused.
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    I have big hopes for the future of atherys and trust that the staff will please the majority of the community in a positive way. #blessed
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    To add on to what jupiter said, I play for the RP that is coupled with the PvP. For example, war events and fighting over certain areas that have exclusive resources (nether island) or good leveling zones (tireneas farm)
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    I really think that it's perfectly fine to cater to PvPers. Especially when it comes to forced PvP. As I stated before, there are lots of ways to play around PvP: High Walls Underground Towns Protection (my town has taken money in the past for mercenary services many times in the past) Stealthy and mobile classes for travelling Tactical timing for transporting valuables (times where less people are online) Bribing (offer something for your enemies to leave you alone) Make allies Don't make enemies As you can see, there are many methods to avoid the complications that force PvP brings. However, there is literally no way for PvPers to get around magical safe zones. It forces us to do boring and barbaric tactics like camp outside a safe zone for hours just to pick up 1 or 2 kills. As we've seen in the past, it is quite possible for players interested in all aspects of Atherys to successfully coexist. Thinking about it, RP is almost completely player driven. There's not much staff can do to promote it other than hosting events. However, PvP is a very sensitive and the way it is developed can make or break the server entirely. To be completely honest, after so many years on Atherys, I rarely saw RP UNLESS driven by PvP. For example war events featured heavy RP but were completely driven by PvP. Saying "We shouldn't cater to PvP because it hurts other parts of the server" just doesn't make sense. Also, I don't mean to be rude in any way, but I have seen multiple posts from staff members claiming that "It's not going to be the same, It'll be better". Can we have details? To be quite honest, from my point of view this is just staff trying to seem like they have control of the situation. I've even seen someone specifically say "It's going to be different and you have no say in how we do it". How can the community as a whole possible be expected to trust the staff at this point? Once again, not trying to be rude, but the server has failed consistently. There may be new ownership, but it's still majorly the same structure and the same staff members. I personally can't just see "trust us" and be okay with it. I also know for a fact that there are countless posts and sections of the forums hidden from everyone but staff where extremely important aspects of the server are being discussed. I think these things need to be brought to us after very brief discussion among staff members. Secrets will get us nowhere, if we want the community to be happy, and the community needs to know the ideas that are being created. TLDR; nobody suffers if you cater to PvP, and staff need to be more open about what "a specific plan to offer a unique gameplay experience that we haven't previously explored" and " What we plan on offering should be more than enough for anyone to enjoy and appreciate for what it is: NEW." entails.
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    I will be hiding posts unrelated to the actual Horizons discussion from this point on and also previous deraily posts. In regards to the PvP vs RP issue, it is one that is valid if you are talking about an old version of Atherys. HOWEVER. Horizons will not be built on the same framework as previous iterations. We no longer will be a server catering to two split communities. Rest assured at this stage we have a specific plan to offer a unique gameplay experience that we haven't previously explored. We didn't choose one side or the other, we didn't need to. None of our choices are made based on who we can beg to come back. What we plan on offering should be more than enough for anyone to enjoy and appreciate for what it is: NEW. Do not assume things will be like they were before. They won't be the same PvP experiences. They won't be the same towns. The same communities. It is a blank slate, an opportunity to discover what we have planned. We've learned from many previous mistakes and tweaked others. But we also don't need to force ourselves to solve a problem that we don't plan on creating in the first place. Thanks.
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    Saying someone is biased because they don't agree with your side of the argument, and not adding anything meaningful to the discussion only makes it look like you have a grudge against pvpers. The server's main population at almost all the times it's been populated is due to pvp being rife. That's a fact. Saying that we have relentless PVP is just flat out wrong. It's kind of hard to have "Relentless PVP" when people just toggle pvp off or build fish globes for towns, and then complain when the server population drops and they don't have anyone to show their blocks to. If you can't accept the fact that PVP is what holds this server together, you're delusional. It may not be the only aspect, but it's 100 percent the most influential on player population.
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    We will make a server which has features for both audiences and the experience will be just that. We arn't going to force pvp on towns half-way through or make pvp toggleable half-way through because we have features in mind to better that. You won't need that. We arn't a faction server and neither are we a fully fletched RP server. In terms of business, donators and people who ran towns are what kept A'therys afloat, not the PvPers.
