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    So I figured I'd hit hard with today's lore log. The biggest question everyone seems to have, and it's a huge make or break for a lot of people picking nations; is about the upcoming governmental systems. In this topic, I'll be discussing : The Role of the Nation Head or Ruling Body, the amount of Staff Oversight intended, and how these roles are chosen. Please DO note that anything in [[Double-Brackets]] refers to an in-development name and is subject to change. Gennaian Isles: { Jen - eye - an } The Isles, for those who want a shorter term, is a collective of kingdoms under a single national banner. For those who want a real world comparison: Ancient Greece and its kingdoms. Our mapmaker needs to get the Isles made yet, but upon doing so I'll have an exact division and number of 'kingdom areas' sorted out. The central kingdom is Falkynthos, whose capital shares its nation name, and will serve as the starting [[High King]], as a moderator starting role. Each kingdom will have its own ruler, and form a collective senate in regards to national decisions. The [[High King]] may be the national face, but each kingdom is to some degree, an autonomous area. There may indeed be cases where a King should decide to go against the collective decision, and seek alliances of the other Kingdoms to take command. This is allowed within the constraints of the nation. Alliances are limited to fellow kingdoms A successful rebellion may result in the victor claiming the title of [[High King]] The other Kingdoms may reel in defeat, but will still exist. For example; it is not possible to completely take over the kingdom and kill off the other Kings to become an absolute monarch. Daidama: {Dye - Dah - Muh} A nation dedicated to justice, and its due process; there is quite some history behind it - but I'll bring you past that into the modern era =P Daidama is presently ruled by the Imperator, and his justices. The Imperator rules as a Dictator - both overseeing national and judicial matters This is a Roleplay Staff Account, due to its unique position of power. Consider this akin to the present system of Nation Head; with players playing a stewardship role. He can assign Justices to oversee the nation and dole out his will These are assigned player roles Think a combination of beat cops with Avatar's Dai Li. Unlike our previous example; the political climate is more stable; thus the leadership will not change. That noted ;this is an excellent opportunity to roleplay within a long-standing society. There's a fair amount of intended geologic variance here; so expect a fair deal of culture. Will there be roleplayed crime and punishment? Nothing that breaks the game or you; but if you wish to roleplay out the idea of serving penance; it is doable within the system. Furthermore; it should be noted that Daidama is not a society of prisons and executions; but of chains and atonement. There is a weight to one's crimes - which Mosech-Tan dealt quite literally to better humanity. How can one atone if they are simply killed or left to rot? Dalkun-Tir: {D-all - Koon - Tier } I've been toying this one with and without the dashes; so feel free to offer a which looks better option. Dalkun-Tir is the second designated Roleplay Head nation; this time with a player in the role! it is also a nation in which its former God (Orvesu), still watches over the people; albeit in a less direct manner than he once did; Orvesu's chosen Prophet is known as The Outrider. It's a roleplay position that will initially be managed by staff to start with; but will transition to a player-played nation head. In this case; the player utilizes THEIR OWN CHARACTER as the Outrider; That noted; please expect to stay In Character as much as possible during your tenure. The Outrider always is chosen in the same manner; and is granted signs to mark who he is. Dalkun Tir itself is a collective of nomads, raiders, and tribes; all who were at one point exiles guided across the scrubland by Orvesu or his Outrider. Their capital city is less a place of government, but a central trade hub along the fork of the nation's only river. Because of this factor; the Outrider will have to earn his nation's respect. While most who see him know who he is and the god who empowers him; some may not be willing to outright follow him Atvoria: {At - Vore - ee-ah } Alright; this one's a bit of a doozy. There IS a staff oversight role; but in this case it's not a position of power, but of observation and oversight. Optimally, Atvoria will be led by a Council of Guildmasters Each Guild is named after one of the Thirteen Characters of The Quest Exception: The Manslayer is represented by the Prison Warden; because you do not want to invite a homicidal bastard out of The Gorge to a dinner party. Guilds are intended to be run akin to castes; with a series of masters and apprentices; with the guild leader (Prestige) seated at the council. Within the nation itself, it is a world of stories - meaning players can coin themselves as kingdoms, shires, hollows, dukedoms, etc. These lands may battle within themselves over territorial disputes, outright war with an enemy, or choose to attempt political assassinations within themselves. This is the reason for The Council of Thirteen; to quote myself earlier : "There are hundreds of stories in the world; but only one Great Story