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Disappearance in Virion Alesce


Event 2 : Disappearances

In the port city of Virion Alesce, five heroes met by chance and exchanged stories over drinks before parting their separate ways. None chose to stay the night, as each had their own destinations and adventures to be had, but in the moonless night a sudden scream was heard. No blood to be found, no signs of struggle; whoever it was simply.... vanished.

This is not the first occurrence according to the locals, who rarely choose to venture into the wilderness and abandoned mines, but it is the first time such an incident has been brought to the attention of the Mage's Guild. With the recent activities involving planar breaches in Northwest Ithero; we need to properly investigate this disappearance.


Virion Alescce and its Warps are now open! Warps can be accessed from any Capital City for 100 yora.

Or you can sail to it at coordinates :  9480, 10900


According to witnesses, each hero at the pub drank something different, and they had either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 rounds of that drink. No hero had the same amount of drinks. Each hero was also seen carrying a different weapon. Your task for this puzzle is to identify the following :

  • What each of the five heroes' drink of choice was
  • How many drinks did they have (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
  • What weapon they carried.
  • Who disappeared?




There were Five heroes partaking in merriment that evening.

Theobald Whistwallow (Male) :  An Alor noble known for traversing the world slaying all manner of "dragons". Although his tales may be bravado, his bravery and ability should not go underestimated!

Helghrian Toharus (Male) :  The man who took two-dozen; modern politician and slayer of undead throughout the Laoner of Roreg Logh. Much like Theobald, he refuses to allow age to deter his adventures.

Ahlanna Jharov (Female) : A scholar of the Rubious Lantern and associate of the Arcane College, Ahlanna Jharov has bridged many gaps between the Vrovonic clans; earning entry to Northern Bravnikh territory and the sacred grounds of the Ghost Wall.

Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem (Female) : Treasure hunter, tomb robber, and gem trader; she has been deeply involved in Selukkite politics for the last thirty years. Although not a member of the courts of Qhul Rahav, her power and influence stretch well within the walls of the city.

Corrigan Broad (Male) : Alcoholic, collegiate dropout, yet one of the sharpest minds that sail the seas of A'therys. Seeing the world in his own way, the wily pirate has seen many an adventure over the past two decades.



Locals were on edge during the entire evening, as the heroes were far from non-threatening with their bragging and brandished weapons. One leaned upon a Scepter, one kept a hand constantly upon their Battle-Axe, another one had a loaded Crossbow that nearly fired into the dart-board in jest, one hero kept pointing out towards people of interest with a Longspear, and the last hero had a massive Broadsword strapped to their back.




Dirty Parrot
Forgefire Whiskey
Cloud Wine
Legion Stout
Crescent Rum




  • There are SIX CLUES hidden within the island of Virion Alesce
  • There are an additional TWO CLUES hidden somewhere in the A'therys Wiki
  • Once you have finalized your answers; use THIS FORM to submit them!!!
  • Answers will be taken in the ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED!
  • You may only submit your answers one time. Choose carefully!
  • Deadline for Submission : Sunday, April 16th, at 23:59 A'therys Time (Monday, April 17th, 4:59am UTC




Will receive:

  • 1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice
  • 1 Head of any player of their choice
  • 10,000 Yora
  • Lost Cloak [Wings : Unbreaking X]



Will receive:

  • 1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice
  • 1 Sellt Head
  • 5,000 Yora



Will receive:

  • 1 Sellt Head
  • 2,000 Yora




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Special Thanks

@Dannie for heading the backend side of it all; server host, MCEdit overlay, and voxel cleanup.

@mercymike @InsanibleLector and @Altairas for all their work at getting the island presentable to interact with


Edited by Xathas

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User Feedback

more male heroes than female?????


hehe jk very cool!

Edited by GodOfGales
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Hi all!!!

With 12 hours remaining, I've opened up an /event join for a free warp to the island!!!

I'll also give you two important hints!

  • All clues on the Wiki are located on Character pages
  • All clues in the Island are marked by [Storyline] Rise of the Nether : anything else you find is just fun loot :)
  • ALSO it should be noted that those ore veins [clay, iron, emerald, etc] WILL respawn on a timer of anywhere between 1 - 7 days : Depending on the contents. ;) 
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