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    I honestly get it if you don't wanna PvP, thats your choice and I shouldn't bash it at all because at the end of the day thats something that doesn't effect me at all. The problem I have is that we are adding all these dumb server mechanics for absolutely no reason, whats the reason for airships? "Because they are cool" Honestly their dumb because we all know it will lag the server (because a 2v2 will crash the server current server) and at the end of the day won't help raiding at all (#BuildACeilingOverYourTown) I don't think PvP will continue and I don't think people will go to PvP towns or arrange fights with the current people making choices about PvP and the server as a whole, like right now the server is dead because the staff legitimately turned off PvP with THEIR FUN AND INTERACTIVE FULL HEAL FOOD (Didn't consult the heroes team about a drastic gamechanging PvP change, nice meme, and honestly whoever thought this was a good idea should be euthanized). I find it ironic how you say that Atherys isn't just a PvP server even though PvP players are in the majority and that forcing someone to PvP is counter intuitive, because I personally think that from a business standpoint marketing to your biggest target audience/biggest consumers is smart and how businesses succeed, you can say all you wan't that if the server is mostly PvP then we should have plenty of people to fight but at the end of the day when the people make the decision that food should fullheal you, nobody can actually PvP lol.
  33. 2 points
    Ah, the ancient "PvP" discussion. The endless tug o' war of A'therys. It's funny how we're talking about past experiences, and that's a logical thing to do if only A'therys was continuing in the same steps as before. But this is a completely new server. New mechanics, plugins and map. We'll have airships, conquest points, new classes and skills and a vast pvp/pve wasteland that is as big as the other nations. This all means that pvp won't be the same as before. Want to get over a wall? Just get in your airship. Want to get currency for some sweet loot? Take over a conquest point or go kill in the wasteland. People will of course still rogue raid, go to pvp towns or arrange fights with other pvpers, just as people will continue to RP, do amazing builds or sell all their wheat for some sweet, sweet yora. It's nice of you all to learn people how to use their skills and give builders back their mats (I know I've appreciated it), but perhaps not everyone is interested in pvping. The server offers so much more that if everyone pvped, who'd build those amazing chinese towns, do massive bulk orders, or just goof around? If everyone PvP, we'd just run around trying to get the best kills and pwn the most noobs, that we'd forget to do other things and just chill. A'therys is not just a PvP server (although they are clearly in the majority) or an RP server. It's a multifaceted experience that makes it unique. Forcing anyone to commit to either side is ridiculous and counter-intuitive. If people don't want to PvP, why should we force them? As we've established, PvPers are the biggest faction. By that logic, there should be a bunch of other players that are more than happy to fight you. Why not go after them instead and leave the rest of us out of it.
  34. 2 points
    You cant adapt to magical non-pvp zones. No way around it. However there are many ways to avoid pvp.
  35. 2 points
    .... Wilderness PvP? Yeah. Forced PvP in towns: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. "Vorskes Week of Killing", VWOK was introduced AFTER I joined. It was not "normal". That was something introduced to please PvPers, and EXCLUSIVELY PvPers in my book. And people keep telling the non-PvPers to adapt, but then forget that perhaps it is them who may need to adapt. There used to be a time where towns were SAFE. A'therys existed BEFORE VWOK, it really did. And you know what? People talked and organized PvP events for themselves... SHOCKING. I know that every time I bring this up people just play it off, but I know so many people that left because of all the FORCED PvP that wasn't there in the beginning. It really wasn't, and anyone who's been around that long will be able to tell you that. At the end of the day, forced PvP ruined A'therys for me personally. I know it made a lot of people happy, but I also lost a lot of friends on the server over PvP. I'm perhaps too old with a memory too crisp of people looking to fight specifically those they knew could not defend themselves. It's why I switched to exclusively working on Lore myself.
  36. 2 points
    Yeah and that will be the version we release for download later.