which is superior to all” Kilnholdt (Formerly: Harugraun ): {Kiln - Hol - T } This one might sound like a new name to the mix; mainly because Harugraun sounded a hair too Asian and it didn't fit this one's theme. As Sellt noted; everything on that list was subject to edits until release! The present ruler is simply entitled the Despot; though personal titles may choose to claim themselves as they wish. Towns are loosely aligned, but distrustful of one another. Circumstances of rule may change at the drop of a hat. To sum this one up shortly; the strongest rules. Any person wishing to rebel may declare themselves so, and vry for power. In the case of multiples at one time; factions are allowed. Faction ‘leaders’ may recruit from within the nation, or from outside the nation; for their cause. In addition, betrayal may be allowed within factions. The goal of this was to give the capital city of Korth an "Iron Throne" feel to it, no ruler should feel safe upon it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that all of this is still highly in draft form; but it should outline my intentions: That there be both stable and changing options in the world's governments. That governments not adhere to the present cookie cutter format we presently have That there is an option for both Staff and Players to hold a role of an immersive roleplay nation head. That there be an option for full on fights for leadership. Please feel free to leave comments, constructive critiques, and bribes below!
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    Well, I'm sure quite a few players remember be, Played a little of V1, Joined back at the end of V2, Played about a year of V3 before I got bored and just decided to leave, Well I'm back and hyped af for Horizon, So I'm looking forward to seeing some of the old players I use to play with among with the new! Let's go!
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    Because we can't be bothered to deal with the people we banned long ago coming back only to repeat what got them banned in the first place. @Crash
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    Nobody on Atherys gets banned for sneezing, just hitting someone as doomsayer, putting paintings on chests, killing a t1 that attacks you, not responding to a league msg someone sends you, someone else hacking the fourms, picking up a helmet, using skills, killing people who decided to rp as they died, etc.
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    If we wiped the ban list and allowed them all back 99% of them will do the same thing again guaranteed. The people who know they did wrong have and will make a ban appeal that the HR team will gladly read and acknowledge. The few who know they've done wrong but haven't and won't make a decent ban appeal are the people we don't want back on this server.
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    tbh it would be easier to wipe the ban list and just re-ban those who break the rules again, rather than sorting through all the ban appeals of the players that want to come back for horizons. Also, the fact that I'm unbanned is proof enough that I'm not saying this for personal gain. It doesn't really matter either way, just from my understanding it would lower the work load for staff because banning is easier than unbanning.
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    How about noooooooooooooooooooo
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    Point taken. I'm going to remove myself from the discussion as well. You guys are right, I did often times reply with some pretty disrespectful comments of my own, though usually in response to people who were already being disrespectful. And yes, this thread did leave me very much frustrated, which resulted in some very frustrated replies. As you have very well pointed out. I try to avoid being hypocritical, but upon analyzing my posts from this thread that's pretty much what I've done in the end. With that being said, I'm going to withdraw from the thread as well.
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    i shall build up the courage to the opening of horizons for a ban appeal!!! watch me
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    I mean you're not wrong, but the other way around needed to stop too. But, don't get me wrong - I like lore, I like RPers and I like all the stuff associated with it - but it plagues me that some people what to be alienated to only one archetype on the server and not touch any others. I think staff should push people more to enjoy every single archetype of the server - not just allow them to stay hoddled in the RP archetype. I've enjoyed A'therys for so long only due to the reason that I HAVE played and enjoyed every archetype and role associated with the server, meaning, I've been a mayor, been a salesman, took part in running governments, and yes, I have RPed in events and just casually. I mean, yes, there's always going to be that one archetype that people favor more than others, but travelling and enjoying other archetypes of the server should be a requirement of the server - kind of how PvP and Merchanting or Building and Merchanting are both necessary to enjoy an archetype completely. I don't know what you guys are gonna end up doing - but, something to circumvent an entire archetype of the server just for RPers sounds like bullshit.
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    @Brady3211 fight me rp /roll 1v1 right freaking now
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    RP PVP already exists. This is simply a method to improve or make it a usable feature for RPers. Also, please get this ridiculous idea out of your head that this RP-PVP feature somehow replaces or is equal to minecraft PVP. Many RPers don't PVP and wouldn't do so anyways so how does adding this make the community smaller?
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    So what you say is that we can keep the banlist seeing it doesn't matter But yeah.. sadly some on that list would just come back to be "not nice" (i would use another word, but we want to stay civil here) to other players. Or hang out on forums to be negative and bring down others while even acknowledging that they don't want to play the game.
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    I mean its true, I was born under the sign of Sagittarius rex meaning I was born to become to best Minecraft PvPer in the world. See if we had this wonderful system at that even we could have been able to take our rp to the next level and roll to do certain things to my daddy boi velkas. I personally don't think its a meme and something that RPers just think, I personally don't hate people just because they don't like PvP, in fact I'm friends with quite a few people on Atherys who usually don't PvP (Destruct, Carolina, Quayley, Gamma, MY BOI AIDEN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and my wonderful main man Jrr) I'm not trying to sound mean or anything here, but I was msged about the PvP system for Horizons and a certain someone did (of course on behalf of the head of our wonderful Rubious Lanterns) demand we do make a special PvP and Class system just for them soooo..... I personally feel like a lot of RPers have not tried PvP , and what they consider trying PvP is more along the lines of just calling a mod when someone shows up to PvP. Lets host an RP rogue 1v1 tourney round robin quadruple double team elimination style fiend.
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    And then you guys ask why we don't discuss ideas with you prior to implementing. Even this tiny, insignificant change which will in no way effect PvP has essentially devolved into a discussion on RP or PvP elitism with an "Us vs Them" mentality. An RP PvP system may not kill the community, but this attitude may certainly do. Both sides are to blame here.
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    When are we going to stop taking advice from people who threaten our community? When are we going to start servicing people who deserve to be here? When are we going to stop allowing the minority to have a greater voice than the majority? I'd like to not mention names but lets not forget that Zorin here is a complete and utter psycho. She/They/It/Retard doesn't deserve to have an opinion on this forum
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    I see the word marketing thrown around a lot.. How about we consult our PR/Marketing team lead @Sanders for some insight?
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    See I'm really confused because you say that assuming a less experience PvPer needing help is elitist, which I personally disagree with because in reality if you don't have experience in something, then taking help from someone who has more experience is generally a better idea. I disagree with your earlier post saying that raid leaders won't let you kinda do your own thing, I remember the fight you're talking about and I personally think that the reason you didn't have that much fun in that fight is because the making of the box with a mostly mage comp was pretty silly, and you had someone (who I assume was your raid leader) in that fight who has always taken minecraft PvP very seriously and gotten very mad going as far to get people banned for random stuff whenever he lost, I know personally my town does a bunch of random stuff in PvP for fun.
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    And me and Crash shall build up the courage to read it!1!1!
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    lul i guess the game that tens of millions of people around the world enjoy and which is run on a business model that actually works is the one that needs to be stomped out of existence go get some perspective
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    It doesnt really make a difference. those who are on the ban list should at least have the courage to make a ban appeal since they were the ones who done wrong. Those who are on the ban list and want to come back should make an appeal because not EVERYONE will come back to atherys from the list. Im my opinion I agree with crash.
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    I will always cherish the times we played hunger games together hahaha
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    See this. . .this right here shows the extent of your elitist attitude. You assume that a "less experienced" PvPer such as myself needed more help with strategy and fort building than the rest of my team. You assume I wanted to be in that tiny box with the other team coming in. I was just about the only one taking what few shots I could at the enemy before they got below field of view from our battlements (which is why I wanted a higher vantage point to begin with), then we were surrounded because they were against our walls with no way to hit them. The chain-lightning forced us inside (I was one of the last few up top since I had actually been taking shots) and when I came down, there was a single entrance. . .not exactly my fault our party was so inept as to only leave one escape (throwing myself from the roof and taking more damage didn't seem like a great idea in the heat of battle). I tried to go for the exit and was webbed and slaughtered in just a few seconds, so it wasn't really by choice that I got trapped in that kill-box. As I said, the fight didn't exactly last very long, there's a video of it still somewhere. 1v1 maybe you can climb the ranks, but when it comes to team play, the more experienced players have rarely taken heed of a newer player's strategy/style. Finding a way into a group and actually having a voice is a rarity unless you personally know the group or have been around long enough to prove yourself to them. If it's for fun, why not let the noobs strategize occasionally just to see what they come up with? To say RP is the same in this matter is ridiculous, having personally been apart of one of the most inclusive RP groups, the Daggerlands Government. If a player was ever scared to take up a leadership role because of stiff-competition, we made sure they were aware of the other options. No one forced decisions on the newer players because we took votes and occasionally the ideas of a newer player greatly added to decisions and were worked into the finished product. Again, this is a community mindset that needs to change. Nothing about this is flame, this is stating my experiences as they happened; no need to start with ad-hominems as well now.