  37. 2 points
    Given that the EVO world is coming to an end soon, will it be put up for download the way we did at the end of v.2? If not the whole world, any possibility of throwing the capital and/or NPC cities up for download? Also, any ETA on when we can expect details on town creation in Horizons? Likewise, any ETA on the lore and/or aesthetic direction of the new nations? (I'm assuming we're waiting for the forums purge to happen, but as I'm currently in the process of designing my town for Horizons, I've been getting antsy for dem deets). Also, hello mortals. I do still exist. No, I'm not an admin anymore. Yes, I do intend to re-enslave you all. Again. #GolgoraiAsthas4Lyfe #THELAWX
  38. 2 points
    There is another server I know of that seems to be going through the same problem regarding pvp and rp. I won't say the name but it is very similar to this one. The difference with that server though is that there are pvp worlds with towns and then there is one world were people go to rp. You can't build a town in that world but there is no pvp in it. I'm not a fan of having the role players and pvpers segregated like that because in my opinion, it just causes division on the server and makes one aspect feel more or less important than the other. On the other hand, a lot of the role players on that server would never have stuck around and supported the server had that separate world not existed so Its kind of a tough situation. I don't personally roleplay, and I'm not hugely into PvP but I think both sides have a place on the server, we just have to find the right fit. I honestly think that without either group, the world would not be as fun to play in. You guys might want to look into ways of making the world feel more dynamic and reactive, and give players more opportunities to create their own stories if you want to get an advantage over other RP-PVP servers. I like the idea of having player lore on the website but there needs to be more than that if you are going to draw attention and have rpers actually try to survive. Maybe have some kind of random quest system or nation/town progression. Maybe even player-created nations down the line? Something to think about.
  39. 2 points
    Did you not read Vorskes post? appealing to all parties seems like the logically thing to do, but is hard and let's be honest during the past year on EVO the only times the population of the server spiked was when big pvp groups(TZ,Harvikir,Sturgeon,etc) came back and began getting fights going again. I'm not saying RPers and other players should not be catered to, but PVP should definetely be a bigger focus and ways to enhance it.
  40. 1 point
    For 2 years, A'therys Evo has existed. It's crazy how quickly that time has gone by, remembering everything that's happened over the years and the people who have come and gone. But here we are again, preparing a new vision for our server and creating a brand new adventure for this amazing community that we are so grateful to be a part of. In exactly two weeks, A'therys Ascended will come to a close and then it's work stations for our staff. From today to the 30th you can still login to the server at play.atherys.com to explore, take screenshots and take in the last moments of A'therys Evo on our servers. 24 hours before we shut down we will accidentally disable important plugins and accidentally delete the ban list for our traditional Purge of which we expect you to turn the server off for us. After that, the website will close and you will be updated via our Twitter & Discord of important information regarding when it will be up etc. Some final words before I head off: Thank you to the players who have sailed this ship with us and an even bigger thank you to the players that have supported, donated and stuck with this community for as long as you have done. You are superb. Thank you to the staff who voluntarily support the players and other staff to create a safe environment for people to enjoy a game we all love. Without people like you A'therys would have been a one-hit wonder, but we are still here standing strong for 5 years. And lastly a thank you to @Sellt for taking on such a big responsibility this time last year. We appreciate it. Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend! @mercymike @Sellt @StealthMelon @MushroomMage @Vnthy @Aller @redninja685 @Edd @Muttgamer @speedyscorpion The New Era:
  41. 1 point
    What the people arguing for the same thing as me and I want the server to be is a PvP Server WITH RP ASPECTS, not a PvP/RP server, I think everyone on Atherys likes the nation and concepts of it but everyone knows that when PvP is healthy is when the server is healthy and I think that pleasing PvPers being the main goal of changes that are made instead of changes that "make PvPers whine but help RPers" because at the end of the day I personally think specializing in one group while making changes for another group that don't have any effects on the main one is the best thing to do. To be completely honest I think we all know what the staff are trying to make the server and I think we need to be completely honest when we say the staff know nothing about PvPers and how they want the server to be, or what people think will work best, and this is simply what we're trying to express how we think the server should be structured.
  42. 1 point
    What is there to moderate when it comes to RP? There doesn't need to be a team for people advertising RP. If you like to RP, tell people about it. There's no creation involved when it comes to RP other than lore, and there's a lore team for that. The reason there is a PvP team is because we need people to create and balance classes.