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    I used to have fun, back during the Summer Rime after I first started I was on my own and figuring out my own play-style without anyone to tell me otherwise. Fights were extremely laggy though, but epic even so. I remember sniping from up in the riggings of the ships during the 60-man sea battle, watching things unfold below me. Something changed in the community though where raid/battle leaders and experienced PvPers seemed to decide there was a right and wrong way to PvP, they didn't let new players make their own mistakes. Ex: The one big group fight I participated in (Selukk outside the basin) I tried to run trueshot as I have always played it, building up a small tower for me to snipe off of over our hastily made battlements. My party destroyed it instantly saying that I shouldn't do that, so I ended up with almost no angle to shoot the rushing attackers. Once we were forced inside by lightning, I ended up first to die in the slaughter that followed, being a range player trapped in a tiny box. . .Point being, if I had been allowed to play how I wanted all along, perhaps I would've been knocked off the wall, but I also would have survived a lot longer that way. That was the last time I participated in "organized" PvP. The community is what made PvP elitist a long time ago. . .our player base now is the cause/result of that. If you can change my mind about these sorts of things in Horizons, then perhaps you could do the same for many others. Don't expect that will be very easy to do though as it is the community attitude you must change, not just the PvP mechanics.
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    Question: What is the mechanic going to be specifically, cause nobody has said at all in this whole thread what it's going to be. Like I said earlier in this thread, talking about the addition specifically would help people discuss the mechanic instead of spewing chaos. All the staff has said so far is that it's going to be for RP, completely optional, and that's about it.
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    Yeah, I've said what I feel about this addition already, Peace out Girl Scouts
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    I think we had many productive conversations in this thread though.
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    Just a reminder on this as some of you have forgotten. This feature would be completely optional and not enforced by staff or rules at all. And if it is to be used, all people using it at the RP event would need to agree to use it. If you are just a PvPer who doesn't RP like myself, this won't affect you at all.
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    That fight was annoying for both sides, building forts is usually not a good idea considering my group (the ones attacking the forts) had to use two GA's to even get into the box because of AOE's and then by the time we got into the box your team had blown a lot of their AOE's on us while we were GA'd leaving us at a huge advantage. I personally feel like that fight was really aids for both teams and overall wasn't a good fight especially for people new to PvP and the person I assume was your raidleader was someone who I can see freaking out at you guys because he tends to take PvP very seriously I honestly have kinda memed on this thread a bit, my b. I personally don't care if this is added, do I think the resources to make this could be better used in other areas? Yeah I do but at the end of the day I personally don't care. I think making blanket statements saying that RPers don't normally tend to be elitists is really silly, there have been many cases of RP'ers being Elitists throughout the history of Atherys, this has been shown to be true even in the eyes of the staff when Aloreh's government had to be dismantled and the positions re-filled do the the clique that had came to be the Orator court. I really actually think Fights with RP behind them have always been something that the PvP community has loved and I don't really see why those aren't done more, but I would disagree with you on saying that the PvP community "spam killing defenseless noobs for fun" is killing the server when at the end of the day the lack of advertising, lag that has plagued the server for all of evo, staff, the inconsistency and inefficiency in the pushing of heroes updates are all reasons that I personally feel like can be used to blame the low server population. I wouldn't try to act like the server can thrive without the PvP community without drastic changes because thats the attitude many players/staff members have had towards the PvP community and in the end it's always had the same outcome, a server with a less then desired population. I luv u <3 <3 Sellt asked for an opinion and he got it, I personally don't see a problem. If a player is going to argue his opinion on here and another staff member is even replying to him in this argument I don't feel like you should shut him down just because you don't like what he has to say. People are just using this thread to bash other people know and its getting pretty silly, I don't think it was @willbuilds who was the one who changed this into PvP vs RP, at the end of the day I don't think this caters to the most beneficial audience, and thats why I voted no because I personally do see it as a waste of resources but if in fact it wouldn't require much work to make then I don't see why its big enough to make a poll for and in fact should be added.
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    See my standpoint is this. If we are thinking of the benefit of the server dont you think that it would benefit our RP aspect to have such a thing implemented? This would draw more attention to the RPers who really just wanna RP and do their thing. We didnt really have to much of that in EVO (at least the time I was in EVO that I saw). Therefore we have an opportunity now to bring in more of a community who would love to RP and believe me theirs a HUGE community out their just waiting to come in. They just needs the right things set in place to motivate them to do so. For example. We had some rp in evo which mainly revolved around governement meetings, events, etc. But as far as casual RP in towns and what not went, we had next to nothing. So having something like this in Capitals and towns that dont have actual aggressive combat for whatever their reasons may be, this could be a golden opportunity to actually have something that they can enjoy. No items lost, characters die, new stories are written, more to look forward to when actually playing the server. As an RPer myself. I have found in other places that this works rather well. It gives me something to look forward too as far as character development, content development, and so forth because then theirs more to base my character off of and more to write into my story of being for whatever characters I may want to create in the future. It has nothing to do with how inexperienced or what have you that someone is with PVP its just their play style of choice and should be respected if such a thing were to be implemented. I think that we do lack heavily in the RP side of things and this would help a good bit. However, it would upset the pvp community (as some can see already by the blatent troll comments some have posted) and they would get irritated but the pvp community has to realise there is more than one way to do PVP and it should be presented and respected just as much as regular pvp would be. Just my two cents. Much love.
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    You don't even understand what that word means or why it was used in the discussion. You've come to this thread with the express purpose of contributing nothing and simply derailing it. Please, do something useful for once and remove yourself.
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    Yeah you are a pretty negative guy and you've never played the game I see where you are going with this.
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    Again "less-experienced" was in quotes for a reason; just because I have not PvPed around A'therys much, does not mean I don't know how. I have played Minecraft PvP-games much longer than A'therys. I have played PvP games in general since I was 10, and have always enjoyed being the sniper at range. I understand strategy, even if the skill mechanics and tools used are slightly different. I have also been playing team sports since I was 4, and am still coaching them now, so believe me, I know about teamwork just fine. I was focused on helping my team the best I could, by setting up our range players to be able to actually hit the enemy, to which I got noobish pushback because they didn't want to take me seriously since I don't frequently PvP around here. I trusted that the close-range fighters would be ready down below with their thing, but hey, I guess I should have just put myself in charge of all of it and taken over! (/sarcasm) See, this whole fight was thrown together on a whim, and we had maybe 3 minutes to build defenses, so it wasn't going to be a proper castle or anything, but I didn't expect the team to be so bad at building that our own structure would get us all killed in just a few minutes. And I made up excuses with the team as we flamed our way out as is the A'therys tradition (The other team doesn't know how to count! They said they had 15 people but had 20 in their party! Why not make it a fair fight next time!). As for the RP-PvP comparison. . .I don't really know how well you are defending this point. . .You seem to idealize PvP as similar to RP, but in the end say that it tends to fall short the bigger you make it. RP and PvP can both be independent or team based. . .that's what a government is for, individually helping the team complete bigger projects. Yes there are always guidelines, and yes there are times when people joke around in both situations, but being new=/=being a joke. Too often this does not translate. I commend the individual towns/nations who have made it their goal to train up the newer players by sparring and giving tips, but that same respect and camaraderie needs to make it's way into the bigger group fights when players of many different backgrounds must fight together. The thread was meant to be about optional RP mechanics with no bearing on the PvP community what-so-ever. . .we just decided to hash it out about the state of PvP as well since all the memers and trolls from said crowd came out to play (and yes, I suppose there were a few that actually wanted to be constructive here, gotta give credit where it's due). Go right ahead, contact staff about ideas/hopes/goals you have for Horizons PvP, then we can hopefully see that dedicated PvP crowd come out of the shadows to discuss.