  43. 1 point
    The Gennian Isles will be a part of PvP on Horizons along with the new plugin and some other bits and pieces. Right now the plugin is in development and is looking really good. Once it's done and @MisChiv goes through it with @HaedHutner then we are set for the balancers to look at it.
  44. 1 point
    If that screenshot keeps floating around Im calling the cops for harrasment. Im dead serious. Im not gonna put up with this anymore
  45. 1 point
    Remove bleu's posts and promote genuine discussion, censoring legitimate discussion is stupid. Don't be that guy.
  46. 1 point
    All I see from you is negativity. You're literally just attacking people because you don't agree with them. Your last few posts and your track record show that you are clearly unfit to participate in a civil conversation, and I suggest you remove yourself from the thread before it get's de-railed and locked because of you.
  47. 1 point
    I always wanted you to do one of me. Was the only reason I ever became an admin ;_; #NoticeMeSenpai also, shol ain't got nothin on golgorai
  48. 1 point
    OH NO NOT VADIMKAGALIY228 xDDD Yeah it's been a blast and its the end of one chapter, and I look forward to the new one!
  49. 1 point
    Well, if LoTC can do it, I'm sure I can figure something out. I'll look into this further.
  50. 1 point
    Below you will find an extensive timeline of every date in canon lore. I will hopefully update it as more events appear, and if you see a mistake please let me know. A’therian Timeline 1C270: Completion of Methes Avonthes (Link) c. 1C310: Calastore is finished for the first time (Link) 1C440: Consolidation of the western peoples of Aloreh (Link) Last centuries of the first Cycle: Ithero returns to the seas with new vessels (Link) 1C560: Tensions between Vrovona and Ithero at their height, Sundering of the Eclipse begins (Link) End of the first cycle: Tensions between Ithero and Vrovona find their way to Aloreh (Link) c. 2C30: Crestwright School of Navigation is founded (Link) 2C240: A stalemate in the war is reached (Link) 2C300: Thesse mediates between Vrovona and Veser and Naios, ending the war (Link) 2nd Cycle: The Ghost Prince’s state if founded (Link) Early 3rd Cycle: Koszka Dzedt’s nation is destroyed (Link) 3C114: Birth of Kassenias Anton (Link) 3C134: Anton goes to Calastore (Link) 3C142: Birth of Agosto Marcolo (Link) 3C145: Anton returns to Aloreh (Link) 3C149: The Twingods choose to destroy the realm of Corata Aiya (Link) 3C169: Agosto Marcolo explores the region of Steryon (Link) 3C174: Agosto Marcolo departs Calastore in his mission to circle the globe (Link) 3C177: Agosto Marcolo first circumnavigates the globe (Link) c. 3C205: Death of Agosto Marcolo (Link) 3C206: Crestwright moves to a larger campus in Calastore and begins accepting international students (Link) 3C294: Ithero delivers the first ship not built for itself to Vrovona (Link) 3C419: Ithero has taken over all smaller nearby states, save Corata Aiya’s, which is destroyed; the Twingods disappear (Link) 3C420: Mortal-ruled nations are all but gone (Link) 3C422: Itheri Admiralty institutes martial law in absence of the Twingods (Link) 3C427: The School of Trade is started at Crestwright (Link) 3C431: A human-led thalassocratic government is instituted (Link) 3C507: The Itheri Priesthood begins formally advising the Office of the Lord Admiral (Link) 3C519: The Board of Admirals votes to disallow the Church from investing in businesses (Link) 3C670-700: Ithero is fully settled into military rule (Link) 3C626: The Itheri Navy begins arresting supposed shapeshifters (Link) End of the 3rd Cycle: No mention of Tovikh legionnaires in Vrovonic archives (Link) 4C51: Ithero now exists in a state of fear induced martial law (Link) 4C157: The Aspirants’ Hall is no longer used as a barracks (Link) 4C268: A new Lord Admiral takes legislative action against the Itheri church (Link) 4C275: Most