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    Oh so you found a new person to play mini games servers with ok I see how it is ;( but happy bday
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    Scrub, I'm gonna be playing when Horizon comes out :3
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    You just said it... maybe you do in fact need more help because your less experienced? And if you want to do your own stuff and don't want to listen to anything, why didn't you just pack your stuff up and fight the other team by yourself? If you are unwilling of being part of a team - that wins and loses together - why even bother? Why didn't you suggest modifications to allow for multiple exits to your team's box? Did you suggest to your team that a box was a bad idea in the first place? All of these things are part of being a team - that dies together or perseveres together, what you're just telling me is that you don't want to be a part of a team - and are unwilling to do so. You can RP by yourself and just create lore and stuff all day, but you have to interact with some comrades in order to PvP in some situations... especially a large team fight... that's just how it works. When you're a part of a team or group, that group makes the decisions together - if the group doesn't want to listen to your decisions or your suggestions, so be it, suck it up, and move on. It can also happen that the group might like your ideas and suggestions - then COOL, they like it, you get to keep it. Yeah, it happens in some PvP situations that you CAN do stuff by yourself and persevere, but not all the time. Respect and experience does take a role in whatever you do in your team or group, don't get me wrong, if you're the CEO of your company and make the chief decisions (the IGL role in PvP teamfights) - you can and probably will take some advice from your COO (someone you trust and respect) and incorporate their suggestion into your idea. But, if there's a the whiny loser that's just your minimum-wage worker that bitches all the time - his input might not be valued as much until he builds up himself in terms of respect and experience - that's just how it works. ... This is... this is all wrong. Since you don't have experience in PvP (and you won't cause you refuse to, and have said you don't have much) why do you sound like your talking through great experience? 1) Finding a way into a group is incredibly easy if you were to try - just join any town or nation that has a centralized PvP force and *poof* you're in a group. 2) If you were to find a group and immediately have a huge say in what that group is doing you are either a) already have a ton of experience in PvP or b) join an exceedingly new group that knows nothing about the state of PvP on A'therys. The amount of respect and experience required to have some kind of voice is a little over fighting in one team fight that, apparently, you didn't have your way in. Try me, I have maybe almost 5 or 6 years experience now on PvPing in A'therys - why not listen to some noob in a team fight that has never PvPed before? If they make a valid point, so be it, it's valid, and should be treated as much. 3) There ARE team fights that noobs DO IN FACT strategize and "see what they come up with", but sadly, these do not happen to be major team fight PvP battles. If you were to take part in inter-nation, inter-town skirmishes or just a skirmish with another town THEN maybe the "noobs" would be able to do this. I know for a fact @MisChiv and co. had gone to some towns in Ithero about mid-EVO to teach "noobs" how to PvP where they fought and strategize for themselves. This is just one of many examples. Again, it does happen, just not in major team fights. Next, what the hell are you saying that RP isn't the same? It's the exact same way. I've taken part of governments, RP events, and the like, and it's exactly the same - and I'm speaking from experience here. The RP community, yes, might let their members be a bit more independent than PvPers, don't get me wrong, but they still RP off the basis of server lore, that Xathas now creates, and that OccidentalAnvil created before him ASWELL as the guidelines to play a role. For example, If I'm playing a Dheran of Selukk (which I was) I would have to play as some sort of Selukk-based character and have to adhere to that. Hell, I've even made a government/organizational structure once AND it got proposed to and approved by the staff team here, provided that I make some amendments to it (I never made them on that document, did it on another). If I were to make and propose the structure for a PvP group and how decisions would flow - it would be pretty much the same exact structure. Anyone can make free decisions anywhere - no matter what archetype of the server you're playing - and I do support this. But if you're starting to RP as a magical fairy frog or when I jokingly RPed as "sand" - people won't necessarily take your ideas or suggestions seriously.
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    If you want to PvP you can do it the real way - not some sissy "hiding behind my mom's skirt" stuff.
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    Nice to see another loremaster ascend to admin.

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