clergymen have been replaced (Link) 4C691: Ithero reaches out to Vrovona for aid to mend their image (Link) 4C850: The empire of Limnas Von disappears (Link) 5C112: Ithero grants sovereignty to states that it can’t afford to take over forcibly (Link) 5C469: Caswell Carver graduates from the Crestwright School (Link) Mid 5th Cycle: Sjilea claims land (Link) 5C507: Caswell is executed for murdering a beggar (Link) 5C703: Ithero begins to resemble its former self (Link) 5C773: The School of Engineering is started at Crestwright (Link) 5C798: Colonization of Virion Alesce (Link) 6C267: Colonization of Halion as an argentate mine (Link) 6C612: The name Parashel is first seen in Loghec records (Link) 6C729: Appearance of the Aristocrat in the Court of Thesse (Link) 6C733: Appearance of the Mortal Heroes in Aloreh (Link) Late 6th Cycle: Irin becomes capital of Paladosa (Link) 6C837: The last hunter known to have visited the Red Forest is killed (Link) 7C0: The Second Calling (Meh) 7C4: Raviyna returns to Qhul Rahav and takes the throne of Ar-Selukk (Link) 7C14: Provisional government in Monas Roth (Link) 7C14: Trade agreement between the Daggerlands and Aloreh concerning education (Link) 7C26: Aloreh fractures into separate states (Link) 7C32: An Alor supply shipment arrived after the annual envoy from Eztalpaltl didn’t arrive on time (Link) Early in the 7th Cycle: The last furnace in Monas Roth combusts (Link) 7C34: A set of argentate armor is gifted to patriarch Ludovic Longweather after a treaty is signed between Halion and Aloreh (Link) 7C48: Umber and his followers go to Vrovona and begin tearing down statues to Sun God, but are executed (Link) 7C49: First hot air balloon takes flight east of Ciondel (Link) 7C63: House Blackstone runs out of business (Link) 7C102: Calix Moraeos invades Halion successfully (Link) 7C104: Tension between the Noble Houses (Link) 7C108: The Daggerlands reform their Alor alliance (Link) 7C132: Alor vessels sent to the Kestrin and Marcolo Seas (Link) 7C141: Peasants in Aloreh put to work improving infrastructure (Link) 7C148: WATC is founded by Aldric Ironstride’s grandfather (Link) 7C176: The first Synod of Blades (Link) 7C179: Birth of Ravas av-Haresh (Link) 7C182: Birth of Jonathan Winnow (Link) 7C190: Aloreh begins to resemble its former self (Link) 7C201: Birth of Calon Gwyrhelm in Rhyn Ueald (Link) 7C208: Winnow and Sons is founded as Winnow Demolitions and sells gunpowder (Link) 7C212: Birth of Theobald Whistwallow (Link) 7C218: Birth of Genedi Coldhaven (Link) 7C219: Invention of the phonograph by Alor scientists (Link) 7C219: Birth of Oscelle Ashwalker (Link) 7C226: Negotiations with Daidama for merchant passage (Link) 7C226: Birth of Erassios Shroudbearer (Link) 7C226: Birth of Celese Farriese (Link) 7C226: Birth of Selett Galewind (Link) 7C228: Theobald becomes Orator Prince of House Whistwallow (Link) 7C229: Birth of Kurrick Flint (Link) 7C230: Aloreh and Ithero develop their rivalry (Link) 7C231: Last of the argentate is drained from Halion (Link) 7C231: First demonstrated short-distance telephone call in Aloreh (Link) 7C231: Birth of Symahl rav-Sane’eim (Link) 7C231: Corrigan Broad is found with the Chancellor of Crestwright’s daughter and is expelled (Link) 7C231: Birth of Ennoc Gyrebolt (Link) 7C237: Ravas av-Haresh becomes Archmage of the Mages’ Guild (Link) 7C239: Tholses Murrhon becomes Solemnus of Roreg Logh (Link) 7C239: Birth of Ventus Benivatore (Link) 7C240: Conflicts between Ithero and Aloreh begin (Link) 7C241: Solodav Ksavik becomes Paragon (Link) 7C242: Kurrick’s father is injured and his family relies on him for providing (Link) 7C242: The HQ of the Merchants’ Guild blows up after experiments with re-purposing a soul furnace (Link) 7C243: Mentions of Cazmiro disappear (Link) 7C243: Selett travels to the far wastes and becomes a Mirekeep (Link) 7C245: Oscelle Ashwalker wins the Redcoast Magisterial (Link) 7C243: The Merchants’ Guild almost moves to Sablemarch but due to space allocation issues instead choose Port Roslund (Link) 7C247: Ennoc begins an apprenticeship at a small library (Link) 7C249: The WATC commissions the Mirekeepers to protect their Loghec trading (Link) 7C250: Ithero and Aloreh have established themselves as the most powerful nations in the eastern hemisphere (Link) 7C252: Ennoc ends his apprenticeship and opens a library in the Scar (Link) 7C253: Selett moves to Monas Roth and works in the Mirekeep chief offices (Link) 7C254: Selett relocates to the Scar (Link) 7C254: WATC submarines arrive at Virion Alesce (Link) 7C255: Ennoc sells his library; becomes a founding member of the League of Progress (Link) 7C255: Thyron Parashel leads his flock to Pariadh Fel (Link) 7C255: Thyron Parashel’s name is first mentioned (Link) 7C255: An Alor spy is found in the Admiralty’s Council chambers (Link) 7C255: Founding of the League of Progress (Link) 7C256: Baldovino Baldassare becomes Lord Admiral of Ithero (Link) 7C257: Cazmiro begins his prophesying (Link) 7C257: By this time Ventus had gained a reputation for making a profit (Link) 7C257: Aldric Ironstride announces he intends to travel A’therys for exotic locales (Link) 7C258: Selett almost successfully negotiates the third International Exposition for Scar (Link) 7C258: The Merchants’ Guild returns to the hands of Daggerlanders after a short ownership from House Adrano (Link) 7C258: Bandit attacks between Ithero and Aloreh subside (Link) 7C258: Kurrick becomes the Master Merchant of the Merchants’ Guild (Link) 7C259: Ventus is expelled from the Itheri Navy; flees to the criminal underground (Link) 7C259: The Eventide War begins between Aloreh and Ithero (Link) 7C259: After an attempt on the Admiral’s (Baldovino) life on Alor ground war begins (Link) 7C259: The Eventide war begins (Link) 7C260: Selett runs for Magister of the Scar, but fails (Link) 7C260: Captain Vierad and his smugglers revive Steryon (Link) 7C261: Ithero prepares its first land assault on Aloreh, frees Captain Vierad and his pirates to hire them 7C261: Mages in Cyridon Spire use the frozen stone of Kaherii to push back Itheri forces, which cracked the seal of the stone (Link) 24th of Stormshift, 7C261: Valbert Moscriefe’s family is killed; he works for a Selukkite caravan (Link) 7C261: The rebuilding of Monas Roth begins (Link) 7C262: Genedi Coldhaven becomes Magister Elect (Link) 7C263: Vierad and his pirates move to Steryon as the Eventide ends (Link) 7C264: Peace treaty signed (Link) 7C264: Ventus returns, having to flee during the Battle of the Crescent Run, and moves to Aloreh, later moving to Halion to become dockmaster (Link) 7C264: Oriane Nicodon almost captures Calastore in the Crescent Run (Link) 7C264: Oriane Nicodon petitions for barony on Halion (Link) 7C264: Symahl reappears, leading a tribe called the Rahavine (Link) 7C264: Peace treaty between Aloreh and Ithero (Link) 7C264: Celese becomes Lord Admiral after Baldovino is ousted (Link) 7C264: Selett runs again for Magister of the Scar, this time succeeding (Link) 7C265: Valbert moves to Halion and purchases a casino (Link) 7C265: Steele and Grim move to Halion after getting blacklisted by Port Roslund and the WATC (Link) 7C265: Calon Gwyrhelm has finished notes on 4 of his possible deaths (Link) 7C265: First radio broadcast for entertainment from Methes to Tireneas (Link) 7C265: Monas Roth is complete (Link) 7C265: Selett implements new trade agreements with Roreg and Vrovona (Link) 49th of Sand’s Song, 7C265: Ice cultists attack an Itheri trading vessel (Link) 67th of Sand’s Song, 7C265: Ravas av-Haresh arranges a transport of the stone to Methes Avonthes (Link) 78th of Tides’ Flux, 7C265: Loghecs attack Steryon but are defeated by the possessed brigands (Link) 3rd of Stormshift, 7C265:: Possessed Vrovonic Legionnaires march into the Daggerlands (Link)

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